Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of May 13, 2024


Judy Note: For many years the Chinese Communist Party had been intent on a takeover of America.
That war culminated when just prior to the 2020 US Presidential Election, the
CCP in collusion with the Democratic Party, CIA and Vatican, used Dominion
Voting machines to throw millions of Trump votes to Biden. President Trump had
been informed of the plan and wouldn’t have it, so prior to the 2020 Election
put the nation under Martial Law. Trump would remain as Commander-in-Chief of
the US Military until all those who committed treason were arrested, including
those who certified the illegal 2020 Election, and a new Election could be held.

2024 = The Final Battle. Guaranteed Victory. Rats are Taken Care Of. WE ARE THE ELITE
PATRIOTS. Foreign Heads of State Are In Hysteria. BOOMERANG. Hold the Line. …Q

Military Green Light
Activated. Pray! … The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram Sun. 12 May 2024

My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us! The enemy is Here, There, Everywhere.
Operations underway. Operations active. Red purging. …Trump Nation on Telegram Sun. 12 May 2024

Sun. 12 May 2024: Joe
Biden is not president of the USA.
He was executed in 2021 for pedophilia.
Joe Biden has been played by Arthur Roberts behind the mask. Donald Trump is
the legitimate President of the USA. “I let them do the fraud to have enough
proof to the World. The Alliance has all the evidence.” …Q Storm 1776 Sun. 12 May 2024

One Billion dead from Covid Jab, many more injured Worldwide.

Worldwide Financial Shock inevitable.

Trump is exposing weaponized Deep State US Judicial System.

Former CDC Director, Dr. Robert Redfield: “The primary threat of H5N1 Bird Flu stems
from gain of function research conducted in US labs and will be the cause of a
Great Pandemic.”

“Israeli Civil War Looms” Behind the curtains in Israel, the military
plans to remove Netanyahu, paving the way for tribunals. A civil war looms,
scheduled for 2024, as over 80% of Israelis lose faith in their government.
White hat military strategists are preparing intricate Game Theory Operations
for a bloodless military coup. …Charlie Ward

Thurs. 9 May 2024 Tucker Carlson has released
multiple videos recorded in 2008 that
showed Satanic Blood Rituals, Child Sacrifices and much more Devil oriented
things that took place under the White House. The videos revealed Jeffrey
Epstein, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and many more
engaging in Demonic activity, pedophilia and Child Sacrifice.

Clint Eastwood also leaked a
believed was filmed by Michelle (Michael) Obama that portrayed Jeffrey Epstein
and Barack Obama engaging in sexual activities with underage girls and boys.

On Fri. 29 Jan. 2021 US
Special Op forces recovered bodies, body parts and at least a hundred surviving
children from a tunnel system beneath the White House and Capitol Building in
Washington DC.

Sun. 12 May 2024: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Med Beds: The
Vital Light of Nikola Tesla – Healing Power of Ultraviolet Rays – Med Beds

Sun. 12 May 2024 Charlie Ward: Charlie Ward: It’s All Falling Down!! Trump’s
Taking FULL Control

Sun. 12 May 2024 Situation Update: BREAKING NEWS! Judy Byington Bombshell
BELIEVE THE BEST IS YET TO COME WORLDWIDE . . . – Judy Byington: Un-Redacted:
Hold the Line Patriots! The Best Is Yet to Come Worldwide.Trust the Plan. Wait
for Information. Special Intel Report 5/12/24

A. Global Currency Reset Judy Note: Although
we know the Global Currency Reset has already occurred, as of this writing no
significant information has been released on the timing of Tier4b foreign
currency exchange and Zim Bond redemption appointments.

Sun. 12 May 2024: US Debt Clock: New Money Incoming! The Power
of Precious Metals – Know What You Hold!!!

Gold Standard 2.0 QFS Stable
coins and Blockchains Forging Our GCR:
Instead of governments imposing CBDCs onto We the
People, the GCR imposes control, transparency and tracking of every government

B. Global Financial Crisis:

Sat. 11 May 2024: Ed Dowd & Greg Hunter: Huge Financial
Shock Inevitable & Hitting Now!

