Restored Republic via
a GCR: Update as of April 4, 2024


JUDY NOTE: · Wed. 3 April: Seven
Trumpets – A Call to Arms! Decoding the Imminent EBS, DEFCON ONE ALERT, Trump
Commander-in-Chief, Star-Link Satellites Awaiting the Green Light and Black
Swan Stock Market Crash

· Wed. 3 April: STAR LINK’s EBS Signal: The Countdown to
Global Connectivity Begins, DEFCON One Alert, Q’s Sting Operation, Trump’s
Prediction & Global Communication Revolution


· Wed. 3 April: Donald Trump has just activated the EBS. Mission
Completed! And just when we thought that we’d seen it all, the world was Shaken
by the Shocking News! The information that will be made Public on Sun. 7 April
2024 may lead to the Fall of the Current Government In The United States. 

· Wed. 3 April: JFK Assassination Military Coup on Collision Course With
Military Coup of Trump: NOTHING IS COINCIDENCE

· Over the last 24 hours US Weather Radars have Recorded over 24 Major
Outages/ Failures in Various States Across The Nation.

· The Storm has arrived. In the past 24 hours we have had Tsunami
warnings in Japan after a 7.7 magnitude Earthquake hit nearby Taiwan; flood
warnings in Scotland, Cleveland, Delaware and Florida; Tornados, Thunderstorms
and Golf Ball Sized Hail in Georgia, Ohio and Indiana. …The 17th Letter on
Telegram Wed. 3 April 2024

· HAARP Activated in Taiwan just Six Days before the Solar Eclipse.

· Will Iran attack Israel in the next 36 hours? Israel’s bombing near
Iran’s consulate in Syria killed high-ranking IRGC members. Now, the CIA has
allegedly informed Israel that Iran will attack within the next 36 hours. It’s
reported that Iran is planning a combined attack with a swarm of Drones and
Cruise Missiles Launched from Iran to Strategic Locations Inside Israel. IRGC
spokesperson: “We will soon witness Further Deadly Attacks Against Israel,
and the Resistance Front Will Fulfil Its Duty”.

· The Final Phase has started. The End has come. The end of Biden. The
End of the Democratic Party. …DJT on Telegram Wed. 3 April 2024

· Wed. 3 April: BREAKING: NASA is Firing 3 “Sounding Rockets” on April 8
Eclipse Path, Names it Project APEP or APOPHIS Named After the Serpent Deity of
Chaos, Death, and Disorder

· Since 1949 US Taxpayers have given Israel in Aid and Interest Paid on
Monies a total of $133,132,000,000.00. That’s more federal aid handed out in a
year to an average Israeli citizen than has been given to an average American
citizen in a year. Why? It was suspected that some of that Israeli Aid Money
was Laundered Back to the Politicians Who Voted For The Bill.

· Wed. 3 April Situation Update: BQQQM!!! Judy Byington Bombshell
Report: “Q Teams Takedown Of The Cabal” – Big Bang Event – Three Days of
Disclosure – Ten Days of Earth Shutdown – BQQQM Week Ahead . . .

· Wed. 3 April: PAY ATTENTION HERE! BOOM! An Urgent Message From the
President of the United States Donald J. Trump: “I’LL BE BACK A LITTLE BIT

· Wed. 3 April: BREAKING: NASA is Firing 3 “Sounding Rockets” on April 8
Eclipse Path, Names it Project APEP or APOPHIS Named After the Serpent Deity of
Chaos, Death, and Disorder


· Fri. 5 April Trump speech on arresting and execution of Bill Gates
including connection, future, and past of the Bill Gates Foundation’s Crimes
Against Humanity.

· Mon. 8 April Solar Eclipse: What is really going on April 8 2024? The
Eclipse will be a direct sign from God. NASA is firing 3 rockets into the
Eclipse named after the Egyptian Serpent God “Apep” in a symbolic gesture of
“devouring Ra, the Sun god” & after 3 minutes of darkness, the “new sun”
will be symbolic of “King of the Golden Age” Horus (Inevitable Antichrist).
Israel is getting ready to sacrifice a red heifer in preparation for the
rebuilding of the Third Temple. CERN is going to fire up the Hadron collider
the same day, smash atoms together and attempt to search for “Invisible Matter
That Controls Our Universe”.

