Restored Republic
via a GCR: Update as of May 4, 2024


What we think we know as of Fri. 3 May 2024:

was the center of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child
Sacrifice Cult, which ran an international Child Sex, Organ and Adrenochorme
Harvesting Ring; and, along with US Inc. and the Crown of England, controlled the
World’s wealth. The Vatican kept 650 plane loads of the World’s stolen gold in
a 150 mile tunnel that ran between the Vatican, Switzerland and Zionist Israel.
That gold was repatriated by President Trump to it’s owner country, mainly the
new US Treasury.

Obama, Joe Biden and the Clintons
were in charge of a Pedophile
Ring out of the White House; maintained illegal bio-weapon labs throughout the
World, and ran Child Sex Trafficking in DUMB Underground Tunnels throughout the
US, Europe and the Middle East, with Ukraine as their primary headquarters.
That is the real reason why they are still trying to fund a failed war against
Russia in Ukraine.

Illuminati Deep State Cabal Globalist’s
three locations of
Power: Washington DC, City of London and the Vatican have since 1918, controlled and spent US Taxpayer
dollars laundered through the CIA, and their privately owned IRS and Federal

US Dollar
has been fiat since the Deep State’s independently
owned Federal Reserve’s bankruptcy in 2008.
Now their Central Banks are failing worldwide.

US has been under Military Occupation in a Continuity of Government

with President Trump as Commander-in-Chief since before Trump left office in 2021.

Seven Kingdoms of the Global Alliance
composed of Putin
(Russia); Xi (China); Kim (North Korea); Modi (India); Bolsonaro (Brazil) Bin
Salman (Saudi Arabia) and Trump and JFK Jr. (USA) was in the process of taking
down the Illuminati Deep State Cabal Globalist in preparation for the greatest
transfer of wealth in the history of the World.

We have hard proof that President Obama ran a pedophile ring out of the
said Julian Assange in a Fox News Hannity bombshell report in
“…a young boy the age of 5…will make the
perfect catamite for the president” read a Wikileak email to Obama according to
Assange. “He will arrive from Romania on Tuesday. I’m sure the president will
be pleased.”
Judy Byington Bombshell Report: Obama/ Biden/ Clinton/ Pelosi
White House Pedophile Ring Uncovered by Wikileaks

Other notables named as being involved in the pedophile ring
were Bill and Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, Elizabeth Warren, Jimmy
Carter, Harry Reid, Ben Affleck, Cory Booker, Al Franken and Nancy Pelosi.
Trump Attorney Lin Wood included Chief Justice John Roberts
 in the group.

Child trafficking by the Obama/Biden
Administration using the Clinton Foundation was well known in the intelligence
community. The extensive network of Child Sex Trafficking was
believed organized by the Black Hats, or Illuminatti at the Vatican and
funded by the CIA Black Budget and Chinese Communist Party Child
Trafficking Ring.

Apparently their ring extended to trafficking children caught at the
, those who went by submarine to Biden-owned
Water Island that lay next door to Epstein’s Pedophile Island,
 tunnels that ran beneath every capitol city in the nation
and globe and included an underground tunnel system under Biden-owned property
in the Ukraine and another buried two miles beneath the White

The chief income producer for Child Trafficking was the sale of
– obtained by harvesting the
blood of a traumatized child. It was said to produce a “high” and prevent aging,
although one of the side effects was death if the supply was taken away.

An Alliance of nations was rescuing
millions of children being sex trafficked and used for organ transplants and
Adrenochrome production in an extensive labyrinth of Illuminati tunnels across
the globe. The ring was run by the Vatican and financed by the Chinese
Communist Party using Bitcoin facilities beneath China’s Three
Gorges Dam
 – via a tunnel that ran to the Wuhan lab that produced
and released the CV-19 Virus global plague.

