According to a report from The Daily Mail, Facebook’s parent company, Meta, is reportedly funding and closely working with a pro-Palestine charity outfit that has links to various terror groups.

More specifically, this pro-Palestine entity that has reportedly praised convicted terrorists is part of Facebook’s “trusted partner” program meant to keep “harmful content” off the platform and to “prevent risk offline.”

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The pro-Palestine charity in question is called 7amleh, which is not only part of Facebook’s “trusted partner” program, but also operates within Twitter’s “Trust and Safety Council.”

Zachor Legal Institute, described as a “pro-Israel think tank” by The Daily Mail, claims 7amleh has praised the exploits of terrorists, shares staff with purported terror groups, and has even in the past hosted a guest speaker who is a Holocaust denier.

Ola Marshoud, who currently works as a Digital Security Trainer for 7amleh, was even sentenced to seven months of prison in Israel back 2018 after having held membership with Hamas’ Islamic student bloc, which serves as a branch of the U.S.-designated terror group Hamas.

Furthermore, 7amleh was also responsible in helping launch a campaign dubbed “Facebook, we need to talk,” which served as a campaign to influence how Facebook shapes its policies and algorithms so that the platform could allow more content promoting antisemitism under the guise of respecting Palestinians’ discourse on Israel.

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At conference events held by 7amleh, some of the past featured guest speakers included the likes of Michigan Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib, as well as Holocaust denier Muna Hawwa.

Hawwa works at Al Jazeera as a presenter in Palestine, where she was suspended from the channel back in 2019 that she helped put together, which referred to the Holocaust as “a narrative endorsed by the Zionist movement.”

Zachor Legal Institute founder and president Marc Greendorfer says that both Facebook and Twitter failed miserably in properly vetting this entity before ushering them into such critical positions within the companies. “They are essentially whitewashing terrorism and getting funded by Meta to promote their work and to promote the propaganda that they put out.”

Greendorfer says outfits like 7amleh having the proverbial keys to the fact-checking vehicle of platforms like Facebook is a serious problem, especially in the event Palestine carries out an attack on Israel.

“Meta and other social media platforms use these groups to fact check. So let’s say that there’s a terrorist attack in Israel and a number of civilians are killed, and there’s posts on Facebook about that.

These groups like 7amleh would be allowed to fact-check and essentially spin the reports and the posts in a way favorable to their patrons. Selective news publication will accelerate when these organizations are allowed to act as fact-checkers.

In response to the accusations of ties to terrorist outfits and the sort, a spokesperson for 7amleh proclaimed that the characterizations made about their charity were no different than many other “smear campaigns from extremist, far-right and anti-Palestinian organizations.”

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