Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 19, 2024



19 April Fox News:
Reports coming in that Israel has attacked
Iran’s Nuclear facility.

Thurs. 18 April: Reports of
huge explosions in Baghdad / Babylon in Iraq, Isfahan in Iran, and Suwayda in
Syria. Claims of nuclear facilities being targeted.

Swan Events Underway! EBS Imminent!
US Military Bases on
High Alert! U.S. Nuclear Forces At Defcon 2 – the second
highest level of readiness for a Nuclear Attack!
Massive Cyber Attacks
on Nine State’s 911 Services! All US Highways Have Begun to Shut Down! Bank
Runs Imminent! U.S. Nuclear Forces At Defcon 2! US Military Bases on High
Alert! Bank Runs Imminent! US Planes Over Israel and Iran. Israel Missile
Strike Hits Iran. Ukraine Destroyed Russia Radar – Same as Hitting Nuclear War

18 April:
Emergency Alert!! U.S. Nuclear Forces At DEFCON 2!!
SkyMaster Messages Going Out!!

18 April JFK Sr. Alive, Survived in White Hat Military Victim Witness Program:
White Hats in Action: The Unbelievable Escape! JFK’s Foiled Assassination Plot
and the Military Witness Protection Twist

18 April FBI Director Christopher Wray
has announced that
Chinese government-linked hackers have infiltrated U.S. critical
infrastructure. And are preparing to attack US infrastructure.

18 April USA: Nine States Report Fiber Line Cuts to 911 Trunk System:
widespread outages are currently occurring across the nation, including the
whole state of South Dakota and Nebraska, parts of Nevada, Texas, Iowa,
Florida, Wisconsin, and Kentucky. Officials report major disruptions in 911
services, preventing emergency calls from getting through. The cause of this
outage remains unknown at this time as officials are actively investigating.
This situation is still developing with more outages occurring.

The Great Awakening: Treason, Military Coup.
Everything leads
to dismantling the CIA. Bring down the FBI and Deep State Military Intelligence
that protect the Elites, their pedophilia rings and corrupt banking systems.
…The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram Thurs. 18 April.

18 April Situation Update Black Swan Events Inbound:
Update: Black Swan Events Inbound! Banks To Start Limiting Cash Withdrawals!
Why WHO Treaty Now? Why Bird Flu Now? Why Another War Now? Middle East War On
The Brink!…

18 April Situation Update:
Judy Byington: Un-Redacted: Global Martial
Law & Lockdown! All U.S. Highways Will Begin to Shut Down! Blackout
Necessary! Special Intel Report 4/18/24

18 April Experts Warn U.S. Government Planning To Freeze ALL American Bank
Experts are warning that the U.S.
government is secretly planning to freeze all American bank withdrawals in the
coming months due to the imminent collapse of the U.S. dollar. The freezing of
bank accounts already has a name: “bail-ins.” Full article: The People’s

18 April:
Tom Homan is
going back to White House
with President Trump and he’s going to run the
biggest deportation operation this country has ever seen.

official UK document from the Ministry of Health revealed that Covid never
This now being the case means the masks, lockdowns,
vaccines and PCR tests were all acts of criminality. This needs to be shared so
the public realize the hoax is now officially in the public domain.

18 April Tucker Carlson exposed what the Globalist Elite (Democrats) were doing
with millions of Illegal Aliens:
There were over 22
million illegal Aliens now in the US. The Democrats were calling for them to
become US citizens. Surveys show that Illegal Aliens overwhelmingly would vote
Democrat because the Democrats provided them a way to enter and live in the US.
The most voter turnout in an election was around 16 million. Get it?

18 April
BREAKING NEWS! Judy Byington Bombshell Report:
Imminent! Global Martial Law & Lockdown – All US Highways Will Begin To
Shut Down on Thurs. 18 April, 2024 – Ring The Bell. .