· Mon. 8 April Solar Eclipse State of Emergencies Declared Nationwide
and in Canada: Kentucky, West Virginia, Ontario Canada, Arkansas, Killeen TX,
Ohio, Missouri County, Charleston County, Jackson County: 

· The Event will span approximately Three Days, drawing inspiration from
the Bay of Pigs Incident.· Following this, there will be a 10-day Earth
Shutdown and the Activation of the Military Emergency Broadcasting System (EBS)
broadcasted globally on TVs and radios.

· Concurrently, governments worldwide will be Temporarily
Disbanded, Accompanied by further Arrests.

· Subsequently, the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act
(NESARA/GESARA) Blockchain Elections will be initiated, ushering in governments
reduced to 10% of their current size, with entirely new personnel.

· This transformative endeavor, known as Quantum GESARA or TRUMPSARA,
encompasses various facets of advancement, including the Quantum Financial
System, Quantum Voting System, Quantum Healing, and Quantum Physics. The
transition extends to the digital realm with the Quantum Internet, symbolizing
a comprehensive shift toward quantum technology.

· Under GESARA, currency undergoes a transformation, with NESARA
introducing Rainbow “Treasury” Notes backed by precious metals,
augmented by the integration of Quantum Star Link and internationally regulated
USA Coins adhering to ISO20022 standards, also backed by metals.

· Furthermore, the Quantum Voting System (QVS) revolutionizes Blockchain
technology, departing from conventional approaches.

· The Quantum Internet overhaul entails a complete reboot, eliminating
existing entities such as Microsoft, as the current internet infrastructure is
likened to Operation Mockingbird, entailing centralized control and

B. GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET:· Wed. 3 April MarkZ: For the first time in
quite some time –from 2 different sources was told that there are expectations
for “Fines and Penalties” to be paid as early as Thursday late afternoon 4
April. There are still some Iraqi contacts that are giddy about today Wed. 3
April. Could they be right? Well possibly –especially after the news of the oil
revenue account closed here in the US. Bond folks today Wed. 3 April – I am
still going straight to voicemail for the contact who told me he signed an NDA on
Monday 1 April. There are a lot of bond contacts expecting solid updates today
Wed. 3 April. Then there is the F&P possibly being paid tomorrow Thurs. 4
April to Farm claims, CMKX etc.. With all this going on- My expectations are
getting high again.

· Tues. 2 April 2024 Bruce, The Big Call The Big Call
Universe ( 667-770-1866, pin123456#: Tier4b can expect emails to set
appointments anywhere from Wed. 3 April at around 11 am EST to Fri. 5 April
morning. A Wells Fargo Executive said the emails would be sent out sometime
from Thurs. 4 April to Fri. 5 April morning. An encrypted message to Bruce from
a big Source said the emails should go out within 1-2 days. Bond Holders were
expecting emails to make them liquid anywhere from Wed. 3 April to Thurs. 4
April. Tier4b should go 12 hours after Bond Holders were liquid.

· Tues. 2 April “Just heard that someone who normally gets about $2k
social security just got an extra $5k for a total of $7k. She called them and
they said they just sent her normal amount to her”. …We Rise on Telegram Tues.
2 April

· On Thurs. 4 April an important Event will happen at Colombia Bogota,
New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Zurich, Reno, San Francisco, Los Angeles,
Shangai, Texas. Delegates will be at a Big Event. They will be talking about
the QFS and how to open accounts, and other topics like how to help the
environment. A NESARA lawyer named Roy F. Sturdis will be there to help ID all
Paymasters, guests, Pentecostal Groups and others. All countries will be there
to help smooth all others process and will be done at a lever cover the whole
world. This will be involved financiers, humanitarians, all paymasters of all
countries, government, World Court, and the Alliance.

