Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 20, 2024


(A)re (N)ow (I)n (C)ontrol 2024 = The Final Battle.
Guaranteed Victory.
Rats are taken care of. We are the Elite Patriots. Foreign heads of state are
in hysteria. BOOMERANG. Hold the line. …Q

The Khazarian Mafia’s
“Rules Based World Order,” has surrendered
according to Ben Fulford.

Pedophile and Cannibal Club in Haiti Has Been Exposed.

is constructing its largest base in Europe near the Ukraine
Border to intentionally threaten Russia
– desperately wanting World War III.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer
hanged at GITMQ for

Arthur Engoron
took a $10 Million Bribe from Biden Shell
Companies to Convict Donald Trump

19 March Situation Update:

19 March
Situation Update, Mar 19, 2024 – Oregon Unleashes
Small Farm Wipeout Making It A Crime To Irrigate Crops Or Raise Animals! – Mike
Adams | Food and Farming

19 March
Juan O Savin Situation Update: “Important Update,
March 19, 2024!” –

Time Line:

Palm Sun. 1 April 1860 Q was created
when 20 Generals placed
Abraham Lincoln into office to Fight the Khazarian mafia who created the slave
trade and owned 99% of the U.S. Slaves. Today this battle is coming to an end.
…Trump Q

Eve 1963 was the day 77 U.S. Generals came together and The Plan was born to
Save The World.
Three months later 133 Generals became
part of Operation Freedom Eagle 35. You are a witness to 58 Year Military Delta
Coming In Hot 2014 +22 Nations, 1600 Generals NCSWIC The last days of Joe Biden
…Q The Storm

On Sun. 17 March, Brazil, Hong Kong and other places across the
World were given the Green Light for the Global Currency Reset.

and bye bye to the almighty dollar that government officials have been using to
steal the country dry

Sat. 6 April was the date some
believe was Christ’s actual birth day.

8 April Solar Eclipse:
The Oklahoma National Guard will
have guardsmen present for the total solar eclipse on April 8. 22 members of an elite Chemical, Biological, Radiological
and Nuclear unit will be housed. Residents are being urged to stock up with one
to two weeks of food in advance of the event. Communication facilities could
become overloaded, possibly making cell phone calls difficult.

Global Currency Reset:

Wed. 20 March afternoon
Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) would
be notified of how to set their exchange appointments.

On Thurs. 21 March Tier4b would be able to start exchange appointments, Bond Holders
in Tier 3 will have access to their funds and Restitution and Reclamation
Allowance payouts for the General Public should begin.

Fri. 22 March to Mon. 1 April:
– 03/28
…Mr. Pool on Telegram 11
March 2024.
Judy Note: Is Mr.
Pool talking about the EBS starting on Fri.
22 March and going to the end of the month?

Mon. 1 April is the Julian Calendar
New Year’s Day, and release of the GCR to the General Public where they
be able to go to existing banks and set up their individual bank accounts on
the new Quantum Financial System. April 1st Shockwave! QFS Integration with
Wells Fargo Sparks Global Financial Reset, Redemption Centers, Military
Alliances – Trump & Musk’s AI Unleashes War on Globalist Elites! –

C. Bruce, The Big Call :

Zim Holders can have access to 1% of their total exchange that
can be moved from your Quantum Account to your personal account for the first 12-15
days, after which you will get access to the total amount.

Bond Holders can have access to 1% of their total funds for the
first 90 days, after which they will have access to all of it.

All countries of the World’s currencies that were going up in value new
rates would be made known internationally as of 9am Tues. morning 19 March.

All new rates would be available on Wed. 20 March.

Bond Holders in Tier3 will have access to funds on Thurs. 21 March.

Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) are supposed to be notified after noon on Wed.
20 March
and be able to start exchange appointments on Thurs. 21 March.

Restitution and Reclamation Allowance
should be available by
Thurs. 21 March.

Seniors will have their lump sum payments direct deposited
in their bank accounts.

The younger group will get their R&R over 3 years, middle aged
group will get their R&R over 2 years, and the rest will get their R&R over
1 year.

Social Security increases will be received in a few months at $4,400 to
$4,900 a month.

