Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as
of May 9, 2024

Judy Note: Things were warming up: Our Global Financial System that was packed
with fiat monies, was on the verge of collapse, so on Wed. 1 May 2024, the gold/asset-backed Global Currency Reset of 209
countries began to roll out to save the system.

Then a week later on Wed. 8 May NATO
went into Panic Mode when Russia threatened Nuclear Strikes as Israeli Tanks
entered Rafah. On that same Wed. 8 May
there was a complete Blackout over Mexico, which may have been tied to the
Global Military Alliance being in the middle of making half a million arrests
of Global Elites across the World.

Global Military Alliance was making half a million arrests of Global Elites,
ensuring implementation of the Quantum Financial System:
The Global Military Alliance Stands
Half a Million Arrests of Global
Elites Imminent
Implimentation of the Quantum Financial System (QFS)

…Q Storm 1776 on Telegram Wed. 8 May 2024

Wed. 8 May 2024 Wolverine Mexico: Blackouts have started. They report areas of CDMX,
Edomex and other states without electricity. As of 5:04 p.m. on May 7,
2024, an Emergency Operational State is declared in the National
Interconnected System, so CENACE will carry out the necessary operational

Ukraine warns of power outages after
‘massive’ Russian attack:

Q is the 17th Letter of the
Alphabet, while the Letter 17 is considered the “Greatest Operation in the
History of the World.”
Q Movement supports the Global Currency Reset and is behind forming and running
the Global Military Alliance. Right now the Global Military Alliance is
arresting and bringing to justice, over half a million Illuminati Deep State
Cabal Globalists. That Globalist’s New World Order Agenda 2030 was designed to completely
control The People by depopulating the World through creating bio-weapon
vaccinations and food shortages. They also planned to meet their goal of World
Domination by implementing a fiat digital banking system that controlled what,
how and where you spent your money.

Since 1982 the World’s Mainstream News Media
has been controlled by the CIA and Vatican through Operation Mockingbird.
Nothing we hear on the news was necessarily
true – but only propaganda for the purpose of mind controlling the masses into
believing in the Globalist New World Order Agenda 2030 – which was to
depopulate and completely control The People of the World.

World War III Pending: On Wed. 8 May 2024 Israel seized control of the Palestinian side
of the Rafah border crossing in Gaza, while Russia warned of retaliation
through Nuclear Strikes.

2020 Election Fraud: 46 of 50 States have now
recounted and confirmed that Biden lost the vote!
Explosive new documents have
exposed a secret meeting organized by the Cyber Security and Infrastructure
Security Agency (CISA) that involved several power players, including officials
from Dominion Voting Systems and the FBI, to discuss the 2020 presidential
election with private companies and Democratic groups. Report: Dominion Voting Machines deleted 2.7 million votes for
Trump nationwide. Data analysis shows 221,000 Pennsylvania votes switched from
President Trump to Biden and 941,000 President Trump votes deleted. States
using Dominion Voting Systems switched 431,000 Trump votes to Biden.
🇺🇸🇺🇸Josh Dunlap🇺🇲🇺🇲 ULTRA-MAGA on X: “🚨🚨 ELECTION FRAUD 🚨🚨 BREAKING: Explosive new documents have
exposed a secret meeting organized by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure
Security Agency (CISA) that involved several power players, including officials
from Dominion Voting Systems and the FBI, to discuss the 2020…

Wed. 8 May 2024: Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes & Sarah Westall:
Dropping NEW Bombshells About TRUMP and the REPUBLIC.

Tues. 7 May 2024 Situation Update: WTPN SITUATION UPDATE 4/7/24

Tues. 7 May 2024 Underground DUMBS Revealed: Walmart stores across the nation and Globe
were actually Military Bases with thousands of underground tunnels beneath them
linking Walmart, Evergreen, HCR, Getty. They were used for US Inc. Bio-weapon
Labs and the Vatican’s International Child Sex Trafficking, Adrenochrome and
Organ Harvesting Ring. Presently Global Alliance Troops around the World were
cleaning out the underground network in a full combat process.

