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There was a mass shooting yesterday at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. Nineteen students died, along with two teachers and the shooter himself, Salvador Ramos.

That means another round of attacks from the people obsessed with banning and confiscating guns. Even Fox News is talking about it. Even people who claim to be conservative are talking about “red flag” laws, which are laws where the government can simply label you “dangerous” and confiscate your guns without any trial whatsoever. It’s a complete negation of the Constitution, but they gave it a different name so that weak-minded people will get on board. If the government can cancel your constitutional rights simply by labeling you “dangerous,” then you’ve lost your rights. If the government censors your speech simply by saying you are “dangerous,” you’ve lost your freedom of speech. If some official bans religious worship on the grounds that it is “dangerous,” you’ve lost freedom of religion. The same thing applies to red flag laws. If you want to take away a person’s right to own a gun, then you need to charge and convict them of an actual crime. Period. We want to be clear about what’s going on here, because other people won’t be.

Here’s the truth: None of the people shrieking about red flag laws after this shooting actually care about children or about people’s safety. All of them love the idea of risking World War 3 by sending billions of dollars of unmonitored military aid to Ukraine. That money is being used to drag out a war that will kill thousands of children.

Back here, all the people crowing for gun control are completely on board with mutilating children and turning them into freakshows in the name of transgenderism. They’re okay with mentally ill pedophile groomer teachers treating kindergartners as a fetish. And of course, they’re all on board with literally killing and dismembering children, just as long as they’re unborn. When that’s the case, they call it “choice” instead of what it really is, “murder.”

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But we can go even further. None of these people even actually care about gun violence specifically. We have the numbers. Spree shootings like the one yesterday or the one in Buffalo two weeks ago are less than one percent of all the murders in this country each year. Meanwhile, murders in this country are up, way up. The murder rate in our big cities last year was forty-four percent higher than the murder rate just two years ago. Philadelphia broke its record for murders. So did Portland, and Austin, and Tucson, and Indianapolis, and Columbus, Ohio. Near my own town, in the Twin Cities, St. Paul broke its murder record, and Minneapolis fell just one slaying short of tying it.

The press acts like this surge is mysterious, or like it’s due to ‘Covid.” It’s a complete lie. It’s obvious what caused this surge: It’s Black Lives Matter. It’s the left becoming anti-cop, anti-prison, and pro-criminal, while Republicans come along for the ride. We released thousands of criminals from prison early. We’ve slashed the penalties for dozens of crimes. We’ve basically told police to stop enforcing the law, and by prosecuting cops like Derek Chauvin, we’ve sent the message that if they care too much or try too hard, they’ll be sent to prison instead of the killers. Police got the message. They’re standing down and letting crime run rampant, just like our leaders told them.

Almost all the murders in this country involve illegal guns. The murders are committed by gang members with long rap sheets who aren’t allowed to own or carry a gun in the first place, but they’re doing it anyway. But we’ve banned policies like stop and frisk, which actually helped catch illegal guns, on the grounds that it’s “racist.” The left doesn’t want to catch illegal guns. That’s what’s going on here.

The left doesn’t want to lower crime. They don’t care about people being shot up and robbed and killed at all. What they care about is their own power. And that’s why they go into a frenzy after these mass shootings. This isn’t about stopping murders. It’s about finding an excuse to disarm people like you. That’s why they fixate on AR-15s, which almost never kill anybody. They’re going after them specifically because they’re a gun popular with law-abiding conservatives, and they want to make sure that you’re disarmed and helpless as they take even more control over your life.

This was a tragedy, and it could have been stopped by a legal gun-carrying teacher or a cop. Maybe that $40 billion going to pagan neonazi war criminals could have been better spent by assigning armed men to every school in America.

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