Sun. 12 May 2024: The
International Monetary Fund
is warning that widening geopolitical divides
are disrupting Global Trade flows, creating spillover effects that are dividing
the World’s economies into competing blocs. The foundation of the system is
slowly changing. …Debt Clock on Telegram Sun.
12 May 2024

From the grotesque abyss of
the Shadowlands for 150 years (1871-2021) the Rothschild Central Bankers
in particularly have been
using their trillions in stolen federal reserve money to effectively enslave
hundreds of millions of people in America, including billions and billions of
people worldwide under the treacherous legislation called the District of Columbia Act of 1871. The
British Royal Family in England (who since 1819 has been taken over by the
Rothschilds) helped to enact this law they called the 1871 Act of England. And a
version of this evil, Machiavellian legislation that has enslaved the monetary
system and thus the economy of America and the world for 150 years exits in
virtually every one of the 209 United Nations member state countries in the world
imprisoned inside the perpetual bondage of Chattel Slavery and Debt Slavery TO
THIS DAY! *N.B.: For further research and readings, see my comprehensive 5-part essay series
on the History of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (aka Federal Reserve Central

C. Restored Republic:

THE EVENT Biblical Revelation Unfolds: A staged scenario resembling WW3 is actually
a strategic activation of global militaries to dismantle Satanic and Luciferian
landmarks such as the Vatican and White House, under the guise of GESARA
enactment. This plan includes worldwide blackouts to transition to Tesla
energy, the downfall of 34 major buildings, and a shift from traditional
financial systems to precious metal-backed currencies. Covert operations like
Project Odin will disrupt Mossad-controlled media networks, paving the way for
Quantum systems. This global military operation, the largest in history, masquerades
as WW3 to initiate a series of profound changes across political, economic, and
energy sectors worldwide.

Real News
for Real Patriots from the Judy Byington Report—Part 50 | Ellis Washington
Report: A
little-known but stolen History of Humanity has allowed a very small Cabal of
super rich, narcissistic, psychopaths belonging to various Satanic cults and
secret societies called among other names are referred to as—
Rothschild Khazarian
, the Illuminati, the British
Monarchy (and all the Monarchies of Europe), Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Skull
and Bones, the Vatican, the Jesuits, and other secret societies along with
their allied institutions including—Council of 13, Committee of 300, 
Octagon Group, Trilateral Commission, World Economic Forum (WEF),
United Nations (UN), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Council on Foreign
Relations, Bilderberg Group, DAVOS, George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, and
other Globalist, Socialist, elitist entities connected to the Satanic New World
Order aka, to impose a One World Government based not on Natural Law and
Natural Rights, Freedom and Liberty, but based on Tyranny and Treachery, 
Democide and perpetual War.

As Trump exposes the weaponized controlled
Deep State
US Judicial System,
and the Military Alliance Operations expose the Epstein, it will become more
clear that the CIA was behind Epstein and Israel Intelligence Elite money.

Blackrock (Larry fink+ Jewish elites) were the operators of

DOWN in Mexico the FULL corruption WILL be EXPOSED that the
Mexican government and military is fully run by the cartels and the human
trafficking from world countries, drug trade through Mexican shipping ports are
running with CIA & CARTELS operations.

Mexico is getting ready for a massive
and exposure of CIA
running their country with UN Operations and DAVOS Group/ BlackRock subsidiary
company funding.

You are watching a massive Storm building! You are watching the Military Alliance
building a case and exposing the World Cabal Deep State infrastructure before
your eyes and for the World to see.

Epstein is the key. Soon Epstein will speak and more
whistleblowers are coming forward direct from the CIA Pentagon and Military
Intelligence leaks.The Satanic occult that runs Hollywood, the music industry
the three branches of the U.S.. Government is coming into the LIGHT.

The White Hats are painting you a picture. Who did Epstein work for? You have more than
you know. …Q, The PLAN to save the world.

The Epstein Saga is going to hit the European
Union corruption system:
DAVOS, Fourth Riech, Rothschilds, Vatican, Israel = the World Storm. 11.3 …Q, The
military is the only way.