Judy Note Correction on Zim Bond

Thanks to Becky
Subrahmanyam and MarkZ I have learned that this statement I made in past
reports is not true: “Zim
must be redeemed by Tues.
30 April 2024.”
here are three kinds of Zim
money: 2008-2009 Zim Bonds, Zim fiat money and the new asset-backed Zig
. MarkZ
“The Zim fiat money must be redeemed by Tues. 30 April 2024 for the new Zig. The time limitation has
nothing to do with 2008-2009 Trillion Series Zim Bonds that we hope to exchange
for USN. The gold/asset backed currency is the new Zig currency and it does not
need to be redeemed. Only the Zim fiat money needs to be redeemed by Tues. 30 April 2024.” I apologize for
any misunderstanding this may have caused. …Judy


A. Global Currency Reset:

17 April MarkZ:
The Bond
Folks have expectations
of things starting before
Mon. 22 April.

16 April Wolverine Live Chat: By
Mon. 22 April
a lot of
countries will be gold backed.

Thurs. 18 April Bruce: The Big

A Wells Fargo Paymaster
in Tier 3
reported that
Bond Holders would receive their emails to set their exchanges anytime after
midnight Central Standard Time tonight- tomorrow morning Fri. 19 April.

He also said Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) would receive
our emails to set exchange appointments on Sat, Sun or Mon. 20, 21, 22 April,
with appointments starting thereafter.

Two older men who worked for the US Treasury under
President Reagan said that in their opinion Tier4b would receive their emails
to do exchanges on Fri. or Sat. 19, 20 April.

A Bank Contact told Bruce that Tier4b would be notified over the
weekend, meaning Fri, Sat. or Sun. 19, 20, 21 April.

The new Dinar and other currency
International Rates
the 32 nations which were going up in value, would be public when the Forex
reopened at 5 pm EST on Sun. 21 April.

It would be preferable to go to a Redemption Center to exchange
rather than a bank because of the higher rates offered at a Redemption Center.
Zim Bonds could only be redeemed at a Redemption Center.

Charlie Ward made an announcement in Brazil today Thurs.
18 April
and will make another one in Africa in a couple of days. It was
assumed that announcement was about activation of GESARA Worldwide.

B. Global Economic Crisis:Stock Market Crash Is Here:1) Iran attacks Israel.2) Oil spikes.3) Israel counter-attacks
Iran.  4) Oil in Yen spikes.5) The Bank
of Japan panics to save the Yen.6) Treasuries initially sell-off hard then
reverse.7) Reverse carry trade.8) Global margin call. 9) Stocks crash.

18 April: Banking Crisis Worsens:

“More than 40 states are applying for membership in BRICS. And every month the number of such countries increases. This
indicates that such a free, flexible form of interaction within the BRICS is
very attractive ,” the politician said.

Tues. 16 April Frank 26: “There are
many Chief Executive Officers of many banks around the world at the US Treasury
meeting right now with Sudani, Alaq, Barzani and CEOs of CitiBank, Chase
Bank, Bank of America, JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch and all investment companies
you can think of. This [Iraqi] entourage is here in the United States to meet
with their counter parts.”

Thurs. 18 April: Royal Bank of Scotland to Close 1/5 of Branches:

Thurs. 18 April: Brace for S&P 500 to Crash:

Thurs. 18 April JPMorgan Chase
announces it is selling 80 million customer transaction histories to third
party advertisers:

C. Wars and Rumors of Wars:

Thurs. 18 April ISRAEL has reportedly attacked an Iranian Nuclear

Thurs. 18 April Israeli PM Netanyahu lied and said he postponed
counter strike on Iran till after Passover next week.

Netanyahu and the IDF. The Hague. Arrest warrants. Crimes Against
Humanity in Gaza.

Thurs. 18 April: Reports of
huge explosions in Baghdad / Babylon in Iraq, Isfahan in Iran, and Suwayda in
Syria. Claims of nuclear facilities being targeted. Flights are being diverted
over Iran.
State media reporting three
large explosions in central Iran.

Thurs. 18 April: Iranian
media are now reporting that Israel is responsible for the airstrikes in Syria
and Iraq.  Israel probably hit Iran
tonight, where explosions can be heard.

Thurs. 18 April: ‘Death
to America’! Things Going As Planned: FBI Confirms Islamic Jihadi Training
Camps In America

Thurs. 18 April: THE
STORM IS UPON US: “The rights of man come from the hand of God” – JFK 1961 –
April 15 2024 the surfacing 50 USC 1550, EO 13818 STORM – The End of
Corporation America. . .