You need to have a Trust Account set up within ten days after your exchange.

Global Economic Crisis:

19 March Canadian bankruptcy filings are skyrocketing

with nearly 800 bankruptcy filings in January 2024 alone. This comes after
bankruptcy filings in 2023 jumped nearly 40% year-over-year.

Stanley Warns US Stocks at Risk in ‘Dollar Regime Shift.’
chief investment officer of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management has a warning for
stock bulls: the structural forces weighing on the dollar are threatening to
spread to US equities.

19 March
URGENT: BlackRock is Buying Up The Entire Bitcoin
Supply – The Sinister Plot to Hijack Bitcoin – Final Warning!

19 March
Quantum Phones: The Ultimate Game-Changer Unveiled by
QFS, StarLink QG, and the Legacy of Steve Jobs in the Heart of the USA –
Revolutionizing Communication and Finance with GESARA Applications and UBI

The Fall of the US Fiat Federal Dollar:

countries are ditching the dollar
and using own currencies
backed by precious metals to trade.

Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon
predicted a major financial crisis
saying that the global market is facing a rebellion amid its growing debt

months ago
on the national panel Catherine Herridge from CBS
news said that we are going to see a “Black Swan” event in 2024.

financial analyst Richard X Bove said China will soon
overtake the American economy and the US dollar will catastrophically

the end of February
the El Salvador President said the US
Dollar Will Collapse.

weeks ago Bank of America Issued a Major Warning

of a US Dollar Collapse.

the likes of Bezos, Zuckerberg and Gates
have been selling stocks
and shares at an alarming rate.

the BRICS Ambassador
said that the US Dollar-Dominated World
Will End Soon.


Elon Musk said the US will go bankrupt because of overspending.


Bond yields close to key level that could put more pressure on stocks, Morgan
Stanley said.


that the new financial system is ready.

dates have passed
when Banks have to be ISO20022 and Basel
III compliant. CBDCs can NOT operate on the new system.

and tomorrow Tues-Wed 19, 20 March
the Federal Reserve has
a Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting. Economists and analysts have
been waiting for the second policy meeting of the year as high interest rates
continue to bear down on the economy saying there are fears of a stock market
crash. And on the 11th March Wall Street and regional banks said they are
scrambling for new funds as the FED ends emergency lending program, aimed at
keeping failing banks afloat during banking collapse.

is why the distractions are coming in thick and fast right now

to take our eyes away from the financial system fully collapsing. We know BRICS
will destroy FED with asset backed currencies. The collapse is coming and many
of us are prepared.

Restored Republic: Khazarian
Mafia’s “Rules Based World Order,” has surrendered, Ben Fulford:

mega Black Swan Event predicted for March 15th
actually did
take place
 as will become
increasingly obvious over the coming days and months. 
The Khazarian Mafia’s so-called “Rules
Based World Order,” has surrendered, according to Asian Secret Society and
White Dragon sources. 

The hybrid war for
control of the planet Earth

that has been raging at least since September 11, 2001, is thus ending.

This came as a White
Dragon Society representative hand-delivered
a declaration of war against the Japanese
government. The declaration said the government was controlled by foreign
gangsters who murdered over 400,000 Japanese citizens with vaccines. Demands include
the expulsion of fake US Ambassador Rahm Emanuel and all foreign “Japan
handlers.” It calls for the formation of an emergency government under the
Japanese royal family, It also calls for the nationalization of the Bank of
Japan, a jubilee, the reinstatement of the Economic Planning Agency and more.

The imminent move in
Japan comes after Chinese authorities arrested 726,000 people
last year, a jump of 47.1% from the
previous year… amid a crackdown on crimes linked to “hostile foreign forces.”

In a public sign the
Khazarian Mafia is surrendering, “Pope Francis”
said Ukraine should have the courage to
wave the “white flag” of surrender to Russia and the planetary liberation

EU High Representative
for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell
also confirmed the KM surrender when he
wrote on his blog: “If the current global geopolitical tensions continue to
evolve in the direction of ‘the West against the Rest,’ Europe’s future risks
to be bleak. The era of Western dominance has indeed definitively ended.”