D. The US Has Been Functioning Under Martial
Law Since Before the 2020 Election with Donald Trump as Commander-in-Chief over
the Military and “President Joe Biden” played by Actor Arthur Roberts:

many years the Chinese Communist Party
(not the Chinese
government, which was working to become a democracy) had been involved in a takeover
of America. That war culminated when just prior to the 2020 US Presidential
Election, the CCP bought Dominion Voting machines that in collusion with the
Democratic Party, CIA and Vatican, threw millions of Trump votes to Biden.

CCP paid for and the CIA developed Smartmatic Software and Dominion Voting
while conspiring with the Vatican, Italian Government
and other communist parties to throw Trump votes to Biden in the 2020 Election.

in 2019 Biden knew the 2020 Election would be cooked and even said so in
“We have put together the most comprehensive voter fraud
organization in the history of politics and you guys did it for the Obama
Administration also”:
Joe Biden
brags about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization”
in history.

was so confident of the set up for 2020 Election fraud

that he bragged that he didn’t need US citizen votes to get elected:
Joe Biden Tells Voters “I Don’t Need You To
Get Me Elected”

the 2020 Election Ukraine Courts had ruled
that Biden had stolen
billions from their country:

before that US Vice President Biden had bragged about blackmailing

the Ukraine prosecutor:

wouldn’t have it and prior to the 2020 Election put the nation under Martial
Trump would remain as Commander-in-Chief of the Military until all those who
committed treason were arrested, including those who certified the illegal 2020

An Interim Military US Government then took over Washington DC to run the country. The two US governments: (1)
a legitimate Interim Military US Government empowered by the Constitution and
the Department of Defense under Military Code 11.3, and (2) an illegal,
fraudulent foreign paid-for, foreign controlled (on the foreign ground of the
District of Columbia) Biden Administration.

of the two US Governments
was in charge of Biden and making him sign
blank Executive Orders on a stage set of the Oval Office. The White House was
said to be empty.

Cohen, Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security during
the Trump Administration
explained, “We are watching a movie and a lot
of what we are seeing was completely bullshit and fake. The whole election was
fake, along with a fake inauguration, fake executive orders and fake Oval Office.
Right now the Military was controlling our country until the new elections in a
couple of months. The Vatican owned the corrupt DC Corporation and that was no
longer. It would soon be a republic for which it stands under the Constitution
as originally intended. Many corrupt DC rats and Hollywood pedophiles have gone
to jail and/ or been executed for crimes of High Treason and Conspiracy. Many
more are in the process of meeting justice via Military Tribunals. Things will
be made public in time, and very soon. No more secrets. No more games.”

in the Pentagon had been preparing for this for over twenty years.
Attorney General for Utah John Huber and his 740 investigators had been very
busy since 2016. The US government
was corrupt throughout including Congress and the three letter agencies. There
were a lot of traitors whose cases had already been processed through State
Grand Juries. There was an estimated 80 to 140 Congress people thought named in
over 223,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts since Trump took

those, 85% to 95% indicted were Democrats
, intermixed with a few
Rino Republicans. The majority of charges were said to be pedophilia, child
exploitation, misappropriation of US Taxpayer funds and conspiring with foreign
powers to influence the 2020 Presidential Election – an act of Treason. Some
serious charges couldn’t be brought because Obama pardoned so many in his last
days in office.

officials were said to have conspired with foreign powers

led by the Chinese Communist Party, to interfere with the 2020 Election. Within
days of the fraudulent election the US Military had done an official count of
watermarked ballots that proved Trump won the election by an over 80% vote.

The operation actually began in Jan. 2020 during a government shutdown. President Trump
was said to have reorganized several agencies including the US Treasury, IRS
and Federal Reserve. Now the US Military
had control of all assets including taxpayer dollars at the new US Treasury
near Reno.

The Military had been tasked with conducting a return to a gold/asset-backed dollar and
to insure that the US Republic was restored to original laws of the
Constitution as written prior to 

was all made possible after a Sat. 9 Jan 2020
raid by US Military
Special Op Teams on CIA Headquarters in Langley Virginia. The raid produced
firm evidence that the CIA, Democrats and other traitors had conspired with
foreign entities led by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), to interfere in the
2020 Election.