Wed. 8 May 2024: Judy Byington: Un-Redacted: BQQQM! Nothing
Can Stop What Is Coming! Hold On! Almost There! It’s Over! Special Intel Report

A. Apparent Timing:

Mon. 29 April: The Military Alliance was given the Green
Light to begin Operation Storm and make mass arrests of Global Elites charged
with Crimes Against Humanity.

Wed. 1 May: The Global Currency Reset of 209 countries began.

Fri. 3 May: Iraq celebrated their financial inclusion in the Global
Financial System. Columbia, Brazil, Chile
Paymasters began RV-ing.

Sat. 4 May: Foreign Currency Exchange Regulations were

Mon. 6 May: Wells Fargo gave the Green
Light for the Global Currency Reset.

Wed. 15 May: “We are passing through the
gate (on Wed. 15 May).” …
Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram

Mon. 27 May: Civil War Two might begin
in the USA on Mon. 27 May when Texas
is set to secede from the rest of the country, while on that same Monday
Biden planned to cede US Sovereignty to WHO in a Pandemic

Thurs. 11 June: A very famous music artist
was set to reveal that they faked their own passing.

Thurs. 19 September: The first ever Category Six
Hurricane could occur on the US East Coast, slamming the Carolinas 

B. Global Currency Reset:

Judy Note: It is my understanding that if you do your exchange at a
Redemption Center rather than at a bank, you will be open to receive a higher
rate on your exchange. (Zim Bonds must be redeemed at a Redemption Center and
cannot be redeemed at a bank). You can set an appointment at a Redemption Center
by following instructions sent out in Wells Fargo emails. Such instructions
will also be made available on various Dinar Websites and be printed in my
Updates as soon as they become available.

Wed. 8 May Texas Snake: “Well folks, a banker was provided with a
specific date where he would have his trained exchange specialists in position
to begin the currency exchanges.  This
means a window of scheduling appointments will commence prior to having his
staff being in position.  While he could
not provide me the date he did indicate without any unforeseen issues that
could delay it will occur this month. Well Folks, we may in fact enjoy the most
memorable Mother’s Day in history. Say your prayers.”

7 May Bruce:
The Military gave the green light to release the
monies on Mon. 29 April. Wells Fargo gave the green light on Mon 6
April. Tier 4 a,b notification could come out anywhere from 2 pm Wed. 8
May to 10:30 am on Thurs. 9 May.

Gazetteller reported that as of Wed. 1 May the Latin American nations of
Colombia, Brazil, and Chile became the first
to exchange foreign currency in the Global Currency Reset. The U.S. was expected to lag behind by three weeks but this delay
was strategic. It allowed potential security flaws to be patched up before the
RV reached American soil.

Tues. 7 May Wolverine: “I have been told to shut up and I can
accept that. What I can tell you is that they said that this will be a Golden Week. I don’t want to be a part
of anything that would disturb the process. At the moment it is all good. I’m
very confident that this is the week that we have been waiting for. Have a
beautiful, beautiful day.” Mon. 6 May
2024 Wolverine: “It has started. It has started. It has started. It has
started. It has started. It has started. It has started. It has started. What I
can tell you is that we are liquid. The money is actually available. It’s just
a matter of time in order for the Green Light to be given. Exchanges have
started. I’ve been told not to say anything more. I can’t give you a date.
Remember, it’s a military operation, but we are defiantly close. Take care.
Have a beautiful day. Wolverine.”

Mon. 6 May 2024 MarkZ: “I absolutely know
this has started.
I know
people who now have dollars. According to my best contacts in the group, there
was an interesting movement of money over the weekend. It’s clearly positioned
to go, but I’m not sure we’ll see it today. Wolverine says 1,000% it will go
today. We’ve seen a lot of money movement over the weekend so it could go
today. I’m not quite certain, though there’s certainly a potential.”

