Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 27, 2024

Thousands of Satan
Worshipping, Child Sacrificing, Pedophile Global and Political Elites, along
with Rothschild private bankers, the Vatican, UK Crown and US Inc. have not
only since 1918, controlled and
spent US Taxpayer Dollars leaving the nation in continual debt, but were found
to be involved with Child Sex Trafficking, Underground tunnels (DUMBS) housing
tortured children and bio-weapon labs, Pedophilia, Rape, Abortion, Cannibalism,
Child Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting, while Money Laundering US Taxpayer
dollars back to themselves.

created the State of Israel to insure themselves more wars and therefore more US
Taxpayer monies and as a safe haven for pedophiles, human traffickers, war
criminals and tyrants who right now, were massacring thousands of Palestinian
children and civilians. 

have funded both sides of wars,plus created and funded illegal bio weapon labs
in Ukraine and other countries. Globalists led by Obama created and funded ISIS
and other terrorists groups with US taxpayer monies laundered through the CIA –
all in order to create chaos and a World War III scenario.

have a dirty FBI, CIA, Department of Justice and Mainstream Media who were
against freedoms of The People, while supporting Globalist Crimes Against
Humanity for their own monetary gain.

of these Globalists were now charged with War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity,
Infringement on International Laws & Universal Human Rights, Genocide,
Carnage, Murder, Coercion (Covid), Lying under oath, Impersonation (male vs.
female… hello Big Mike, Kamala Harris, Susan Rice), Fraud, Mind Control and
manipulation of the Public in behalf of their own Agenda through use of the
Mainstream Media.

A Fact:
A large grouping of Baboons is called a Congress.

was rumored that the Supreme Court has ruled on three cases concerning 2020
Voter Fraud brought by the Brunson Brothers, Sidney Powell and the State of
46 out of the 50
have now recounted the 2020 Presidential Election vote and confirmed
that Biden lost the election, with Trump winning by over 80% in every state but
one. A positive ruling by the Supreme Court on any, or all of the above cases would
automatically dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress, plus bring
in Martial Law until a new election could be held. The SCOTUS announcement was
expected at any time. Sun. 8 Nov. 2020:
Trump Win Validated by Quantum Blockchain System Recount of Votes

Tues. 26 March: General Flynn called the
Baltimore Bridge Collapse a Black Swan Event.
Not one, but two bridges were destroyed today
– in Maryland and in Ohio. A Deep State Chinese Barge ran into the
Baltimore Bridge.

26 March:
EXPOSED: International Vatican-run Child Sex
Trafficking, Gun and Drug Running Ring, Bush, Clintons, Royals, Hollywood, CIA,
UK, PM, Baptists into Pedophilia Ring and Blackmailing Political Elites

Earth shattering report
that the CIA
, under Obama with John Brennan at the helm, orchestrated and
collaborated with Five Eyes (US, UK, Aus, NZ, Canada) intelligence agencies to
frame President Donald Trump as a Russian agent during the Russia Gate HOAX.

Fri. 22 March Merrick Garland Military Tribunal
Day One:
The United States Navy Judge Advocates General’s Corps on
Friday began but did not conclude the tribunal of Attorney General Merrick
Garland, whom the Office of Military Commissions has charged with treason for
weaponizing the Justice Department against President Donald J. Trump and the
innocent protesters who visited the Capitol peacefully on January 6. As
reported previously, U.S. Special Forces arrested Garland on January 28 in
Maryland, following his return to the U.S. from Poland, where he had been
cowering and remotely directing the DOJ, hoping patriotic justice wouldn’t
chase him overseas. As has been the case with myriad Deep Staters, Garland felt
an uncontrollable urge to return to the roost, Washington D.C.

26 March:
Derek Johnson: Doomsday Plane Up! Federal Continuity
Directives 1 and 2, Prove There’s a Continuity of Operations in Action – BOOOM!

26 March:
The Devolution Plan and Continuity of Government:
Military Coup Charges Against Biden, Obama, Clinton’s, Rockefellers, CIA, Deep
State – Game Theory Operations

26 March:
White Hats’ INTEL Expose: EBS, Game Theory
Operations, Obama Hidden Agendas, Deep State Operations, CIA Exposure, NATO
Collapse, Military Infiltration & Civil Unrest

26 March:
BQQQM! Sun 24 March The White Hats Great
Announcement, JFK Jr.

14 Feb. Plunder of Ukraine by Soros, Clintons, Biden, Obama, NATO, DAVOS, CIA
Deep State:
UKRAINE: A Tale of Plunder and Intrigue, Written By George Soros, the Clintons,
Biden, Obama, Davos, NATO, CIA and the DEEP STATE

26 March BQM
one bites the dust:
Janet Yellen hanged at GITMO for Treason.

22 March 2024
Merrick Garland Military Tribunal, Day I

Has Been Slow for the FEMA Personnel Caught Committing Crimes Against Humanity As
Part of Maui DEW Attacks:

Pentagon has serious concerns about Secret Biological Experiments in Ukraine.