Jan. 2 2020 Military Tribunals
were said to have already
began at GITMO for high profile elites such as the Clintons, Obamas and Bushes.
Charges against them were believed to include Capital High Treason, Election
Fraud, Child Sex Trafficking, Money Laundering, Misappropriation of US Taxpayer
Funds, plus Uranium One, 9/11 and Benghazi crimes.

State Special prosecutor Robert Mueller
was believed to have been
charged for his involvement in the 9/11 cover-up (he was appointed FBI Director
7 days before 9/11 and oversaw 9/11 so-called “investigations”), plus he
conducted an ongoing fake Russian witch-hunt against Trump.

that Saturday morning 9 Jan. 2020
there had been two
attempts on Trump and his wife Melania’s lives (there were said to have been
twelve plus such attempts since he gained office). Trump had had enough. He
immediately instigated the Insurrection Act (put into law by George Bush Jr.
after 9/11), and then turned his authority over to the US Military.

On Jan. 11 2021 Trump
was said to be inaugurated as president of the Restored Republic.  That position was later confirmed on July 4 2021 at Mt. Rushmore where JFK
Jr. was sworn in as Trump’s Vice President.

US Military was about to restore the US Republic
 to laws underlying the original Constitution as
written prior to 
1871. That
 was planned to be held on 4 March 2021 through use of a transparent, secure and
instantaneous Quantum Voting Computer where citizens could vote using their own
computers, or phones.

On Jan. 18 2021 the
US Military began sweeping arrests of Congress.

On 19 Jan. 2021 with
overwhelming evidence of voter fraud yet to be allowed a court hearing, the US
was said to have been officially placed under Martial Law until a new election
could be held. That announcement was sent to all Mass Media outlets for release
– though none would put out the information – in more acts of treason.

On 20 Jan. 2021 Actor Arthur Roberts calling himself Joe
was sworn in as president of a bankrupt
and defunct US Inc. Corporation.
actual Inauguration
was said to be filmed on a Castle Rock
Entertainment stage in Hollywood two weeks prior to 20 Jan. 2021 Inauguration Day.

Just prior to this pre-recorded-in-Hollywood-by-Castle Rock
Entertainment Inauguration
, Washington DC, Capitol
Hill and the White House were secured within miles of barbed wire fences and
60,000 National Guard troops. Over a week later, over 30,000 troops and the
barbed wire fencing remained.

two days after the Jan. 20 2021
 Inauguration the Military was said to
have gathered over 200 elected officials from various state governments. They
were said to have taken them for a helicopter rides, forcing them to confess
about crimes of treason in regard to foreign interference (including the
Chinese Communist Party) in the 2020 Election.

Mon. morning 25 Jan. 2021from 3am to 6am
arrests of 80 to 140
Congress people were underway at Capitol Hill – after which Congress seemed to
have disappeared.  
House cancels business during first full
Biden week – Washington Times
 US Military at the
White House Arresting Congress

Thurs. 28 Jan. 2020
certain traitors in both the House and Senate
recognized Trump as the acting US President when they voted, again, to try to
impeach him. Under rules of the Constitution you could not impeach a US
President if he didn’t presently hold the office.

war between the CCP and the US actually ended on
Thurs. 28 Jan. 2020. Former Navy
Intelligence officer Simeon Parkes reported a
showdown in the South China Sea. The CCP had been trying to take over Taiwan.
Taiwan was where gold was stored that would back countries including the US,
for a Global Currency Reset. Parks said that there were air battles between
America and Taiwan fighter jets against CCP jets and “the CCP lost big time.”

The New World Order fans had
lost their war. A banker source out of
 Zurich said they had
promised to settle everything by Fri. 29

arrest list has come out of elected politicians who have committed treason

and crimes of pedophilia used to blackmail them for their vote. Of 100 Senators
on the list, 93 had been charged with treason. Even more members of the Democratic
Congress (a suspected 80%) also faced treason charges.

