The aftermath of the 2020 election has brought geopolitical decline and economic depression. But the storm has brought a silver lining in the clouds: a new generation of young conservative leadership, stepping up to the plate to revive the American dream and reject the status quo of doom.

One of these brave firebrands is Laura Loomer, a former investigative journalist with the famous Project Veritas and now the presumptive successor to waning Congressman Dan Webster.

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Loomer has been running a grassroots campaign in Florida’s District 11, knocking on doors, listening intently to constituents’ needs, and shaking hands with the wisest the sunshine state has to offer, our values retirees.

While Loomer has been campaigning aggressively, Webster has been ‘resting’ abundantly and missing crucial votes, such as the bill that established the J6 Commission, now being weaponized against President Trump, his 350,000 supporters who joined him in protest of the election, and anyone who considers that day to be a historical, patriotic, and amazing.

When the soon-to-be-retired Rep. Webster does show up, he votes for things such as $40 billion being transferred to the neo-Nazi battalions in Ukraine instead of the starving families of Florida, or the fixed-income lifelong Americans, who are now paying $5/gallon for gas to visit grandkids.

Loomer came to fame through her fearless maverick journalism, known colloquially as “Loomering,” which involves respectfully confronting elected officials after sneaking into their private events.

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But in politics, she’s thus far been robbed, along with the constituents of Florida’s 11th District, as Dan Webster has taken every opportunity to avoid a debate about his poor voting record and suspiciously ailing health.

On this, the world among Florida’s Republican leadership is that Webster is weak and avoids the public because of mental deficiencies, slurring words, and physical shortfalls. It wouldn’t surprise many other insiders and me if Webster dropped out early before an embarrassing defeat in the upcoming August 23rd primary.

And as for Loomer, she has no doubt that this outcome is inevitable.

“The reason is very obvious, the congressman is not cognitively capable to debate me because his health is declining, and his staff are doing their best to keep the chronically absent congressman from engaging in any public debates,” Loomer told Florida Politics recently. “When Webster spoke at a rally last week after his staffer pushed him onto the agenda last minute after begging the organizer to allow Dan to speak, he was physically holding onto the podium and was incessantly rambling about things he did 20 YEARS AGO, and he was unable to speak coherently, making many verbal blunders.”

“It is very concerning that the GOP establishment are protecting a pro-impeachment RINO who also is struggling to speak and make public appearances due to his rapidly declining health,” Loomer ended, like the Joan of Arc preparing to take her rightful place as the new representative for the 11th District of Florida.

P.S. Webster’s chief of staff may have done the congressman a disservice, confirming to Florida Politics that the congressman has frequently been visiting his doctor as of late.

CrossTalk News has offered to host a formal debate between Loomer and Webster and is awaiting a response from the candidates.

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