Trump and the Alliance to
the rescue. Their Military missions culminated with US Navy Seals, Russian
Special Ops and OUR Protection Team discovering 1,245 barely alive children,
teens and adults and taking 1,366 dead bodies from 30,000 containers on the
Illuminati’s Evergiven Ship that blocked the Suez Canal from Tues. 23 March to Mon. 29 March. Evergiven
and accompanying vessels caught in the Canal were shipped by the Chinese
Communist Party.

They also had on board tanks of Adrenochrome, a nuclear device and Weapons of Mass Destruction including the
CV-19 vaccine. All were destined to start a war in the Middle East and decimate
the world population for their New World Order agenda.

of US Banks At Risk Of Failure According To CNBC

3 May 2024:
has released a huge set of files that it calls “Year Zero”
which mark the biggest exposure of CIA spying secrets ever. The massive set of
documents – over 8,000 pages in all – include a host of hacking secrets that
could embarrass intelligence agencies and the US government, as well as
undermining spying efforts across the world.

26 April 2024:
New Benjamin Fulford: New May Day Intel
S0S! Satanic Battle for Planet Earth – Ukraine’s Symbol is Satan – Bitcoin
Fraud Russian Assets Geopolitical Update 2024

3 May 2024:
BREAKING NEWS! Judy Byington Bombshell
Report: High Alert! US Constitution Hanging By A Thread – Deep State Has
Created A Bird Flu Pandemic & Plan To Mandate Another Killer Vaccine…


29 April:
The Military Alliance was given the Green Light to
begin Operation Storm and mass arrests.

1 May:
The Global Currency Reset began.

3 May:
Iraq celebrates their financial inclusion in the
Global Financial System. Columbia,
Brazil, Chile Paymasters began RV-ing – with the US roughly three weeks behind
South America so any kinks or security issues can be worked out before the RV
reaches the States.

Mon. 27 May: Civil War Two begins in the USA when Texas secedes from the
rest of the country, while on that same date
Biden plans to
cede US Sovereignty to WHO in a Pandemic Treaty.

Thurs. 11 June: A very famous music artist will reveal that
they faked their own passing.

Thurs. 19 September: The first ever Category Six hurricane occurs
on the US East Coast, slamming the Carolinas 

Fri. 3 May The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.):
“Heavenly Father, Your warrior prepares
for battle. Today I claim victory over Satan by putting on the whole armor of
God. I put on the Belt of Truth! May I forever stand firm in the Truth of Your
Word so I will not be a victim to Satan’s lies. I put on the Breastplate of
Righteousness! May it guard my heart from evil so I will remain pure and holy,
protected under the blood of Jesus Christ. Amen”

Global Currency Reset:

3 May 2024 Wolverine:

RV actually started around the first of May
(that is when the
Green Light was given) even though you guys do not hear or see anything. It is
a slow process.

should get notifications for Tier4B
anytime now for you, the
Internet group, so you can go to the Redemption Centers. That will be any day now.

the bondholders,
things are rolling, and I am hoping that
actually I will be getting good news as well, for I also have bonds.

spoke to the director of Mauricio’s Foundation

and she is very happy. They have given her certain hours actually for her to
receive the funds to come through.

huge Whale I know,
someone I have a relationship with, says
they are expecting to be paid.

received from Asia that we were given a deadline – it will start tonight Fri. 3
May into tomorrow afternoon Sat. 4 May.
It will appear in all
members’ accounts.

have also received information from other countries

that they received the same news. It means they follow Reno time zone. It looks
like this is definitely going to happen.

banking accounts have been opened for
sellers and loaded with locked funds.

are testing QFS functionality today and tomorrow Fri. 3 May into Sat. 4 May
and delivering the release by computer, also, assuming there are no problems
with the tests.

will send formal emails to specific sellers during this week

inviting them to a TTM next week at certain locations. TTMs will be held
throughout the next week. Payments will begin once TTM is completed within five
banking days.

will all fall together in the pattern of Dominos.