D. EBS Alert!!! Martial Law Declared
Across Hundreds of U.S. Cities! 10-Day Blackout, GITMO’s Secret Tribunals and
the Rollout of Redemption Centers & Quantum Financial Cards!
EBS Alert!!!
Martial Law Declared Across Hundreds of U.S. Cities! 10-Day Blackout, GITMO’s
Secret Tribunals and the Rollout of Redemption Centers & Quantum Financial
Cards! – Gazetteller

The military is stationed in around 300 to 360
bracing for the
shockwave of the Brunson Brothers announcement, which revolves around 
the return of Donald Trump and the impeachment of Joe Biden. These strategic placements
are not to protect citizens but to smother potential uprisings and control

In recent times, a staggering 8,000 arrests have taken place in
 with an additional 3,000 in the Northeast U.S., especially
concentrating in the New England region.

Navy Seals managed to save over 300 children, some as young as toddlers, from an oil tanker
off the coast of San Francisco. Unfortunately, 15 of these innocent souls
didn’t make it. These children were transferred to a battleship where they
currently receive care and attention.

It’s uncertain whether Martial Law will stretch
its dark hand over your city.
Interestingly, you might notice that the cities already under
this militaristic grip are ones with a significant Antifa/BLM presence.

The Emergency Broadcast
System (EBS)
 arrives with a blackout akin to a cataclysmic event, so
preparations are essential.
Starlink, the entity that will drive the EBS, ensures its messages
are indelible.

Our lives will pivot to a standstill, as we may
lose access to the internet for an agonizing span 
of 3 to 10 days. A robust preparation checklist includes essentials like
clean drinking water, adequate food supplies, and medicines. Also,
ensure you have cash on hand, as our modern conveniences might just betray us.

Once the eerie silence of the EBS ends, your TV, phone, and even internet will spring
back to life, revealing the Disclosures, a series of broadcasts that may very
well redefine the fabric of our understanding. These broadcasts, split into
8-hour blocks and running continuously, will shed light on what has transpired,
including glimpses of Military
Tribunals and even Public Executions.

Geographic disparities will determine the
duration of these broadcasts
. Cities drenched in alleged corruption like Los Angeles and New
York may face a prolonged viewing period.

Redemption Centers are gateways to claim our Gesara (Globally) and
Nesara (U.S.) monetary entitlements via the Quantum Financial Access card.

Wells Fargo has taken the mantle of mirroring all
bank accounts onto this futuristic Quantum Financial System (QFS).
 This ensures the safety of our money,
including 401ks and retirement funds. However, a word of caution to those with
brokerage platforms: transfer your funds before ‘the lights go out’ as these
haven’t been mirrored like traditional banks.

For Zim holders and Humanitarians, your journey will be led by your zip code.
Redemption Centers operate round-the-clock, prioritizing exchanges based on the
gold-backed value of currencies like Zim, Dinar, Dong, and the Dollar.

Not all bonds are welcome; only those under a Special Keep Receipt (SKR)
for over five years are eligible.

Bond payouts are from 3-25 years.

In America the rate of foreign currencies,
especially Zim, fluctuates
Although there’s chatter about a hefty 80% humanitarian project deduction from
Zims, the narrative is rife with speculation.

Entering a Redemption Center isn’t a straightforward process, especially if one’s past is
tainted with felonies. A felony, typically punishable with a year’s
imprisonment, isn’t an automatic disqualification. Yet, the intricacies of
Redemption require felons to entrust their representation to an attorney. This
legal mediator serves as the bridge between their tainted past and the promise
of a new financial future.

Indiscriminate investments or donations can lead to the confiscation of funds. At Redemption Centers, individuals are provided a comprehensive 55-page guide listing entities that are permissible for investments and
those that are off-limits.

NDA Bombshell:
Humanitarians Forced to Sign at Redemption Center Appointments! – Gazetteller

waiting period of at least 90 days before initiating 
humanitarian projects is
a critical juncture. This isn’t idle time; it’s a crucial phase for planning, strategizing,
and internal preparation. For many Humanitarians, this is also a time to
stabilize their personal circumstances, as many find themselves in less than
ideal living situations. This waiting period is a strategic pause, ensuring
that participants are not just ready financially, but also mentally and
emotionally for the tasks ahead.

consequences of breaking the
 NDA are severe and unequivocal. The
forfeiture of humanitarian funds is not just a penalty; it’s a stark reminder
of the trust and responsibility bestowed upon each participant. This strict
stance is a testament to the seriousness with which the 
QFS and
its affiliates approach the distribution and management of these funds.