Wed. 8 May 2024: Awakening Giants: Zimbabwe Forge Ahead in
the Global RV Movement and Redemption Center – BOOM! The Intrigue of the $100T
Zim Bonds!

C. Wed. 8 May 2024 Ginger’s Liberty Lounge on

Very encouraging fact that Iraq is going to
such extreme lengths
educate their citizens, even their youth, on preparing for massive economic

Remember, they are expecting their financial
windfall to come
, and
it’s not only from their increase in the IQD international exchange rate. But
the citizens also will receive monetary stipends coming from sales from oil.
This is a very exciting time for Iraq!! I’m super happy for them!!

Also, let’s remember the fact how Al Sudani
had educated Iraqis
on the
fact that their  currency shall be much
more valuable than the USD, therefore more desirable to hold. They’ve been
given Q cards and moved to a digital banking system and highly encouraged to
utilize the banking system to prepare them for this transition.

Prior to these educational efforts, 70% of Iraq citizens had never used a bank.
Now, currently, only 20% – 30% are still transitioning over and are learning
the benefit of getting away from USD. Using IQD is required inside country
borders. The progress they’ve made has been fantastic.

D. Global Financial Crisis:

Tues. 7 May 2024 Will Ukraine Collapse in 14
Days as US Enters Debt Crisis?

Wed. 8 May 2024 Breaking News: A Stock Market Crash Like No
Other Is Coming In May As Major Threats Pile On – Epic Economist Video

Wed. 8 May 2024: QUANTUM GESARA aka TRUMPSARA: G.E.S.A.R.A +
Quantum Technology + Farmers Plan + Quantum = TRUMPSARA! STELLAR For The

Wed. 8 May 2024 US Gov. Most Corrupt, Get Rid
of Biden:

Wed. 8 May 2024 Banking Cartels, Brunson

Wed. 8 May 2024 Banks Crashing:

Wed. 8 May 2024 All Banks Transitioning to

Wed. 8 May 2024 The President of El Salvador
Nayib Bukele said,

“The Federal Reserve is neither federal, nor does it have reserves. They
steal your wealth and savings and that is immoral. Not only is it immoral but
it also destroys some basic economic principles such as saving.”

E. Restored Republics:

According to NSA sources, “White Hats” are currently
attacking the Fort McPherson base complex in Atlanta, Georgia. It is here that
the Rockefeller citadel of AT&T and CNN conducts fake psychological
operations of the Joe Biden administration.

According to Canadian intelligence sources, Biden’s fall will be followed by a similar
move in Canada. “Justin Castro will be removed from office and humiliated
in front of the world community. The Canadians, supported by the military
alliance, are waiting for a signal to act,” they promise.

For their part, Dutch farmers warn Prime
Minister Mark Rutte:

“The protests will continue. We have the support of millions of people.
There will be actions that Holland has never seen.

It looks like it started in China too. People are rebelling against the CCP
machine. Banks collapsed there, and the police were unable to stop the
protesters by fraudulently manipulating their mobile devices to make them look
like they had “Covid.” The Chinese people should understand that
George Soros boasted that his people took over China in 1987. We had a video of
him saying that, but it seems to have been deleted from our computers and from
the internet. However, the fact that the regime there agrees with the fake
pandemic and the accompanying excessive social control is a clear sign that
they are not working for the Chinese people.

An MI6 source says: “The days of the G7, G20 and the like
are over. Their failure will be reflected in an economic crisis leading to
global unrest, similar to what we are seeing in Sri Lanka. All these archaic
prime ministers should be captured and shot along with all these old habits
Clear the deck,” the source continued.

F. Wars and Rumors of Wars, Protests:

Wed. 8 May 2024: Chaos breaks out at University of Virginia
as Virginia State Police spray tear gas and arrest pro-Palestine protesters.
The incident was triggered after the protests at the school hit a “turning
point” on Friday evening. After the school refused to comply with all of the
protesters’ demands, the protesters turned their demonstration into an
encampment. The school reportedly denied many of their requests including the
request to cut academic ties with Israeli institutions.