They will now receive the emails – I ask you guys to wait – The Sovereign
committee team is working sincerely without stopping.  We have had no rest at all. If the QFS works
perfectly, the banks will test their adaptation. Everything is underway,
prepare for payment next week.


(I do not know if you know him,) he is very highly respected. He says, “The
Green Light has been given, and the funds
will be dispersed today or tomorrow Fri. 3 May or Sat. 4 May.

in Transaction
in the USA will be settled on Monday 6 May and overseas on Tuesday 7 May. 

platforms started on May 1st.
It is slower than
anticipated, however, there appears to be a plan.

– 10:30  a.m.
only one close contract  – Contracts of
1% to be released tomorrow Sat. 4 May
with full liquidity.

arrived in Brazil
with 50 arrest warrants.

have been told that Brazil has started
, from quite a few
sources, obviously everything is behind the scenes right now but I am hoping
and praying to get 100% confirmation.  

want you to have faith. This has started.
This will end up
going our way and hopefully we will be free to help humanity. Hopefully,
tomorrow, I will have something special for you.  Love you guys, Wolverine

3 May Unknown Source: “
everybody. I wanted to share an encouraging opinion. A friend of mine who has
contacts shared some helpful information about the RV with me this evening. I
will keep their name private, but here are the encouraging facts. Columbia,
Brazil, Chile, all have paymasters that have flown into Bogota. They are RV-ing
as we speak. The US is roughly three
weeks behind South America,
that way any kinks or security issues can be
worked out ahead of time before the RV reaches the States. This is wonderful
and exciting news. Wanted to share with you lovely people. We’re almost there!
God has gotten us here! One love! Getting ready for the switch to USN: 

3 May Frank:
Frank was reading a message that had just
came through at the end of his video, but stopped midway. He said “Mission
accomplished God and tomorrow is going to be fun.”

2 May Bruce:
The Iraqi Dinar has been trading for weeks
on the bank back screens. Iraq was tentatively going to celebrate what they
call their Financial Inclusion on Fri. 3
May 2024.
An email was sent to Bruce that said to be ready on Sat. 4 May.

3 May BRICS Announcement, Goldilocks:
“According to
Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman of the Russian State Duma Financial Market Committee,
talks on how the new currency will work have started and an agreement may be
reached by the end of this year.” The plan is for this currency to be
supported by gold, various precious metals, and other assets. The purpose is
for the BRICS Nations to be able to trade with one another and no longer have
to deal with US sanctions on their currencies.

Global Financial Crisis:

3 May CNBC:
Stress Tests Reveal Hundreds of U.S.
Banks at Risk Due to Loans and Rate Hikes Hundreds of small and regional banks
in the U.S. are under financial stress, with 282 facing significant risks from
commercial real estate loans and the effects of higher interest rates.

3 May 2024:
BOOM! Controlled Collapse: Complete List
Of BANKS Owned/Controlled By The Rothschild Crime Family

1 May CNBC:
Hundreds of US Banks at risk of failure.

1 May Summary of Fed Chair Powell’s Statement:
Inflation has eased but remains too high. 2. Further progress on inflation is
not assured and path is uncertain. 3. Inflation data this year has been higher
than expected. 4. Rate cuts not appropriate until “greater
confidence” over inflation. 5. Balance sheet reduction to be lowered by
$35 billion per month. 6. Rate cuts are likely to take longer than expected.

3 May 2024:
Bad One. GOOD NEWS: CRASHES are the Best Time to Get Rich! Robert Kiyosaki

Restored Republics:

3 May Nebraska
ends income taxes on Gold and Silver,
declares CBDCS are not lawful money.

has overturned their Election results from 2020.

3 May 2024:
News Alert: More Proof you’re Watching a
Military Occupation and Continuity of Operations – Derek Johnson VIDEO

Fri. 3 May: This is how I see this playing out:

1-Impeach Biden and his administration on grounds of
sedition / treason.