Documents confirm that in the US biological laboratories in Ukraine, in the
immediate vicinity of the territory of Russia, the development of biological
weapons components was carried out.

Drug Cartel, BILL COOPER:
The importation and distribution of
illegal drugs was kicked off by George Bush. What was the money used for? To
fund the CIA’s Black Projects.

14 Feb. 2024 Continuation of Government:
BQQQM! The Epochal
Showdown in Washington D.C: Continuation of Government – Connect the Dots –
Background Military Operation – Deep State From A to Z and from Z to A – Hold
the Line!

was found
to be the most popular means to conduct illegal
transactions, especially in the smuggling and exploitation of children
according to a recent US Treasury report.

means “to deceive.” The
greatest NASA lie: “We never went to the Moon.” The landing was
filmed on the Nevada desert. Other films of “Space Exploration” were made in a
remote Canadian location. Films of Mars were done in the Middle Eastern Desert.

15 Feb. Globalist Conspiracy Unveiled:
New Roseanne & Mel
K: Woah! The Globalist Conspiracy Finally Unveiled

and unlawful toxic levels of radiation
has been found in at
least one Grade School Playground – that was coming from a 5G Tower on the roof
of the school. The levels were recorded by an EMF Reader. Why is this
deliberate poisoning of our children allowed?

26 March Situation Update:
BQQQM!!! Judy Byington Bombshell
Report: My Fellow Americans, The Storm is Upon Us – Nothing Can Stop What Is
Coming – Donald J. Trump, Q Drop 3.24.24Q4.

Apparent Timeline:

to 1752, the New Year began on March 25.

Palm Sun. 1 April 1860 Q was created
when 20 Generals placed
Abraham Lincoln into office to Fight the Khazarian mafia who created the slave
trade and owned 99% of the U.S. Slaves. Today this battle is coming to an end.
…Trump Q

1918 and to this day,
the Rothschild (Khazarian Mafia
pretend Jews of Israel) private bankers, the private corporation of US Inc, UK
Royals and Vatican have had total control over use of US Taxpayer dollars.

June 1963, five months before his assassination,
John F. Kennedy issued an Executive Order that would have given American
Currency back to the American People. Kennedy printed US currency based on a
Silver Standard, taking away the power of the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel.
Many argue this was the reason that JFK was assassinated.

Christmas Eve 24 Dec. 1963, after Kennedy’s assassination (22 Nov. 1963), 77
U.S. Generals came together and The Plan was born to Save The World.

Three months later 133 Generals became part of Operation Freedom Eagle 35. You
are a witness to 58 Year Military Delta Coming In Hot 2014 +22 Nations, 1600
Generals NCSWIC The last days of Joe Biden …Q The Storm

14 Oct. 2020 the UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY filed for Chapter 11
in the Northern District of Florida Bankruptcy Court.
This was a involuntary bankruptcy filing assigned the bankruptcy case number
#20-40375. The bankruptcy petition for UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY showed
assets in the range of Unknown with liabilities in the range of Unknown. UNITED
STATES CORPORATION COMPANY reports creditors in the range of 1-49.                                                                       

On Sun. 17 March 2024, Brazil, Hong Kong and other places across the
World were given the Green Light for the Global Currency Reset.

19 March Trump’s Military Alliance Launched Mass Arrests on Fake News Media:
Trump’s Military Alliance Launches Mass Arrests on Fake News Media – Clintons
and Nancy Pelosi’s Drug Money – Global Blackout Crisis! – Gazetteller

Mon. 1 April 2024 is the Julian Calendar New Year’s Day – the start of a new era of peace and prosperity when the Global
Currency Reset introduces the gold/ asset-backed US Note and says bye bye to
the fiat US Inc. Federal Dollar that Global Elites have been using to steal the
country dry. NESARA funds will be released to the General Public where they
be able to go to existing banks and set up their individual bank accounts on
the new Quantum Financial System. April 1st Shockwave! QFS Integration with
Wells Fargo Sparks Global Financial Reset, Redemption Centers, Military
Alliances – Trump & Musk’s AI Unleashes War on Globalist Elites! –

On Tues. 2 April 2024 the General Public was supposed to start receiving their Redemption monies.

Sat. 6 April was the date some
believe was Christ’s actual birth day.