The role of the
Military Alliance
 in this process adds a layer of intrigue and complexity.
Their involvement in assisting with the packaging of Humanitarian Project
requests suggests a coordinated, strategic approach to global rebuilding
efforts. This partnership between financial and military entities hints at a
larger, more comprehensive vision for global reconstruction and renewal.

E. International
Child Sex Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the
Vatican and housed in China’s Three Gorges Dam in the 1500 mile tunnel that
runs between the Vatican and Jerusalem:

Vatican paid $3.8 billion in lawsuits to cover up their sexual assaults on
They also ran one of the largest pedophile rings in
the world. Let that sink in for a moment.

18 April Tucker Carlson, Mel Gibson uncover the biggest scandal in American
history involving ex-president Barak Obama.
One of Jeffry
Epstein child trafficking victims Sara Conor, was convinced by Tucker Carlson
and Mel Gibson to share her horrifying story with the American public. SARA
said: “I have tapes of high-ranking officials raping children and committing
other horrific crimes. Sara claims that the footage shows the Obamas having sex
with the victims – multiple times!

18 April Putin Strikes Ukraine Pedophile Compound:

18 April Pennsylvania police officer, Steven Cugini,

has been arrested for raping and beating a 13 month old.

Thurs. 18 April Bombshell:
FBI Declassified Files on the CIA’s Involvement in Satanic Ritual Abuse and
Child Sex Trafficking – Ted Gunderson Video

Judy Note: The Examiner Called My
Articles “Inappropriate” When I Dared To Report On The Satanic Ritual Abuse,
Rape and Ritual Sacrifice of Children.

in 2013
I was writing for an Online News Site called The Examiner The Examiner News – Small
News is Big News
. Within a few months I received a letter
from The Examiner legal department
informing me that The Examiner had
erased all of my many articles from their website and that my services were no
longer needed due to “inappropriate reporting.”

notice strangely showed up
after I began publishing a series on
Vatican crimes that were being uncovered by Kevin Annett and the International
Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.

Annett himself has suffered years of retaliation

(including erasure of his websites
by the Globalist Cabal for his excellent work in exposing the torture and
murder of over 60,000 Canadian Native children. They were tortured and killed
in 80 mainly Catholic Residential Schools across Canada.

Canadian Government was working (and still are)

in cahoots with the Vatican and other churches to eliminate the Canadian Native
Indian Tribes so they could take over their land.

in 2014
Annett brought the Vatican to justice through two
years of court proceedings by six judges of the International Common Law Court
of Justice in Brussels. The results of those International Court proceedings
were just now ten years later in 2024
being made public, yet were the main reason why the real Pope Francis can no
longer be found. BOOOM!!! Judy Byington Bombshell Report: Pope Francis Found
Guilty Of Child Trafficking, Rape, Murder!

“inappropriate reporting” in my The
about those International Court
proceedings on Pope Francis Bergoglio, Pope Benedict, the Jesuit Order and
Queen Elizabeth led to the demise of my reporting for The Examiner.

Just so you know, the above article in The Examiner that was erased from the
contained such “inappropriate” information as:

“The tradition of regular Pedophilia Parties and
Child Sacrifices being performed in tunnels beneath the Vatican
was born of a twisted notion that you could
derive spiritual power from the lifeblood of the innocent, thereby assuring
political stability of the Papacy in Rome. These acts are not only genocidal
but systemic and institutionalized in nature. Since at least 1773, they appear
to have been performed by the Roman Catholic Church, Jesuits and every Pope.”

Pope Francis Bergoglio, Queen Elizabeth
and top officials of the
Jesuit Order have been charged with international child trafficking and cover
up of crimes against children. An international Common Law court will begin
prosecution 31 March 2014 in
Brussels according to Kevin Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of
Church and State.”

apparent retaliation, Annett was warned
he could be issued an
arrest warrant by Queen Elizabeth’s Privy Council office and the Canadian
government. Annett’s apparent “crime” was heading successful prosecution of a
50,000 missing Canadian native children case.