Wed. 8 May 2024: As NYPD breach a building barricaded by
rioters, CNN host bizarrely credits Columbia University protests as
“organized” and without “violent clashes.” (Columbia just
canceled in-person classes for fear of injury to Jewish students — Biden hasn’t
said a word).

“U.S., Philippine and Australian troops are practicing raids on wind-swept islands
south of Taiwan — the sort of mission they may need to execute if conflict
breaks out over the island or in the South China Sea”

G. The Illegal Federal Reserve and IRS were
using the “Ken and Barbie vs. Goliath IRS” Case as an example of what they will
do to you if you dare confront them on their illegal activities. There was no
law that stated you had to pay income taxes. According to IRS Agents, your
payment to the Cabal’s IRS was strictly voluntary:

Even though Ken and Barbara Cromar proved in a Federal
Court that they owed no monies to the IRS, they remained in a six year battle
with them. Two different SWAT Teams descended on their fully paid for dream
home, sold it at auction, along with throwing away all their possessions,
including expensive camera equipment Ken used to make a living.

Ken now sits in jail charged with living in his own home, but undeterred to fight
for the rights of the American taxpayer. Ken says, “The days of the
“mighty” IRS are numbered. For far too long the IRS has been backed by a
corrupt DOJ and ever-growing big government bureaucrats who have crowned
themselves kings and queens to rule over us as their slaves, as they get fat
and enrich themselves on the backs of struggling Americans.”

Wed. 8 May 2024 “Ken and Barbie vs. Goliath
IRS” Update:

Dear Patriot friends and family,


news! I have been so frustrated for now 250 days of not being able to get the
government prosecutors to send me their court filings as is required by law.
It’s a term called “service of process” where they MUST alert all parties each
time they file a document. How else am I supposed to know and respond to what
the government filed while I’m locked up in jail, without ANY access to the
internet? And they know it.  Intentional? You bet! And the court
transcripts prove it.

Raland told me last week that he could file a Motion to Dismiss for
Insufficient Service of Process, which would shut down the entire case
completely. He said, as added evidence that they did not want to provide
service of process, none of their documents had a “certificate of service”
attached.  I told Raland to go for it!


Raland filed it May 2nd Judge Nielson then ordered the prosecution to reply to
it by May 10 telling them to show how Patrick Burns email is in agreement with
Rule 49.



H. The Real News for Wed. 8 May 2024:

Tues. 7 May 2024 Pascal Najadi: The “Green Hats” –
May 2Q24

Tues. 7 May 2024: On Tuesday, a federal judge
indefinitely postponed President Donald Trump’s classified documents trial date
in Florida:

Wed. 8 May 2024: Former San Luis, Arizona mayor BUSTED AND
THROWN IN JAIL for 2020 ballot fraud scheme.

Wed. 8 May 2024: ‘America’s Worst Mayor’ Tiffany Henyard
covered up my rape, says woman who claims she was assaulted during work trip
with a colleague.

Wed. 8 May 2024: BQQM! Trump’s 5D Chess with Presidential
Documents: Trump’s Commander-in-Chief and Military Mastery in Rooting Out
Corruption and Restoring Order – Military Is In Control!

Wed. 8 May 2024 WOW This Is Unbelievable.
Moms Across America Meeting With The FDA.
The FDA said 98% of samples tested for herbicides did
not exceed the regulatory limits. Turns out, out of the top 25 herbicides used

Wed. 8 May 2024: BREAKING: WARNING! National Emergency Alert
Set to Sound May 8th, 2024! PROJECT ODIN + Military GESARA = EBS: A Formula
that Will Change the Course of History Forever!