In further sign the
KM-controlled US regime is finished
, Russian President Vladimir Putin says Washington has become a laughing
stock of the rest of the world. “I
think it’s obvious to everyone that the American political system cannot claim
to be democratic in any sense of the word…and is 
becoming “increasingly uncivilized.”

Yet another sign came on
March 11th
anniversary of the Fukushima terror attack- when the Federal Reserve Board
stopped bailing out banks.

G. Illuminati Globalist Deep State Cabal CIA

a leaked video from a private WEF indoctrination session, Klaus Schwab

promises recruits that their Avatar will continue to live after they die and
that their brains will be replicated through artificial intelligence and
algorithms. “You have the chance to look forward to a career of 50 years, maybe
more… Your Avatar will continue to live, and your brain will be replicated
through artificial intelligence and algorithms… But at least 50 years.”

19 March
Macron’s Dangerous Game: Is He Leading Us Into World

19 March Dr. David Martin: If the WHO Pandemic Agreement passes in May, the WHO
will gain the ability to “suspend all civil liberties”,

should it arbitrarily decide there’s a “public health emergency. [Covid
was used to] terrorize the world, convince them that we need some giant
protector state that actually has some sort of supranational ability, and then
suspend civil liberties as long as they need to be suspended… at the whim of
funding agencies who have no criminal accountability. These things are set up
to be terror campaigns, to modify the public’s willingness to give up their

19 March Farmers are being liquidated
little by little so Bill
Gates and the WEF can starve you to death… you’d have to be pretty stupid to
not see this as an act of war.

The Real News for Tues. 19 March 2024:

19 March Meaning of Military Occupation with Trump as Commander-In-Chief, Derek

18 March
Charlie Ward: Shocking News March 18, 2024 – No One
Saw This Coming!

19 March
Declares State Of Emergency After Large Volcano Erupts:

EMR electromagnetic waves can penetrate everything on Earth.

With EMR electromagnetic pulses you can destroy everything on Earth, including
starting Fires, Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Tornadoes!

19 March
And We Know: Last Election? Epic PsyOp To Save World!
Exposing Evil Helps! We Have A Mission! We’re Taking Back Our Great Country
From Evil Tyrants! Pray!

19 March ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith rants
against the Democrats:
“Four indictments, 91 counts, two impeachments, civil suits against him… And
[Trump] is WHIPPIN YALL ASS… you can’t beat him!”

19 March
We the American people are so tired of these
Democratic operatives who think that they’re reporters who only say the same
talking points over and over that come from the DNC well it’s time for the DNC
to be disband call it what it really is the Communist Party of America. …Tucker

19 March
Scare Event 3.18.2Q24 > Treason Begins

18 March
“CASTLE ROCK”: The Event to go Down on Biden –
Military Overturns the Election – King Trump Saves the Day – Hero! Capt Kyle
& Jack Straw Report!

18 March
NEWS ALERT: Rumors are Circulating that Kate Middleton
has Been Replaced by a Clone or Body Double After she Was Just Spotted in
Public with Prince William – Kate Middleton Body Double Video EXPOSED

19 March
BREAKING! Fani Willis Faces New Motion From Trump Lawyer
‘the Pit Bull’ Sadow

19 March
ALERT ALERT ALERT! The World of Clones: Doubles,
Clones, Actors, Royal Family Clones, Politicians, Transvestites Hiding in Plain
Sight, Holographic or CGI – Clones Filmed in Same Library Room at GITMO – Body
Doubles, Clones or Masks… You Decide!

I. International Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and
Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the Vatican and housed in China’s Three
Gorges Dam in the 1500 mile tunnel that runs between the Vatican and Jerusalem:

19 March Clinton Pedophile and Cannibal Club in Haiti Exposed:
The Clintons have long considered Haiti to be their personal
playground where they can indulge in their wildest fantasies with close friends
from the global elite, according to Haitians who allege the Democrat power
couple are involved in a Satanic cannibal club in which children are ritually
abused and their flesh eaten. According to multiple eyewitnesses in Haiti, the
Satanic club has become the new Bohemian Grove for the jet setting globalist
elite, with private jets regularly landing in Port-au-Prince before the
passengers are whisked away to their secret hideout in the jungle where
unspeakable horrors involving children have been documented by local
investigators. The locals call this place “Clinton’s Den” and generations of
local children have been taught to be terrified of Bill and Hillary who are
viewed as evil incarnate due to the depraved nature of the company they keep,
as violent cannibals and pedophiles stalk the island with impunity.