Feb. 2013
Brussels court of six judges found 40 global elites
guilty including Queen Elizabeth, former Catholic Pope Benedict Ratzinger and
Canadian Prime Minister Brent Harper.”

The Examiner rejection I placed my
such as Are Governments Abusing Children in
Mind-control Experiments , on the World’s largest Internet news website Before It’s News. This was my “inappropriate” article on The Examiner as republished in Before
It’s News
: Pope Bergoglio, Queen Elizabeth charged for child

there now lay on Before It’s News
over 230 of my articles
2013. They mainly report
on the horrendous practice of the Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice of
children in our society: Judy Byington – Stories Contributed

The Real News for Thurs. 18 April 2024:

18 April:
A National Shame: The Horrific Reality of January 6
Prisoner Abuse Exposes the Dark Beginnings of Concentration Camps in the United

MSM news broadcast from 2016:
“Residents in
southern Tasmania are demanding to know why cloud seeding was conducted… the
day before the worst floods in 40 years. Cloud seeding is a technique used to
increase rain. Farmers believe the technique could have made the flooding worse.”

17 April: Sen. Hawley calls for Energy Secretary Granholm to
resign during heated exchange: “It
is outrageous that you misled us. It is outrageous that you’re continuing to
mislead us. It is outrageous that you’re going to conference and events funded
by foreign billionaires using dark money to influence our politics. This is got
to change and frankly you should go.”

18 April:
US Military Industrial Complex Chemtrail Patent proves
the existence of Chemtrails.

18 April:
BOOM!!! Aaron Rodgers Drops Bombshell: ‘Fauci Created
AIDS in 80’s as Part of Depopulation Experiment’!

17 April in a vote of 51-49 the U.S. Senate Democrats dismissed both articles
of impeachment
against DHS Secretary Mayorkas. The
impeachment trial was adjourned. There will be no trial.

18 April Democrats have destroyed every institution in America.
KILLS Articles of Impeachment Against Open Borders Homeland Security Secretary
Alejandro Mayorkas, Breaking 227 Years of Congressional History:

Deep State has fallen
. The Main Players are gone and their
Puppets will be done with. A better tomorrow is coming. Donald Trump will soon
be recognized as the President of the American USA (Q+), with JFK Jr. (Q)
returning as his Vice President. The tables are turning. Literally, the bad
actors will be exposed. Evil will no longer rule this once great country!

Omar (President Lincoln’s son) is Jfk Sr & his brother’s Father) William
Wallace (President Lincoln’s Son). All FAMILY. The 2 Kennedy Brothers were
adopted into the Kennedy Family (Both brothers are Lincoln Kahlooni) by birth..Not
Kennedy’s. Abraham Lincoln (is a Kahlooni) = Druze/Jesus Bloodline. President
Trumps real Father is General Patton.Trump was adopted into the Trump
family..General Patton is William Wallace Lincoln Kahlooni’s Son (William
Wallace is President Abe Lincolns son). Trump = Druze/Jesus/Bloodline.

H. Covid/ Ebola/ Swine Flu/ Polio/ Small Pox/ BSE/
Zika/ Sars/ Monkey Pox/ AIDs/ Vax/ H1N1/ Graphene Oxide/ Chem trails/ Fluoride,
Processed Foods, Human Clones Hoaxes:

18 April Greece Imposes $114 Monthly Fine on Unvaccinated People Over 60,

“Vaccination is really a time bomb.” He quoted a
book a doctor wrote in 1936: “I have never seen an unvaccinated person
with cancer.” Other doctors said the same thing, that vaccines attack the
immune system 5 years, 10 or 40 years later.

18 April
“New technology is working its way into old vaccine
protections.” Researchers are working on converting the traditional annual flu
vaccine into an mRNA-based vaccine, completely ignoring the millions of
injuries and deaths reported as a result of the mRNA Covid vaccine roll-out.