Wed. 8 May 2024: Exposing Antarctica: Secret Space Program,
Underground Bases, Reptilians, Nordics

Wed. 8 May Ben Fulford: “In 2015 Vladimir Putin concluded that Rotschilds
were up to no good with their satanic Luciferian Agenda: 1. Mind control the
people 2. Decrease the world population 3. Commit genocide via chemtrails,
smart meters, wifi, mobile networks, etc. So what did Putin do upon concluding
that their intentions were not in line with his Russian orthodox values? He
banned each and every one of them from entering, doing business, owning
business or land in, or otherwise having anything to do with Russia at all.”

Wed. 8 May 2024 on 2020 Election Fraud, Liz
found duplicate ballot images, but can’t say if they were included in the
count. If the proof is in the ballots, why not check the ballots? Probably
because the hand audit had AT LEAST 4,081 false Biden votes, which have never
been removed from the count.

Wed. 8 May 2024: They were diligently
searching through documents for two decades, attempting to uncover evidence of
Russian funds being funneled to Trump.
Despite their extensive efforts, they were unable to find any trace of
such transactions. Similarly, no foreign connections linking Russia to the
Trump campaign were ever discovered. Now, there are allegations of money
flowing from overseas, originating from radical Muslim organizations. It has
been speculated that this funding might be connected to prominent American
families such as the Rockefellers and the Pritzkers, as well as the influential
investor George Soros and now left wing media is silent.

Wed. 8 May 2024 Denver Colorado: Can’t
believe this is real. In Denver, illegal aliens now get 6 free months of
housing. Cops were defunded $8+ million so that the gov’t could pay for this. Crime
goes up for citizens while illegals get free welfare. But it gets worse. Illegals
can now dial 211 and be put into someone’s home for free and that host gets
their food and utility bills paid by a nonprofit. Denver isn’t just a sanctuary
city. It’s a third world welfare state.

I. International Child Sex Trafficking,
Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the Vatican and housed in
China’s Three Gorges Dam in the 1500 mile tunnel that runs between the Vatican
and Jerusalem:

Mel Gibson told the Truth about Pedophiles
and child Sacrifice
… It cost
him his acting career. He said he had enough money and had nothing to worry

An illegal alien in Florida has been arrested
in the kidnapping and sexual assault
of an 11-year-old girl. He had been released by Border Patrol (with an
immigration court date set for 2027).

J. Covid/ Ebola/ Swine Flu/ Polio/ Small Pox/ BSE/ Zika/ Sars/ Monkey Pox/
AIDs/ Vax/ H1N1/ Graphene Oxide/ Chem trails/ Fluoride, Processed Foods, Human
Clones Hoaxes:

Could “long COVID” actually be long Vax? Yes, according to Dr. Pierre Kory. In Dr.
Kory’s clinical observations, “the vast majority are long vax. If you look at
my practice, maybe 1200 patients: 70% are long Vax, not long COVID, meaning all
of their issues, the syndrome, started after the vaccine, not COVID.”

Dr. McCullough Issues Chilling COVID Vaccine
“We need to be
concerned for 5 to 15 years after the last shot because these are genetic
products. We’re seeing late blood clots and cardiac arrests years after the
shots.” According to Dr. McCullough, the spike protein is deadly and even more
long-lasting than messenger RNA.“It causes heart damage, brain damage, blood
clots, immunologic problems — may cause cancer. And so, it is imperative that
we consider a platform of base spike detoxification.”

“Astra Zenica and deadly “rare” blood clots.
I can tell you – it ISNT only Astra Zenica and they are anything BUT rare.”

“People Were Dying Within Hours From The
Shots” Warns Hospital Whistleblower on Alex Jones:

Wed. 8 May 2024 Even MSM are now discussing
the toxic shots: The Florida Surgeon General said, “
Discovery billions fragments of DNA in every
dose.” The masses are going to be severely pi$$ed off when they finally find
out what they’ve injected themselves with numerous times.