2- Vacate the seat.

3- Nominate and confirm New speaker. The new Speaker
becomes Donald J Trump.

4 – As the admin has been removed on basis of high
crimes and misdemeanors, there is no President, meaning the speaker is the next
in line.

5 – Speaker Trump becomes President Trump, and the
47th president of the US.

6 – HR 2435 gets passed, USD becomes pegged to gold
again (Just as the BRICS nations are doing).

7 – IRS abolished (per Gaetz suggestion).

8 – Flat sales tax on new products, fixed percentage,
likely elimination of federal income tax. Think reversion to pre 1913.

9 – Treasury assumes control of the Fed Reserve,
assumes control of FED NOW, and trades a digital dollar internationally that is
pegged to the value of Gold.

10 – Purchasing power of the dollar explodes, economy
recovers sharply, on the road to American Prosperity.

Illuminati Deep State Cabal Globalist Agenda:

3 May 2024 BlackRock CEO Larry Fink:
“In developed
countries the big winners are those with shrinking populations. They’ll rapidly
develop robotics/AI, transform productivity, elevate living standards,
substitute humans for machines”

3 May 2024 Award-winning journalist, Alex Newman:
globalists—including Bill Gates, the UN and the WEF—are “building a giant
digital gulag for all of humanity. They are using [digital ID, CBDCs and
digital health certificates] to build a control system that will not just be
able to survey and monitor everything you do on an unprecedented scale… but
also to manipulate what you do. This is a mechanism for controlling humanity
that I think is really unprecedented in human history.”

of ‘The Great Reset’, Marc Morano, on Klaus Schwab’s recent B20 speech:
talking about us essentially giving up national sovereignty,  giving up
individual freedoms, and turning over rule to experts… This whole agenda is
to make it so we have no choice on some of the biggest questions of our lives. We
didn’t get to vote on whether gas powered cars would be banned, we didn’t vote
for vaccine mandates, we didn’t vote for lockdowns, we didn’t vote for banning
of meat. But all of this is happening, because at these meetings like the World
Economic Forum and the United Nations, they meet and they work with
government-corporate collusion to bypass democracy and impose stuff through
this corporate government fascism.”

managing director of the IMF, Bo Li, admits that countries are required to
enforce climate policies
as a condition of borrowing money
from the IMF. So globalist financial bodies, under the UN, are forcing
governments to force corporations to force YOU into complying with totalitarian
Net Zero policies, in order to solve a non-existent problem (the “climate

The Real News for Fri. 3 May 2024:

like Jimmy Saville’s best mate and WEF member King Charles

death announcement for the normies is imminent. Fake King Charles funeral plans
(Operation Menai Bridge) reportedly being updated after cancer diagnosis.

Elizabeth participated in a pagan druid ritual

around the time of her coronation.  Pure
Evil. Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors report they, as children, witnessed her
kill a baby in a Satanic rite by stabbing it with a knife.

3 May Tucker Carlson:
“About one in five mail-in ballots in the
last election was fraudulent, handing Biden the presidency. We know this
because the people who committed the fraud have admitted it in a new poll.”

2 May 2024:
Marines Arrest Oregon AG for Treason

26 April 2024:
New Benjamin Fulford: New May Day Intel
S0S! Satanic Battle for Planet Earth – Ukraine’s Symbol is Satan – Bitcoin
Fraud Russian Assets Geopolitical Update 2024

I. International Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and
Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the Vatican and housed in China’s Three
Gorges Dam in the 1500 mile tunnel that runs between the Vatican and Jerusalem:

UN and Clinton Foundation
allegedly use an old US base in
Panama to support the smuggling of illegal immigrants into America, suggesting
an organized human trafficking operation. The Clintons are accused of funding
this activity.