· On Thurs. 14 March 2024 Ginger of the Liberty Lounge on Telegram: As
we await the The Event, these are definitive markers we are looking for:
Historical Bonds (Golden Dragon Bonds, German Bonds, Super Pechelli Bonds – way
too many to name, etc.) go first, then:

1. Fines and Penalties are paid , 2. Adjudicated funds
are paid
, 3. Farm Claims are paid , 4.
CMKX recipients funded
, 5. Church groups (large) funded , 6.
The Admiral funded
, 7. T1-4a – funds liquidated , 8.
Then Tier 4b gets to go….

Above, many can “see” the $ in accounts, but
there’s no liquidity. It’s not usable money until it’s liquid and they can
actually spend it. We’re waiting for this liquidity, still. The positives are,
most if not all the paymasters have been funded and have signed NDAs. Now we’re
hearing reports of some group members signing NDA. This is extremely
encouraging! Until all of these things happen, then it’s not happened for us
yet, regardless of what ANYONE says, Guru or otherwise. These items listed are
non-negotiable for the GCR/RV roll out. Period. Keep this is mind as you
measure your expectations. We’re getting there and the news is good.

· Tues. 2 April: Central Bank of Iraq opens bonds in all Iraqi banks.
This is the withdrawal of the Iraqi Dinar from the street and the Central
Bank’s goal.

· Sat. 30 March Militia Man: “Two parties have confirmed that Iraq is
currently RVing in-country today”.

· Sat. 30 March Ginger: “We’re hearing that the revaluation of the rate
is currently underway inside the border of Iraq. The Parliament committee has
instructed Iraqi merchants and retailers to adjust their prices of goods and
services, effective this weekend, to reflect the changes of their new rate for
the Iraqi Dinar. My crystal ball is broken but I have a hopeful hunch they will
do like Kuwait did, all those years ago. Kuwait wanted to change their rate
inside the country first, privately, for the citizens to enjoy and celebrate
their advancement onto the international stage. After several days, the new
rate went live, internationally on the FOREX for the whole world to see”!

· Sun. 31 March Frank 26: “The Iraqi Minister of Finance is in
Washington DC, but he’s not there to see the president of the United States.
He’s there to deal with the exchange rate of their country, not with the
American dollar”.

· Sat. 30 March: The Iraqi Dinar revalued in-country.

· Wed. 27 March Texas Snake: The latest message to all Regional Currency
Exchange Managers is to advise their specialists to be available for duty in
the week following Easter Weekend. All requirements have been satisfied
Globally and announcements will occur in the forthcoming week. Sat. 30 March
Texas Snake: “The council and Gov’t of Iraq have advised all retailers in
country are free to revise their product prices upward to reflect the change in
Dinar valuation taking place today in country. They are RVing in-country in
Iraq today. Confirmed by two independent sources.”

· Tues. 2 April: The Farmers Union Case. It all began with a legal
battle waged by the Farmers Union, a group of hardworking agriculturalists
whose livelihoods were threatened by the avarice of banks. These financial
institutions, emboldened by their unchecked power, had been illegally seizing
land from farmers, leaving devastation in their wake. Years of tireless
litigation culminated in a landmark ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, a verdict
that sent shockwaves through the corridors of power. The Court’s decision
exposed a dark underbelly of corruption, revealing that the privately owned
Federal Reserve and IRS, puppets of the Rothschild banking dynasty, had been
siphoning funds from the American people for decades. Revealed: The Shocking
Truth Behind the NESARA Act and the Global Currency Reset: NESARA Act, GCR,
Federal Reserve, IRS, Rothschild bankers, White House siege, Bill Clinton,
President Donald Trump and GESARA! 


· Tues. 2 April: Bombshell! JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon’s $140
Million Stock Sell-off Unveiled as Bombshell Plot Twist! 

· US lifts sanctions against former European branch of Russia’s VTB
Bank. The U.S. has removed the former European subsidiary of the Russian VTB
Bank from its sanctions list, the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets
Control said on April 2.

· Wed. 3 April: BlackRock, State Street and Vanguard have a Monopoly on

· Wed. 3 April: Case Closed: JFK Killed After Shutting Down Rothschilds
Federal Reserve – List of US Presidents Murdered by the Rothschild Banking

D. RESTORED REPUBLIC:· Tues. 2 April: BQQM! Donald Trump, the Number
Seven, Seven Trumpets and the Prophecy of the Red Heifer! “Behold, I Make All
Things New.” · Tues. 2 April: Khazarian Mafia: Planned Holocaust Event April
8th; They Will Not Succeed – Dave XRP Lion!

