CLARK COUNTY, NV – Due to the constant debate surrounding what should be taught to children while in school and who has the authority to discuss such topics as sexual orientation, parents have bombarded school boards, demanding to know what is in the curriculum teachers are presenting to their children. One of those parents was Stephanie Kinsley, who oversees a group named “My Children’s Advocate.”

Kinsley confronted the Clark County School District in Nevada, accusing some of the members of keeping a book full of pubic hair. 

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Taking place on Thursday, the video below showcased the tirade by Kinsley. She stated,  “If you can’t get math right, why are you trying to take on sex ed?” Throughout her speech, the parent was constantly interrupted by the board members trying to silence her. Still, Kinsley continued, “Disney is, we’re finding out, super creepy and weird. California allows you to have sex with kids as long as there’s a ten-year or less age difference, that that’s where we’re taking our kids? With our sexually confused teachers who don’t have children of their own?”

Again, most of the confrontation is muddled but Kinsley yelled, “Take control of your children, don’t let everyone ejaculate, control your own body, don’t have abortions. Planned Parenthood was founded to kill minorities.”

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Dropping one of her most profound statements, the mother declared, “You have a box of pubic hair. You have a book! You have a book of pubic hair you collected, Lola Brooks! I know about your book!” 

While people clapped and cheered as Kinsley was escorted out, it should be noted that the board approved alterations to their sex education classes. They now included lessons called, “Rights, respect, responsibility: Don’t have sex without them.” 

Taking a look at just a few of the scenarios presented to children, one included a person saying, “You’re going to let (the other person) know that tonight is the night — you’re going to have sex together for the first time.”

The second person in the scenario answered, “You’ve been doing a lot of touching without having any type of sex (vaginal, oral or anal) and you haven’t said what you do or don’t want.”

It should be noted that the new lesson plan has no parts about practicing abstinence. It’s interesting given that the “SEX EDUCATION OPERATIONAL GUIDE FOR K-12 CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT” for CCSD, explained, “Sex education instruction in CCSD is abstinence based. Abstinence-based sex education teaches that abstinence is the only 100 percent effective method for avoiding sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancy. Abstinence-based sex education includes medically accurate, factual instruction on contraception such as types, functions, and effectiveness of contraceptive methods.”

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