CLAYTON COUNTY, GA – A Clayton County Police officer was reportedly shot multiple times when responding to the residence of a suicidal woman on the evening of July 27th. Bodycam footage as well as security footage showcased the moments where the officer was shot by the suspect, with reports detailing that neither the suspect nor their family rendered aid to the injured officer.

On the evening of the incident, officers responded to the home of 25-year-old Aiyanah Pryor, located along the 7800-block of Newbury Drive in Jonesboro, on three separate occasions, with the first response at approximately 9:48 p.m. on July 27th.

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It’s unclear what precisely transpired during the first response, but officers eventually left the scene shortly thereafter without Pryor.

Shortly after clearing the first call to the residence, officers responded again along with an ambulance. However, Pryor reportedly refused any help from first responders and declined admitting herself to a hospital to seek help. By 10:50 p.m., the officers and the ambulance departed from the residence.

By 11:00 p.m., Officer Lloyd responded to Pryor’s home in response to a third call that came in. Bodycam footage from the incident shows a woman at the front door telling Officer Lloyd, “I didn’t call,” with Officer Lloyd trying to get the attention of the suicidal woman by calling out, “Aiyanah, what’s going on? You call us again? We got a call saying you got a weapon.”

Pryor at the time began slowly backing out of the house, while Officer Lloyd began making her way toward her and saying, “I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s going on.”

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As Officer Lloyd got closer to Pryor, she reportedly noticed a firearm in the woman’s right hand. Security footage captured during the incident shows Officer Lloyd trying to detain Pryor after noticing the weapon.

A struggle between the officer and the suicidal woman ensued, with Pryor reportedly firing off three shots based upon the audio captured during the incident. Officer Lloyd screams, “I’m shot,” and Pryor can be seen cavalierly walking away from the scene while Officer Lloyd lay on the ground.

Local reports note that neither the suspect nor the suspect’s family rendered any aid to the injured officer, with Officer Lloyd being left for dead while awaiting the arrival of additional officers who rushed her over to Grady Memorial Hospital in critical condition.

Investigators say Pryor had jumped into a vehicle and began heading northbound towards Atlanta on I-75 after the shooting, with Atlanta Police locating the suspect’s vehicle on Polar Rock Drive near Lakewood Stadium.

Officers at the scene attempted to get Pryor to surrender, but when an officer began approaching the suspect’s vehicle, authorities say Pryor opened fire. The officers on the scene reportedly returned fire, striking Pryor multiple times, with the suspect later being transported to an area hospital in critical condition.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is currently leading the investigation into the incident.

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