Wed. 8 May 2024 Pfizer has agreed to settle
over 10,000 lawsuits
they failed to warn patients about potential cancer risks from the
anti-heartburn medication Zantac.

Wed. 8 May 2024 Pfizer to Sell Drugs Online
to Consumers, Bypassing Doctors and Pharmacies.
What could possibly go wrong?

K. Illuminati Deep State Cabal Globalist

Bill Gates―who believes the world is vastly
overpopulated―funds the world’s largest mosquito factory,
which breeds 30 million bacteria-infused
mosquitoes per week, then unleashes them on the unsuspecting public, “to
save and improve millions of lives”. Why would a man who believes the
world is overpopulated―a belief he has stated publicly on numerous
occasions―wish to “save millions of lives”? Or does Bill Gates have
an ulterior motive?

The UN and World Economic Forum Sustainable
Development Plan
means Corporate
and NGOs supersedes you with Corporate control of all Earth’s inventory: Land,
Water, Animals, Minerals, Plants, Construction, Production, Food, Energy,
Information and Humans.

How many times do the climate apocalypse
have to be wrong
before people finally work out that “human-induced climate change” is
a monumental scam, fabricated as a pretext for unelected globalist technocrats
to seize absolute control over every detail of our lives, under the guise of
“saving the planet”?

L. Wed. 8 May 2024 White Hat Intel “Buck

Buck breaking was used against male slaves
who were seen as defiant.
process involved the slave owner forcing the enslaved man to lower his pants
and bend over a tree stump to ensure that his buttocks were propped up into the
air. The enslaved man would then be flogged severely. This would weaken him so
that he would not be able to resist the rape that followed. The white slave owner
would then proceed to rape the slave several times.

This form of punishment was worsened by the
fact that it would be done in full view of all the other enslaved people
, including the slaves’ family and friends.
In an addition to being sexually violated the slave would also be publicly
humiliated. This public punishment would instill fear in other slaves and thus
prevent any further rebellion.

Enslaved men who were victims of this vile
punishment often ran away from the plantations
or killed themselves as they were unable to
deal with the humiliation that they had suffered. It was often too difficult
for them to integrate back into a society that had watched them being
emasculated in front of their wife, children, and friends

Buck breaking punishment grew amongst slave
White men were able
to travel from plantation to plantation raping male slaves (a sex rape evolved).
The punishment became so widely implemented that sex farms developed from the
practice. These sex farms allowed multiple slave owners to gang-rape male
slaves as punishment for any supposed wrongdoing that they committed.

The massive popularity of the practice of
buck breaking led to Sex torture rings and the sex trade among slave owners
. African male men were forced to have sex
with each other as white slave owners watched for sexual entertainment and this
sometimes included sex killing torture shows (snuff sex killings)

The Democratic party was behind the creation
of Slavery
, the black sex trade
and the gruesome raping of male slaves and sex shows (sex ring).

The sagging of the pants of Male slaves exposing their buttocks was the symbolic
meaning that they were raped and belong to the white sex trade and the violence
of Buck Breaking.

To this day elites through Hollywood and the music entertainment industry
continues to run Buck Breaking operations among their black African American
artists and use Buck Breaking as a form of control over the black entertainment
community leaders.

This is the reason black actors at the
highest levels in tv and film are forced to wear dresses
and acknowledge the superiority of the
Elites that control the entertainment industry. While musicians from New York
to California are forced into sex rituals, sexual blackmail trade and agendas
that give power to the Elites who control the music industry.

At the highest levels of the corrupt
government system
inside of the U.S. intelligence agencies it’s well known that the Elites of the
United States and abroad are highly involved in the world sex trade and
human/child trafficking operations and have near complete control over the
entertainment industry through sexual operations, blackmail and extortion

Today White Hat Military Operations were
exposing the dark Satanic Cult of Hollywood TV, film and US Music Industry
and their connection to a worldwide Sex
Trafficking Ring, Deep State Intelligence agencies, Elites and the Banking


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