Q Clock Is Mirrored to 4-8 (Mon. 8 April).
…The 17th
Letter on Telegram (JFK Jr.) Tues. 26

Mon. 8 April during the Solar Eclipse the
State was planning a biological attack on The People. The Oklahoma National
Guard will have guardsmen present for the total solar eclipse – 22 members of
an elite Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear unit will be housed.
Residents are being urged to stock up with one to two weeks of food in advance
of the event. Communication facilities could become overloaded, possibly making
cell phone calls difficult. States Calling for State of Emergency:
Insider Exposes April 8th 2024 Emergency – Is It Going to be the Worst Day in
, The
Truth about the Solar eclipse, What will happen on April 8th 2024,  

Global Currency Reset:

26 March Bruce:
Bond Holders will finished up
their exchanges on Wed. 27 March
We in Tier4a,b are to be notified to set appointments to
exchange somewhere between 3:00 pm Wed.
27 March to Thurs. morning 28 March.
The R&R funds release to the General Public and Social Security increases will
happen in April. The new gold-backed
US Note will be out around 15 April.

Mon. 25 March Wolverine:  Ok guys are you ready for good news? Need 400 good emojis. Ok Reno
has started. Whales are getting calls to go to Reno. They have signed all
contracts. Get ready God bless. …Wolverine

25 March MarkZ:
One of my Bond Holder contacts expected
things to happen by mid-week this week.
They believe they will actually be walking away from the table with spendable
money. Historic Bonds are getting positive chatter again. We in Tier 4b are
supposed to go immediately following bonds. I understand that the whole process
should only be a week long and that the very first things we should see is Bond
Folks getting dollars.

Mon. 25 March Iraqi Dinar Video Update: A massive announcement happened on Iraqi TV. There
was a huge elimination of zeros and the Iraqi budget. The International
Monetary Fund (IMF), US Treasury and World Bank increased in value by 100%:

26 March:
NESARA and GESARA Unveil Monumental Changes: Global
Implementation Begins!

Starlink, QFS, Project Odin, MOSSAD
Satellites and the Biggest Secrets Unfolding in our Cosmos

Tues. 26 March 2024 Bruce,
The Big Call

The St. Germaine Trust is opening
on Easter Sun 31 March and goes to support GESARA globally.

Super Whales who were really large
bond holders, finished three months ago but don’t yet have access to their

Whales in Tier 3 finished last Fri. 22 March and were awaiting a go to have access to their funds.

The regular Bond Holders will be
finished up tomorrow Wed. 27 March
Their emails will go out 3:00 on Wed.

We in Tier4a,b are to be notified to set appointments to exchange on the heels of the regular Bond
Holders who will be completed around 3:00-4:00
pm Wed. 27 March to Thurs. morning 28 March.

The R&R funds release and
Social Security increases will happen in

The USN will be out around 15 April.

New rates are coming out on Dong
and Dinar on Wed. 27 March around 3-4:00

The Deep State tried to
thwart this by having a Chinese barge run into the Baltimore Bridge this morning.
It didn’t work.

D. International
Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the
Vatican and housed in China’s Three Gorges Dam in the 1500 mile tunnel that
runs between the Vatican and Jerusalem:

25 March:
Situation Update – Wikileaks: Obama-Biden Pedo Ring
Out Of The White House! Diddy’s House Raided For Human Trafficking! US Biolabs
Still! Moscow Terrorists Arrested! – WTPN

26 March
CIA Child Snuff Survivor Speaks Out |
Blogging/Citizen Journalism

26 March Boxer Ryan Garcia,
who has recently been portrayed by
the media as mentally unstable for speaking out on the horrors of Hollywood,
Bohemian Grove, Jeffrey Epstein, & child trafficking, says that he is
working with people who are going to take him to Congress to present his evidence.

26 March:
Bombshell: Mark Wahlberg Turned Down a $30 Million
Role Opposite Tom Hanks “I’ll Pray for His Soul But I Won’t Work With Him.”

E. Covid/ Ebola/ Swine Flu/ Polio/ Small Pox/
BSE/ Zika/ Sars/ Monkey Pox/ AIDs/ Vax/ H1N1/ Graphene Oxide/ Chem trails/
Fluoride, Processed Foods, Human Clones Hoaxes:

15 Feb.
80% of Americans test positive for chemical found in
Cheerios that may cause infertility

Attack Immune System, Cause Cancer: 
Mullins already knew it: “Vaccination is really a time bomb.” He quoted a
book a doctor has written in the year 1936: “I have never seen an
unvaccinated person with cancer.” Other doctors said the same thing, that
vaccines attack the immune system 5 years, 10 or 40 years later.

