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The war between Russia and Ukraine is nearly three weeks old now. All signs still point toward our leadership class desperately wanting to suck us into a war that shouldn’t involve us in any way at all.

People want you to think there’s a big conspiracy to this war. There’s a million articles and TV segments about “What Putin really wants.” It’s all B.S. What Putin wants is not difficult. Putin, all his subordinates, all our best diplomats, and even most of Putin’s political enemies have all been saying the same thing: Russia doesn’t like NATO expansion. It doesn’t like the U.S. constantly and arrogantly trying to stick its missiles and troops and agenda everywhere it feels like.

We would feel the exact same way about Mexico or Canada allying with China or Russia. For that matter, we did feel the exact way about the Soviet Union putting nuclear missiles in Cuba. It nearly caused a nuclear war. Almost the entire military command of the U.S. wanted to invade Cuba immediately, and it was only President Kennedy who held them back.

So no, there’s no “hidden agenda” to what Putin is doing. That’s projection. Because there is a hidden agenda to how our elites are reacting to this. For them, no matter what country they’re bombing or invading somewhere in the world, everything is about domestic politics.

The other day, Tulsi Gabbard said we should have a ceasefire around all those biolabs in Ukraine that U.S. officials are suddenly so worried about. In response, Mitt Romney said her conduct was “treasonous.”

On Monday, Whoopi Goldberg of The View said that “they used to arrest people” like Gabbard and Tucker Carlson for what they’re saying about Ukraine and Russia. Of course, that’s a lie: For starters, we aren’t even at war with Russia. But Whoopi wasn’t even the most insane person.

Also on Monday, former MSNBC host Keith Olberman argued that Gabbard and Tucker Carlson should be detained by the military without trial.

That’s what this is about. For our ruling elites, this war is the same kind of opportunity that Covid-19 was and is. It’s a chance for them to grab even more power, and crush any dissent even more. Now that they’ve gotten away with banning any media outlets and companies linked with Russia, you think they’re going to give that power back? Of course not. They’ll find a way to use that power here too.

But in the meantime, they’re milking this crisis as long as they can, and putting the entire world at risk. They’ve already committed to crashing the economy. That’s baked in. No avoiding it now. The press is only talking about high gas prices, but a lot more is coming. We’re going to have a fertilizer shortage that causes huge increases in food prices. We’re going to have disrupted supply chains for computer chips, yet again. It’s going to get bad. Really bad.

Edward Szall has been tracking events in Ukraine. He joins us.

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