19 March
Carlo Maria Vigano exposes Pizzagate
and names Hillary Clinton, John
Podesta and former editor of The Recount, Slade Sohmer, who was recently arrested
for child porn. He also discusses how Jeffrey Epstein ran a blackmail operation
on his island and collected evidence of well-known people committing heinous
ritual crimes against children.

18 March
Secret Camps and Camp Members and Key to Camp Locations – 2023 Midsummer

Covid/ Ebola/ Swine Flu/ Polio/ Small Pox/ BSE/ Zika/ Sars/ Monkey Pox/ AIDs/
Vax/ H1N1/ Graphene Oxide/ Chem trails/ Fluoride, Processed Foods, Human Clones

18 March
Dr SIRCUS: Chlorine Dioxide and Biotin the Super
ANTIBIOTICS to Replace Big Pharma’s Expensive Poisons – BY 2050, Superbugs
Could Kill 10 Million People a Year

19 March
Did you know that the dairy-alternative entomilk is
already being produced in many nations, and is made from the maggot larvae of
black soldier flies?

19 March His name is Sergeant Ric Schiff
, the father of two twin
daughters, Schiff’s explains to a court room why he feels our Government is
hiding the cure for cancer and using radiation and chemotherapy as a money
making option to sustain life for a short time, rather than cure the disease and
save lives. One of Schiff’s daughters developed a brain tumor at the young age
of four. They were told she was going to die, and put her on aggressive chemo
and radiation therapy which had a high possibility of killing her, she
miraculously survived, but the cancer remained and they were told she didn’t
have much longer to live. While not being able to accept this they sought out
alternative options and that’s when they came across Dr. Burzynski and his non
toxic, all natural Anti-neoplastons Therapy, his daughter was cured of cancer
but died, due to deterioration of her brain from the former conventional toxic
radiation therapy.

The Patriots Among Us:

Tom Fairbanks
spent much of his life gathering evidence on the Ritual Abuse of children
in Utah. In early
March 2024 he was arrested and placed in the Utah Weber County Jail. For what?
The reasons given for his arrest were suspect and didn’t appear to be due to
criminal activity. His record was sparkling clean. The real reason for attacks on
Tom appeared to be that the Powers That Be couldn’t afford to have someone
with Tom’s very valid evidence of SRA cases to be running around unchecked. He
had to be silenced, one way or another. Fairbanks’ problems began when he
decided to take his evidence of Satanic Ritual Abuse of children and share
it with Utah governmental powers. No sooner had he done so when a tsunami of
problems began to plague his life including being poisoned and suffering years
of court battles on made up cases. Tom has
another hearing on his case set for
Thurs. 14 March 10:00 am MST.

If you
wish to help Tom with funds
so he can have phone access, go to
and register. A box will show up where can put in Tom Fairbank’s name (Weber
County Jail ID # 671274) Then hit “send money now” and follow
the instructions. Tom would
greatly appreciate your show of support. Postcards can be sent to:
Community Support Foundation P.O. Box 939 Logan, Utah 84323

“Ken and
Barbie vs Goliath IRS”: So why was Ken Cromar sitting in jail
trial on charges that he had the audacity to live in his own home that he fully
owned after the privately owned by the Cabal IRS unlawfully used SWAT Teams to
take possession of that home and threw away all of his possessions and after he
proved in a Federal Tax Court that he owed no money to the IRS? Was the IRS
making an example of Ken and his wife Barbara to prove what they will do to you
if you dare question their unlawful authority?

“The deception displayed by the Court and Prosecution in the Federal Case against Ken Cromar
exposes the desperation of the IRS and DOJ to convict Barbie & Ken. The six
year battle they have faced demonstrates the venerability of the IRS and its
orchestrated scheme to defraud and fleece the American public (We the People).”
… Tom Fairbanks, Intelligence Support Activity (ISA)


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