Yesterday, Attorney General Merrik Garland announced the DOJ had filed a motion (available here) to unseal “the search warrant and property receipt” relating to the search of former President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate.

Below is the search warrant and accompanying attachments courtesy of Jack Posobiec and Human Events. Huge hat tip to them.


Documents also available via Courtlistener:

What is missing is the most important part of the warrant application: the affidavit in support prepared by an FBI agent. The affidavit would likely describe:

  1. The basis for believing that classified documents, including those relating to nuclear weapons, were at Mar-A-Lago;

  2. The history of the Trump classified documents investigation;

  3. The assertion of probable cause that Trump had committed a crime; and

  4. Information gathered through surveillance or through informants (most notably whoever told the FBI about the safe).

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As to unsealing the affidavit, Judicial Watch and some media companies, including The New York Times, are leading that fight. Judicial Watch has asked that all warrant materials, including the affidavit, be unsealed “as expeditiously as possible.” The DOJ’s response to that issue is due on Monday, August 15.

Garland also proclaimed yesterday that “the Department of Justice would speak through its court filings and its work.” Nobody believes that. Certainly Garland doesn’t. But he lies to the public anyway. It’s the height of cynicism.

No doubt the DOJ is speaking to its friends in the media on background or off the record. We couldn’t notice that yesterday, after Garland’s statement, it was leaked to the Washington Post that “classified documents relating to nuclear weapons were among the items FBI agents sought in a search of former president Donald Trump’s Florida residence.”

To that we might ask what exactly are “classified documents relating to nuclear weapons”? Nobody knows, as the leaks structured to make the documents sound as scary as possible while keeping their true nature purposefully vague.

Even Vice agreed, observing that “anything related to nukes in the U.S. is classified by default” and summarizing their conversations with nuclear weapons experts:

“They had no idea what it was, and the list of possibilities was enormous. The category of ‘classified documents relating to nuclear weapons’ is so broad as to be meaningless.”

Your initial reaction to the “nuclear weapons” documents leak was probably one of disbelief: are we to believe that the DOJ would allow these purportedly dangerous nuclear secrets to sit at Mar-A-Lago for months without taking action?

Not to be outdone by their competitor, The New York Times reported the documents relate “to some of the most classified programs run by the United States.” What programs, and how are the documents related to these programs? Both essential questions are left unanswered, leading to public speculation about their contents and the thoroughly corrupt Gen. Michael Hayden – who oversaw and covered-up illegal NSA spying – to suggest that Trump deserves the death penalty.

In any event, it’s the Biden DOJ setting the narrative. They’ve done what they’ve set out to do: to poison the public with the “nuclear weapon” allegations. Don’t be surprised when the DOJ fights the full release of the search warrant affidavit. Leaks can be managed; full disclosure is much tougher to defend.  

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