On Mon.
15 Feb. 2021
 lights were again out at White House and there were
reports of gun fire. Witnesses reported that they were using a vast amount of
tunnels under the White House to move prisoners. On that same Mon. 15
 in the early morning hours at least 5-6 police cars loaded up
from the White House, left, and returned five or six times.

On Thurs.
18 Feb. 2021 at 3am EST
 dozens of Military Attorneys JAGS arrived at
the White House, 20,000 troops had been sworn in as US Marshalls, at least half
of Congress were in the process of being arrested, a convoy of buses arrived at
Capitol Hill, emptied groups of what appeared to be JAG lawyers and then were
filled with what appeared to be prisoners.

On Tues. evening 23 Feb. thousands
of rounds were heard fired around Capitol Hill. It was rumored that over
200,000 Chinese troops (CCP) were in underground tunnels and bases around
Washington D.C. and said to have been there for months. The US military was
clearing them out.

that same
 Tues. evening 23 Feb. there were
pictures of people in orange jump suits with black hoods on their head, being
taken out of the fenced in area of D.C. It was said that there were many found
hiding in Congress buildings and being hunted down.

the Actor Biden pretended to be US President
, Trump was heading US,
Russian and Indian forces that were helping China’s President Xi invade the
Chinese Mainland to remove the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and install an
interim democratic government. All would happen within the next few months according
to an Alliance of nations headed by President Trump as Scott McKay reported
on Wed. 24 Feb:

Verhagen reported that “the CCP has abandoned their Big Restart Operation
and the liberal elite-scheduled reboot of Globalism has failed.
COVID-19, expressed in the book “Great Restoration” by Klaus Schwab, President
of the Davos Global Economic Forum, has also failed. The CCP would not
impose a Global Order. Their power, like any commercial empire, was
limited to an economic expansion.” 

Fri. 29 Jan. 2021: US Under Military Law, Congress Arrested,
War With CCP Won and No One Knows It

Thurs. 25 Feb. 2021: Biden Pretends to be President as Trump
Leads War on CCP, which Manufactured Texas Ice Storms

Sun. 7 Feb. 2021: Congress, Biden Arrested as Military Rescues
Tortured Children From Tunnels Beneath Capitol Hill

E. The Real News for Sun. 12 May 2024:

Sun. 12 May 2024 Pennsylvania: In Pennsylvania, the National Weather
Service issued a tornado warning for Finleyville, Uniontown, and Oliver.

Sun. 12 May 2024 Russia: At least seven people have been killed after
a multi-storey apartment block partially collapsed in Belgorod, Russia.

Sun. 12 May 2024: US Secretary of Veteran Affairs Denis
McDonough has been executed at GITMO.

Sun. 12 May 2024: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Med Beds:
The Vital Light of Nikola Tesla – Healing Power of Ultraviolet Rays

Sun. 12 May 2024: BREAKING! Netanyahu’s Statements: “No Nation
Came to Our Aid Against the Nazi’s” – Netanyahu Denies Allied Support in WWII:
17.8 Million American Soldiers’ Sacrifice Dismissed

Sun. 12 May 2024: Exposed: Scalar HAARP Waves Yesterday Before
Lights in the Sky – The Military’s Hidden Hand and Strategic Uses of HAARP

F. International Child Sex
Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the Vatican and
housed in China’s Three Gorges Dam in the 1500 mile tunnel that runs between
the Vatican and Jerusalem:

Sat. 11 May 2024: Hollywood
producer Herchel Weingrod
busted trying to pick up a 15-year-old with pizza
blocks away from his residence… The walk of shame screams creepy Biden
clone… end these pedos as soon as possible.

