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Everywhere you look, it’s clear that the global food system is being pushed toward a state of collapse. Obviously, there’s Sri Lanka, where the government simply banned fertilizer and sent the whole country into near-starvation in barely six months. Then of course, there’s the war in Ukraine, which has devastated two of the world’s most important grain exporters. There’s the global inflation in fertilizer prices, putting farmers out of business and forcing more marginal land to lie fallow.

Then there’s the direct attack on the most productive farmers in the world. Nobody grows food more efficiently than the Dutch. They export more than $90 billion of agricultural products per year, from a piece of land barely larger than Massachusetts. Farmers like that feed the entire planet, but the Netherlands has declared war on them. It’s ordering them to massively restrict their fertilizer use. The explicit goal of the government is to put thousands of these farmers out of business and destroy their livelihoods.

In Canada, the government has the same goal: They’re ordering their farmers to slash their fertilizer use by 30 percent within eight years. The plan is to put thousands of farmers out of business across one of the largest tracts of arable land on the planet. This is all happening while the world’s population continues to grow. The world’s population is about to pass 8 billion. It’s adding another 83 million every year. That’s the population of California, Texas, and Pennsylvania, combined, added to the teeming masses of humanity each year. The amount of land we have to feed them is also shrinking every year, as our cities expand or soil degrades or deserts spread.

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We would be having issues feeding the world’s people going forward even if we weren’t deliberately sabotaging our farmers. But that’s exactly what we’re doing. It could be stupidity. There’s no shortage of that to go around. But it’s not. It’s a plan. All of these attacks on farmers around the world are being pushed from a single globalized source: The United Nations’ so-called “Agenda 2030,” and its so-called “sustainable development goals.”

Now, what’s important to realize is that “sustainable development” is a euphemism. It’s a distraction they use to hide what they’re really doing. It’s like when they call it “criminal justice reform” when they really mean “refusing to arrest criminals and letting violent psychopaths back onto the streets.” Or when they promote the murder of millions of children and call it “reproductive choice.”

It’s the same idea here. “Sustainable development” isn’t about making it so our farms last longer. What it’s really about, frankly, is Communism, and reducing the global population to demoralized, easily-controlled slaves. Their goals revolve almost entirely around making the world poorer and more miserable. They want us to eat less meat, eat more bugs, use less energy, travel less, and live in tiny pods rather than actual homes.

One of the core documents guiding the UN’s “sustainable development” plan says that, quote, “land cannot be treated as an ordinary asset controlled by individuals..” Private ownership of land, they say, is, quote, “a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth, [and] therefore contributes to social injustice.”

In other words, the long term goal is to take away all private land, and put it all in the hands of the state. We’ve been here before. That’s what they did in the Soviet Union a hundred years ago under Joseph Stalin. When they were fighting to overthrow the Tsar, the Communists told the Russian people that they would be given all the rich people’s land. But it was a lie. As soon as they had power, the Bolsheviks seized all the land themselves, and forced all the people to work on gigantic collective farms with hundreds or thousands of other people. The result: Mass starvation.. The country with more land than any other country on earth could not feed itself. Remember, Communism always fails.

So, why would the UN be pushing a Communist agenda to abolish private land ownership? Well, guess what other country today has no private ownership of land. That’s right, Communist China. China may have businesses and companies now, but when it comes to land they are still one hundred percent communist. Private land ownership is illegal there. It’s one of the core ways they are able to keep their population enslaved. And guess what: Several high-level Chinese Communist Party members played a central role in creating the UN’s “sustainable development goals.”

So that’s what this is about. The leaders of Communist China are teaming up with the oligarchs of the West to impoverish the underclass, consolidate land ownership, and obliterate small independent businesses. They want to obliterate anything that gives people prosperity and independence. The first way you fight back against that is by making sure you are independent, so that the government can’t just swoop in and strip away your livelihood.

Clayton Llewellyn is a great friend of this program. His company Heaven’s Harvest sells emergency food supplies, heirloom seeds, cookbooks, and a lot of other products you can use to maintain your freedom and independence from plutocrats and communists who want to take it away. Clayton joins us now.

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