The Real News for Tues. 26 March 2024:

Join Trump’s Truth Social on Telegram:

25 March 2024: Tucker Carlson talks about how the 2024 presidential election is
being rigged by Biden’s bogus prosecution of Trump.”
are trying to take the front runner out of the race on bogus legal charges.
You’re violating the rule of law. You’re mocking our sacred norms, and you’re
doing it with the presidency at stake. To indict him on that at the same time
that the sitting President did the same thing. And you’re expecting me to go
along with it? The idea that you’re prosecuting a man with a felony charge for
bringing home documents and not returning them to the national f**kin archives.
Are you serious? Is there a single high-level bureaucrat in Washington who
doesn’t do that every single day?”

26 March White Hat Military Intelligence Mckay, Fulford:

Court Rules Texas Is Allowed To Enforce SB4 Law, Police Can Arrest Illegals.
new law that gives local police the authority to arrest illegal immigrants will
be temporarily enforced in Texas, the Supreme Court decided on Tuesday. The
Texas law has been challenged by the Biden Administration.

26 March Truth Hammer:
Music Mogul P Diddy is back in the
news accused of running his own blackmailing operation, like the Epstein of the
music industry. P Diddy was earlier
accused of sex trafficking and distributing illegal firearms and narcotics. It was
speculated that he left the United States and escaped but the latest reports
were circulating that Diddy has been arrested in Miami. The left woke up today
thinking Trump Tower would be seized… but instead P Diddy got raided and his
properties seized.

To 90% Of The Cheese Sold In America Is No Longer Made Naturally.
little bit of Pfizer in your cheese)

16 Feb.
SHOCK REPORT: Bombshell Document Emerges Revealing
Seeking Intelligence Gathering on The Trump Organization and Donald J. Trump
for President Inc.

16 Feb.
Starlink, QFS, Project Odin, MOSSAD Satellites and
the Biggest Secrets Unfolding in our Cosmos

Tues. 26 March White Hat Intel:

CIA and Pentagon
in panic
as justice moved forward. Their corrupt system and institution was
in collapse, with more data to be dumped. Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming.

forced release of the EPSTEIN LIST
is much more than a
list. IT’S A DATA DUMP with thousands of pages that will be released.

is reporting 800 pages, conservative news is reporting over 1500 pages and
alternative media is reporting over 3000 pages

of data and information from the court report, logs, police reports and
witnesses full testimony, with more coming.

White Hats are painting a picture for the
American people and world that the [ EPSTEIN] CORRUPTION is connected to a
world pedophile, human trafficking extortion ring and even greater is the
connection that WILL lead to world money laundering system through Epstein
Israel, CIA, MI6, EU & U.S. military intelligence agencies.

is just the beginning and is opening doors to the CIA Pentagon Corruption
  This was
always the PLAN. The growing Epstein saga will see major Whistleblowers coming
forward, video leaks and audios including Epstein himself.

Epstein Saga will explode by Summer
into full involvement of
the CIA, Pentagon, Israeli Intel with M16 Operations.

Hats were painting a picture for the world.
The continuing
EXPOSURE is going to lead and EXPOSE a controlled Military COUP over the U.S.
government and elections. Including several countries across the world.

think it’s coincidence
that Q military intelligence
operations was the first to bring EPSTEIN into exposure on a world scale with
hundreds of millions of ANONS and World Patriots searching for data on EPSTEIN?

Hats operations have given the green light to go after OPRAH WINFREY

and her connection to the CIA, Harvey Weinstein ,[ Epstein] financial ring and
the Clintons human trafficking ring will be EXPOSED in the next months. Right
now in Hollywood and on the Internet celebrities are attacking Oprah and
exposing her control over the black actors and black entertainment community. Oprah
was PLANTED by the CIA and Hollywood elites to take control of the black
communities and unite them under the DNC and liberal agendas.

the coming months White Hats would connect
Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and Blackrock to a corruption scandle connected to
the Pentagon, CIA, Rockefeller Elites.

Illuminati Globalist Deep State Cabal CIA Agenda:

Gates & The World Economic Forum Are In The Process Of Genetically
Modifying Our Seeds & Changing The Genes Of Our Plants.

They want complete control of our food while preaching depopulation. In the
name of “Climate Change”, they need to completely modify Natural

A World Where All Agriculture Is Dependent On Bill Gates & The WEF.
quite focused on smallholder farmers because the predominant number of Africans
farming today are smallholder farmers and they’re on pieces of land that are
less than two hectares. So it’s quite a small farm. There are agro dealers that
exist in these countries. We need to get that network up and running just like
we’ve got the vaccine network up and running and getting vaccines out, getting
up and running so they’re teaching people proper planting, proper fertilize,
proper irrigation and getting them new seeds as they come out.



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