Whistleblower Banker Ronald Bernard:
“They Worship Lucifer
& Sacrifice Children.” Ronald Bernard worked in the banking/financial
sector and has revealed that the world is run by approximately 8,500 people who
are all connected. These people go to satanic churches where they worship
Lucifer, and make child sacrifices. He argues that these people look down on
ordinary people and laugh at their misery. “We looked down on people – mocked
them. Everything was worthless garbage. Nature, the planet, everything can burn
and break.”

3 May: An arrested child trafficker
has admitted that a
Ukraine boarding school was used as front for an organ harvesting network in

J. Covid/
Ebola/ Swine Flu/ Polio/ Small Pox/ BSE/ Zika/ Sars/ Monkey Pox/ AIDs/ Vax/
H1N1/ Graphene Oxide/ Chem trails/ Fluoride, Processed Foods, Human Clones

Kennedy Jr. Drops COVID Vaccine Truth Bombs on Bill Maher:

25% of Americans believe they know someone who died because of the C19 shots. •
52% of Americans believe that the vaccines are causing injuries, including death.
• In Pfizer’s own trials, “people who got the vaccine had a 23% higher death
rate from all causes at the end of that study.” BILL MAHER: “But that [23%
higher death rate] could not be the disease itself ?” KENNEDY: “If it is, then
the vaccine doesn’t work, doesn’t it?”

Judy Mikovits: We have immunization strategies! True immunization Not
injection! “Oh you deploy a bioweapon! Listen to David Martin’s words:
they had to be transfected, that means they had to be injected, to go across
our God given mucosal immunity! They had to be implanted under the skin for
surveillance! No, our macrophages got the surveillance down, and we can tell
these bio-weapons as long as we don’t, even if we have injected them in the
past, never inject again! A true immunization is never an injection. This is
what we the people learn in COVID, worldwide! We have immunization strategies.
And yes, we caught you FDA. So I have the “Cancel the WHO”! Cancel
the FDA! Cancel the entire HHS of the USA and put them in federal prison because
they disobeyed the federal law.”

Doctors by the Hundreds Testify of CV-19
Vaccine Hoax

professor and medical commentator, Dr. Marty Makary, speaking at the House
Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, in February 2023.
greatest perpetrator of misinformation during the pandemic has been the US government.
Misinformation that Covid was spread through surface transmission, that
vaccinated immunity was far greater than natural immunity, that masks were
effective, that Myocarditis was more common after the infection than the
vaccine. We’ve seen something which is unforgivable, and that is the weaponization
of medical research itself. Public health officials were intellectually
dishonest. They lied to the American people.”

3 May: A fraud investigator for the New York City Department of Homeless Services
stole homeless people’s personal information during the COVID pandemic, then
sold that info to an identity theft scammer,
authorities allege. Brooklyn resident Olabanji Otufale, 41, abused his position
by accessing names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers and photos of more
than 10 city homeless people, according to an indictment unsealed on Wednesday.

CEO, Albert Bourla:
“I truly think the best days of
Pfizer are ahead of us, because Covid was for me like a rehearsal.” They
are going to do it again.

Fri. 3 May 2024 Situation Update:

ceased all operations.


tried to tell us aliens were real and we ignored them.

are dominating the information space.

Deep State’s
network has lost most of its potency.

Fri. 3 May White House Intel:

We Had The Leaked Kari Lake Attempted Bribery
Call Confirming
American Government Is All About Bribes & Blackmail

Musk Exposing
The Irish Parliament Getting Ready To
Crush Free Speech

Julian Assange Warned Us
“There is no society anymore. What
there is, is a transnational security elite that is busy carving up the world
using your tax money. To combat that elite, we must not petition. We must take
it over. We must form our own networks of strength and mutual value, which can
challenge those strengths and self interested values of the warmongers in this
country and in others that have formed hand in hand an alliance to take money
from the United States, from every NATO country, from Australia, and ban.

it through Iraq.
Launder it through Somalia. Launder it
through Yemen, launder it through Pakistan, and wash that money in people’s


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