18 April Dr. Peter McCullough Explains How Myocarditis Differs When Caused by
Natural Infection vs Vaccine.
“Now there’s
pre-clinical studies suggesting the lipid nanoparticles actually go right into
the heart. The heart expresses the spike protein and the body attacks the

To Governments around the world, WE THE PEOPLE have a message for you:

Liberatores Servitutis …The Covid Truth on Telegram Thurs. 18 April

too long
you have kept us at bay, indoctrinated and asleep,
silenced and used but those times are over!

have used our labor
to enrich yourselves at our expense.

have lied
to us constantly through MSM to further ur personal
agenda of global dominance.

have sacrificed us
in wars to for personal gain.

have poisoned us
to keep us dependent upon Big pharma

have thrust us
into Satanic idolatry to affect our
future generations

have played with innocent lives
for too long, that ends

Surprise! Surprise! The US Is Still Under Legal Rule of Great Britain and the

The Revolutionary War was a fraud.
The “United States” did
not actually declare Independence from Great Britain or the King.

America is a British Colony.
[Information taken from the Articles of Association, October 20th, 1774]
[Further more] “THE BRITISH TROOPS DID NOT LEAVE UNTIL 1796.” – Respublica v.
Sweers 1 Dallas 43, Treaty of Commerce 8 Stat 116, The Society for Propagating
the Gospel, &c. V. New Haven 8 Wheat 464, Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80, IRS
Publication 6209.)

The King of England financed both sides of the Revolutionary War.

(Treaty at Versailles July 16, 1782, Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80.)

The gold fringe (symbolic of Royalty),
which is attached to the
border of every U.S. flag hanging in every courtroom across America, symbolizes
America being ruled, to this day, by Great Britain, under International
Maritime Admiralty Law.

There are no judicial courts in America
and there have not been
any since 1789. Judges do not enforce Statutes and Codes. Executive
Administrators enforce Statutes and Codes. (FRC v. GE 281 US 464, Keller v. PE
261 US 428, 1 Stat. 138-178)

There have not been any judges in America since 1789
There have only been Administrators. (FRC v. GE 281 US 464, Keller v. PE 261 US
428 1 Stat. 138- 178)

The most powerful court in America is not the United States Supreme Court
but the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. (42 Pa.C.S.A. 502)

If you are of legal age and retain legal counsel in your defense, you are
automatically assumed, by the court, to be a mentally incompetent

ward of the court, and can therefore be remanded indefinitely to any mental
institution of the court’s choosing.

You cannot use the U.S. Constitution to defend yourself
because you are not a party to it. (Padelford Fay & Co. v. The Mayor and
Alderman of The City of Savannah 14 Georgia 438, 520.)

“The People” does not include you and me.
(Barron v. Mayor
& CitCouncil of Baltimore, 32 U.S. 243)

You own no property.
Read the Deed to the property that you
think is yours. You are listed as a tenant. Legally, the term human “being”
refers to an animal impersonating a human, such as a slave. Under the law,
slaves can’t own property. (Senate Document 43, 73rd Congress 1st Session.)

We are slaves and own absolutely nothing,
not even what we
think are our children. Read your birth certificate. Your mother is listed as
an informant. (Tillman v. Roberts 108 So. 62, Van Koten v. Van Koten 154 N.E.
146, Senate Document 43 & 73rd Congress 1st Session, Wynehammer v. People

Military Dictator George Washington
divided the States
(Estates) into Districts based upon the ritualistic practice of dissecting
Masonic squares. This is why, even today, so many towns are built on ‘the
square’. America truly is “the land of the free”, Freemasons, that is.
(Messages and papers of the Presidents, Vol. 1, pg 99. Websters 1828 dictionary
for definition of Estate.)

In addition to obsession with Masonic ritual
, symbols, and
architecture, the “United States” is the first “Country”, from it’s very
inception, to have been surveyed and engineered according to Masonic ritual and

The United States does not have any employees,

because there is no longer a United States. No more reorganization. (Executive
Order 12803) Do not impersonate one of it’s creditors or shareholders or you
will go to Prison. (18 U.S.C.914)

Before “911” and “Pearl Harbor”,
the “Boston Tea Party”
was the first ‘false-flag’ operation enacted to promote further hostilities
toward the indigenous tribes of North America.

