On February 8th, self-purported fact-checking outfit Snopes released another one of their “fact-checks” dubbed “Did Biden Admin ‘Fund Crack Pipes’ To ‘Advance Racial Equity’?,” alleging that the aforementioned claim is “mostly false.” -Laughably, this label was justified because the administration is funding more than just crack pipes.

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Snopes’ February 8th “fact-check” regarding the Biden administration’s funding of crack pipes presents one of the many reasons why there appears to be a waning trust in fact-checking websites.

According to Snopes, reports about the Biden administration’s funding of crack pipes via a $30 million U.S. Department of Health and Human Services substance abuse harm reduction grant was “grossly misrepresented” by conservative outlets because there was more to the program than just crack pipes.

“This was just one of around 20 components of the grant program and far from its most prominent or important one, despite being the primary focus of outraged news reports. The purpose of the program was to reduce harm and the risk of infection among drug users, not to advance racial equity, although that was a secondary consideration.”

In short, Snopes is claiming that it’s “mostly false” that the Biden administration is funding crack pipes to advance racial equity because his administration is doing exactly that along with other things – like providing syringes, too.

The fact-checking outlet literally labeled the claim as “mostly false,” then proceeded to admit in their report it’s actually true – but claim it’s still false because other things were funded in tandem.

The amount of mental gymnastics required to claim something that is 100% true to be “mostly false” by virtue of other stuff being funded by HHS at the same time (like syringes and condoms) is unfathomable.

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However, this latest absurd “fact-check” from Snopes is also hardly surprising, as the business of dubbed fact-checkers by Big Tech companies like Facebook were recently exposed as being nothing more than mere opinion slingers.

This revelation came about in December when journalist John Stossel filed suit against Facebook due to the company’s contracted fact-checkers labeling his truthful reports as “false and misleading,” where court filings show Facebook responded to the defamation suit by asserting  their fact-checkers are only delivering “mere statements of opinion rather than factual assertions.”

For more fact-checking follies brought by the mainstream media, check out our report from earlier in February where USA Today managed to completely botch their own “fact-check” of Joe Rogan’s podcast.

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