Spacey was banned from Epstein Island:
According to sources, he liked little boys and
preferably screamers. He violently beat and raped them. He wanted to hear them
scream for their lives. He was supposedly so sadistic that it made other island
goers uncomfortable to the point where he was banned from ever returning. Can
you imagine what kind of other Worldly level of Evil makes other pedophiles
uncomfortable? Did you know that Kevin Spacey’s father was also a Nazi? When
you harm our beautiful children in the World – no deals, Death Penalty.
Archive | Ellis Washington Report

Thurs. 9 May 2024 Human Trafficking & Military Tribunals:
Obamacare Established Only For One Reason: CHILD TRAFFICKING

Sun. 7 Feb. 2021: Congress, Biden Arrested as Military Rescues
Tortured Children From Tunnels Beneath Capitol Hill

On Fri. 29 Jan. 2021 US
Special Op forces recovered bodies, body parts and at least a hundred surviving
children from a tunnel system beneath the White House and Capitol Building in
Washington DC. In the early morning hours as body bags were being delivered,
multiple troops were seen coming out of the White House with at least a hundred
children in tow. The children were believed to have been sexually abused,
tortured and killed by political elites in an elaborate tunnel system that ran
beneath Capitol Hill and connected to other systems for 200 miles. All was
thought part of an international Child Trafficking Ring run by the Vatican for
global and political elites with ties to Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island –
that lay next door to Joe Biden’s Water Island.

Wed. 6 April 2022: Thousands of Children Rescued, Mutilated Bodies
Recovered, from Biden-owned Ukraine Property Containing US Run Bio-Weapon Labs
of thousands of tortured and murdered mainly Asian children have been rescued,
the mutilated bodies of thousands more children recovered by the Russian
Military from US owned and run Bio-weapon Underground Tunnel DUMB Labs that ran
beneath a 200 acre Biden-owned property in Ukraine.

G. Covid/ Ebola/ Swine Flu/ Polio/ Small Pox/ BSE/ Zika/
Sars/ Monkey Pox/ AIDs/ Vax/ H1N1/ Graphene Oxide/ Chem trails/ Fluoride,
Processed Foods, Human Clones Hoaxes:

Sat. 11 May 2024: Pascal Najadi: Now One Billion Dead From
COVID Jab, Many More Injured!!

Former CDC Director, Dr. Robert Redfield states that the primary threat of H5N1 Bird
Flu stems from gain of function research conducted in US labs. “In the
laboratory, I could make it highly infectious for humans in months … that’s
the real threat … Bird Flu, I think, is gonna be the cause of the Great

H. Sun. 12 May 2024 Q: Think about this: Right now there are millions of Anons, from
90+ countries, the vast majority of which have no clue who anyone else is-total
strangers, who have pledged allegiance to Humanity and joined forces online in
the largest battle in world history.

This is a global information war with the stakes higher than ever before-
Liberty or Death.

The Media and the Democrats call us Russian agents, Nazis and bots but
we are, in fact, very real and PISSED OFF Patriots.

If you have two eyes to see, look around-We are EVERYWHERE. We are your
local doctors, lawyers, mechanics, farmers, engineers, teachers, and everything
in between. We are an ever evolving, highly efficient, well organized,
hyper-intelligent truth dissemination MACHINE.

We don’t have Billions of dollars, unlimited resources, vast technology, nor
control over the Internet or Social Media like they do. We have cell phones,
Laptops, microphones, voices and God on our side.

(them) like no one before us has ever done before. (THEY) DON’T KNOW WHAT TO

And it’s almost over, too. They know it. We know it. And SOON the whole
world will know it.

World to know my real identity…very soon. …Q

I. The GITMO List of those who betrayed the
United States of America:
is a partial list of those who have seen the inside of GITMO. Most of their
Tribunals have been held and ended with a guilty verdict for Crimes Against
Humanity. Most have been executed by hanging, with the exception of a very few
who received a life sentence at GITMO.

With a crowded GITMO and the Antarctic Military Base nearing full
capacity, Military Base Sato Kona Detention Center (XPL) in Honduras is used,
as is
Spain’s Santa Cruz Islands. In May alone 3,000 arrested went to Guam. U.S. citizens were incarcerated at San Juan Guaynabo U.S. Military
Prison in Puerto Rico and the Fort Worth Naval Base Military Prison in Texas.
There were already 40,000 members of the notorious Mexican Cartel incarcerated in Guatemala.

Where They Go One, They Go All!


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