E. PROJECT ODIN:· Q says that the Final Phase has Begun:·
An orchestrated chaos will pave the way for the activation of Armed Forces
around the world, unleashing events that will bring the Cabal to its knees.

· The Military’s Project Odin will work with the
Emergency Broadcast System to Dismantle the Mossad Mainstream Media Satellite
Network. For far too long that Media has Manipulated the Public to Adhere to
the Cabal’s Dark Agenda.

· Such will be replaced by the new Quantum Star Link Satellite System
that operates to ensure worldwide broadcasts will be cloaked in truth,
integrity, security and transparency.

· For ten days the Alliance will broadcast documentaries to all the
planet. Everything that has been held in secret by Political and Religious
Institutions will be Revealed. The Final Three Days will Reveal Suppressed
Extraterrestrial Life Patents and The New Earth.

· A multitude of events will take place centered on the collapse of 34 Illuminati
Satanic strongholds including the Vatican, Buckingham Palace, White House and
Three Gorges Dam in China.

· This will allow the NESARA/GESARA funds to be released in order to
rebuild the troubled World.

F. THE REAL NEWS FOR WED. 3 APRIL 2024:· PROOF Of Nancy Pelosi Capitol
Entrapment Day: ON CAMERA Paid Crisis Actor John Sullivan Confesses January 6th
was a Plan to Takedown Donald Trump. Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Filmed The Event
& Sold It To HBO: “We did it! You were right we did it! Is this not gonna
be the best film you’ve ever made in your life, Hell Yeah”!

· Who are all those voters registering without a Photo ID
in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Arizona??? What is going on??? DJT

· Tues. 2 April Multiple buildings collapse after quake hits eastern Taiwan.
The White Hats hitting the Kabal’s Taiwan territory now. We are getting closer
to the finish line folks.· Cargo ship that hit Baltimore Bridge was also
involved in Belgium Collision:

· Tues. 2 April Larry Silverstein owned and took out
insurance on the Baltimore Bridge and now stands to make millions. This wasn’t
the first time. Only two months before 9/11, the World Trade Center was
privatized & sold to Larry Silverstein. Every single morning he ate
breakfast in North Tower on the 91st floor, but not on 9/11, his wife made him
an emergency doctor appointment that day. He also had bought an insurance plan
that ‘fortunately’ covered terrorism. After the attack, he took the insurance
company to court. Silverstein won & was paid double, being awarded a total
of $4.55B. This may be the largest insurance fraud in history & he is still
a free man.

· What the FBI Files Reveal About Hillary Clinton’s Email Server? New
documents tell the full, strange story of a technophobic VIP, a sloppy State
Department, and the jerry-rigged computer that held it all together.

· Tues. 2 April: Unconstitutional Invasion: FBI Demanded Identities of
Users Who Watched Certain YouTube Videos 


· The Biden Family created a web of over 20 shell LLCs AFTER Joe Biden
became Vice President to profit off his political influence in a massive
influence-peddling scheme.

H. WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS:· Taiwan detects 30 Chinese military aircraft,
9 navy vessels around nation:· Tues. 2 April: Israel and America are at War
with Iran, Russia and China. Israel’s bombing of Iran’s embassy just confirmed that,
says Richard Midhurst.


· In 1995 the New World Order discussed weather control to starve the
world into submission as part of their New World Order Agenda 2030. This has
been in the works for a long time. We are watching it play out now.

· The World Economic Forum has now covertly included the recently passed
omnibus bill, allocating $15 million to electronically track all cattle in the
United States. This measure will severely limit America’s beef supply to the
public. The electronic tracking system will be utilized by the green agenda to
curtail beef production and by the corporate meat oligopoly to dominate small


· Judy Byington Bombshell Report! Popes, Vatican Satanic Cult Ninth
Circle Exposed: Cult Arrested with Caged Abused Babies and Body Parts Released
Without Charges 

Underground Tunnels Of The Getty Museum – Steven D Kelly – The Michael Decon
Program | Podcast on Spotify

· The Clinton Foundation to Face Their Fate: ‘Whoever, Worships Satan,
Runs Guns & Drugs, Kills Political Enemies, Kidnaps Children From Natural
Disaster-Stricken Countries, Scares, Tortures & Rapes Children In
Beelzebub-Hailing Ceremonies, And Drink Their Blood, Is Guilty Of Crimes
Against Humanity And Shall Suffer Death.’