An Open Letter to the Military from USA American People

…Trump Advice on Telegram Thurs. 18

the People
are asking you to assist us to take our country and
sovereignty back from the corporation and FED banksters and corrupt
politicians. We are FIRING every last one of them! They no longer represent us;
therefore, they are FIRED! 

are done being slaves and paying taxes
that our gov wastes our $$ and it’s not even backed by gold, which
is fiat worthless paper by illegal and corrupt FED! 

want the 2020 election fixed;
we know you all know JB
the Pedo did NOT win. 

have the right to dissolve the gov
when all other measures
have been exhausted.

have tried January 6th protests
, Convoy’s, Multitudes of
protests, going to school board meetings, Town meetings, Attending the Trump
Rallies, the rightful winner!Social Media Warriors Voting: election machines
rigged & It was ALL rigged, See the movie RIGGED and Mike Lendel’s Proof.

have lost friends, family members
thru Covid, poisonous
vaccines, and thru sharing the horrific truth of all hidden from us for
decades. The Kennedy assassination and 9/11 were just two of 100s of examples
we could give.

are tired of wars
and paying for wars we DO NOT want! We do
NOT want to support any wars unless enemies attack us.

want our country back
and are demanding you act ASAP on our
behalf; we want action; we want our sovereignty.

never agreed to be a mini corporation at birth

and given all Capitol letters on our birth certificates! We never agreed to be
traded like cattle while others make $$ from us unknowingly.

to be slaves to the Deep State for one moment longer.

implemented ASAP.

will put another much smaller government
in place once these horrible, inept people are fired and prosecuted
for their crimes against us and our CHILDREN.

who agree please share. Patriots this needs to go viral on every platform.

in the Military
reading this, please take this message
from We the People to your commanding officers.

to us using the EAS system.

the People have spoken.
Military needs to act now on our
behalf – before we have no country left!

Escalation Amidst Crisis: Putin’s Strategic Military Enhancements and the
Impending NATO Standoff,
David Wilcock

Putin has taken significant steps to intensify his military campaign in Ukraine

by enhancing his nuclear forces’ readiness and substantially increasing troop
numbers by over 350,000. His commitment to “spend whatever it takes”
to boost the military underscores a serious escalation in readiness and
capabilities, aiming to expand the troop count from 1.15 million to 1.5

these developments, Putin is setting the stage for a major military push that
could involve Finland and Sweden
, the newest members of
NATO. This strategy indicates a potential advance towards these nations,
marking a critical pivot in the Russian military’s operational focus.

tensions mount, the specter of a nuclear standoff looms large
with major powers already deploying advanced nuclear-capable hypersonic
missiles. Russia’s vast reserves of oil and gas continue to fuel its military
endeavors without apparent limits. Meanwhile, Europe faces a severe energy
crisis, with key nations like Germany and France negotiating desperately for
Russian oil, and others like Poland, Italy, and Hungary challenging the
collective EU stance against Russia’s actions.

a recent public address, Putin spoke on the setbacks faced by Russian forces in
a move that the Pentagon views with concern,
interpreting it as a coded command preparing for further aggressive actions.
This speech, set against the backdrop of strategic oil manipulations with Saudi
Arabia and the resultant pressures on the European energy grid, highlights a
calculated play by Russia as the EU grapples with depleted weapon and energy

looming threat of a significant Russian offensive in January

raises alarms over a possible catastrophic weakening of NATO and EU positions,
potentially culminating in a nuclear crisis. Such a scenario could see global
superpowers, including China, rallying behind Russia, leading to a profound
geopolitical standoff.

critical juncture underscores the necessity of strategic foresight and
, as highlighted by the previous U.S.
administration under President Trump. Trump’s tenure, characterized by a
staunch opposition to new military conflicts, effectively halted the
war-centric money laundering by the so-called “Cabal” or deep state,
which thrived on such conflicts to funnel vast sums. His administration’s
disruption of these operations was further compounded by the mishandled release
of the pandemic, trapping deep state players in their own game.

on Christmas Eve 2016, a covert operation by the U.S. military and allied
forces targeted major Cabal figures in Italy
, including
influential families like the Rothschilds who had longstanding financial
control over European institutions. This bold move recovered trillions in gold
and seized key evidence of corruption and other criminal activities,
culminating in a dramatic financial and authoritative turnover to the U.S.,
symbolized by Trump’s consequential meeting with the Vatican that led to the
bankruptcy of the institution due to the asset transfers.

events reveal the intricate and shadowy dynamics of global power struggles

and the critical role of informed leadership in navigating them. This
historical perspective not only sheds light on past actions but also frames the
current situation, where understanding and strategic planning are paramount to
maintaining stability and averting crisis.


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