· Tues. 2 April Illegal Immigrant charged with child sex crimes:  ·
Wed. 3 April Mel Gibson just released a VIDEO of Bill and Hillary Clinton
engaging in CANNIBALISM with the Haitian Cannibal Gang Leader named
“Barbecue.” Documents proving Bill Clinton stole 14 billion dollars
from Haiti and used some of them to finance the Haitian Cannibalism Gang that
is on the loose in Haiti eating children on the streets.


· If you are feeding your kids anything conventional, there are two
ingredients to look out for. E120 and E904 are additives found in many food
products which are obtained from the insects. There are currently more than 100
products containing these additives. Most of them are products intended for
children. European authorities in the field of food safety have devoted many
scientific works to the examination of these additive, and have affirmed their
impact on various health aspects: Hyperactivity in children; Allergies;
Allergic reactions; Asthma; Genotoxicity.

· Speaking from the WEF’s annual Davos summit, Bill Gates excitedly
announces all the new vaccines he has up his sleeve, ready to foist upon the
world: “We will have new vaccines… We need to make them have longer
duration, more coverage, and we’re gonna change—instead of using a needle—to
use a little patch. The pandemic really highlighted that we’ve been
underinvested in those innovations.”

· Four deadly parasites have been found in the vaccines: Hydra Vulgaris
(Moderna), Trypanosoma Cruzi (Pfizer), T Brucei (Pfizer), Polypodium Hydriform

· An American rancher is warning that regulators are beginning to
mandate an experimental mRNA vaccine for livestock that will then be processed
as meat. 

· Wed. 3 April Situation Update: URGENT WARNING IT HAS CROSSED OVER TO
HUMANS (30% Death Rate bird flu) · Wed. 3 April DOJ Lawyers May Have Committed
Fraud in Vax Injury Case:

· Wed. 3 April 2024 Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt, a German
pathologist, presents an unsettling slide show revealing that in vaccinated
males, the spike protein from the COVID vaccine has entirely replaced their
sperm. “If I were a woman of childbearing age, I would reconsider starting
a family with a vaccinated partner”!· Wed. 3 April 2024 Cows in Ohio test
positive for H5N1 bird flu.


· Mayer Roth$child’s five sons were sent by their father on his dying
bed to control vital parts of Europe through loans and interest.· The
Roth$child family is behind the Federal Reserve and the creation of Israel.

· Their net worth is over half of the global population
and they have funded every war in the last 80 years.· They have been proven to
be behind Marxism, Communism, Zionism and Bolshevism.

· The Roth$childs are the 14th most powerful family in
the world and then most powerful in world if you exclude the 13 Black Nobility
Families of Rome.


Barbie vs. Goliath IRS” Case as an example of what they will do to you if you
dare confront them on their illegal activities:

· Even though Ken and Barbara Cromar proved in a Federal Court that they
owed no monies to the IRS, they remained in a six year battle with them. Two
different SWAT Teams descended on their fully paid for dream home, sold it at
auction, along with throwing away all their possessions, including expensive
camera equipment Ken used to make a living.

· Ken now sits in jail charged with living in his own home, but
undeterred to fight for the rights of the American taxpayer. Ken says, “The
days of the “mighty” IRS are numbered. For far too long the IRS has been backed
by a corrupt DOJ and ever-growing big government bureaucrats who have crowned
themselves kings and queens to rule over us as their slaves, as they get fat
and enrich themselves on the backs of struggling Americans.”

· Mon. 1 April A Nun gave a grave warning regarding the depopulation
agenda, and called out the Pope as the spiritual leader of the evil Globalists
behind it all.

It appeared to be the goal of the IRS to steal and destroy the wealth of
this nation. Fasten your seat belt as you check out these five short teasers
from a famous film, “From Freedom to Fascism”:



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