Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as
of May 8, 2024

Judy Note: “My Fellow Americans THE STORM IS
We must stand
together, put aside our petty differences of opinions and fight as one Nation
of the World against this evil darkness which seeks to destroy everything we
hold dearly. Together We the People must fight with every asset in our
possession. We cannot bow down. We cannot give up. We must give everything of
ourselves for everyone who fought before us, are fighting now and for our
children’s children. This is for all humanity. WWG1WGA!” Q …The 17th
Letter on Telegram Tues. 7 May 2024

“The true date of the EBS is never revealed, we must confuse the enemy, we are at war
with God against Satan. If you want to open a business and make your dream come
true, don’t tell anyone, not even your own family, when no one knows your
secrets so they can’t spoil your plans.” …Q Storm 1776 on Telegram Tues. 7 May 2024.

The Empire strikes back. The return of the MAGA. Notice everything.
Miss nothing. Stay patient. No more fear. No more hiding. Today is the day that
they fear so much. Today everything changes. …The best is yet to come! This is
the last week we will face all the lies prepared by Biden. Should I reveal
everything? – Time is up, Biden. …Mr. Pool on Telegram Tues. 7 May 2024

Tues. 7 May 2024 Emergency!! Phone & Internet Blackout In
Multiple States! Law Enforcement Warning! Prepare Now!! – Patrick Humphrey News
, Major phone outages and internet
outages have been reported and police are warning people cannot call 911.

911 outages are hitting Howell County and Ozark County Missouri. Wichita Kansas
is also seeing outages from a cyber attack. Eisenhower airport has been
affected. Also Robeson North Carolina Law enforcement have issued a warning.

2020 Election Fraud: Explosive new
documents have exposed a secret meeting organized by the Cyber Security and
Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) that involved several power players,
including officials from Dominion Voting Systems and the FBI, to discuss the
2020 presidential election with private companies and Democratic groups.
🇺🇸🇺🇸Josh Dunlap🇺🇲🇺🇲 ULTRA-MAGA on X: “🚨🚨 ELECTION FRAUD 🚨🚨 BREAKING: Explosive new documents have
exposed a secret meeting organized by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure
Security Agency (CISA) that involved several power players, including officials
from Dominion Voting Systems and the FBI, to discuss the 2020…

We need to clean up the FBI if we are ever to trust it again. Every few
weeks there is a new scandal coming out of there. They couldn’t be bothered
with Hunter’s laptop or child trafficking, but have plenty of time to go after
conservatives and Trump! DEFUND FBI. …Classified Q on Telegram Tues. 7 May 2024

“We are billions of people. Let’s just
stand up and say stop. We will not comply.”
Pascal Najadi, son of WEF co-founder, calls
for members of the WEF to be arrested for their role in injecting a
“bioweapon” into 5.7 billion people, from which he and his mother are
now dying. “It’s a democide, and you’ll be judged. It will be corrected in
the name of humanity.”

Dr. McCullough says, “This childhood vaccine schedule
doesn’t look good. The 1986 Vaccine Injury Act even admits vaccines come with
“unavoidable harms.” Five separate studies now show that “if children go
natural, no vaccines whatsoever, they have the best outcomes.”

Tues. 7 April Emergency Alert System Tested today in Florida and Pennsylvania.

Tues. 7 April Speaker of the House Mike
reportedly wants to
introduce a $95.34 billion spending package to fund foreign conflict, of which
includes: $48.43 billion for Ukraine, $14.1 billion for Israel, $2.4 billion
for the Red Sea, $2.58 billion for Indo-Pacific (Taiwan) and Zero dollars for
the Border. Speaker Mike Johnson is blackmailed. He wants the government to spy
on United States citizens without a warrant. He wants your tax money going to
Israel and Ukraine. I have denounced this filth since the day he was made
Speaker of the House. Another rat came into the light.

A. Apparent Timing:

Mon. 29 April: The Military Alliance was given the Green Light
to begin Operation Storm and make mass arrests of Global Elites charged with
Crimes Against Humanity.Wed. 1 May:
The Global Currency Reset of 209 countries began.

Fri. 3 May: Iraq celebrated their financial inclusion in the Global
Financial System. Columbia, Brazil, Chile
Paymasters began RV-ing.Sat. 4 May:
Currency Exchange Regulations were completed.

Mon. 6 May: Wells Fargo gave the Green
Light for the Global Currency Reset. According to Wolverine, the majority of RV
appointments began on Mon. 6 May and
would go through Fri. 10 May, with
launches continuing on Mon. 13 May and
ending on Fri. 17 May.

Wed. 15 May: “We are passing through the
gate (on Wed. 15 May).”
Letter (JFK Jr.) on Telegram

Mon. 27 May: Civil War Two might begin
in the USA on Mon. 27 May when Texas
is set to secede from the rest of the country, while on that same Monday
Biden planned to cede US Sovereignty to WHO in a Pandemic

Thurs. 11 June: A very famous music artist
was set to reveal that they faked their own passing.

Thurs. 19 September: The first ever Category Six
Hurricane could occur on the US East Coast, slamming the Carolinas 

B. Global Currency Reset:

7 May Bruce:
The Military gave the green light to release the
monies on Mon. 29 April. Wells Fargo gave the green light on Mon 6
April. Late on Wed. 8 May
Bond Paymasters will have access to their funds.
Tier 4 a,b notification could come out anywhere from 2 pm Wed. 8 May to
10:30 am on Thurs. 9 May.

Gazetteller reported that as of Wed. 1 May the Latin American nations of
Colombia, Brazil, and Chile became the first
to exchange foreign currency in the Global Currency Reset. The U.S. was expected to lag behind by three weeks but this delay
was strategic. It allowed potential security flaws to be patched up before the
RV reached American soil.

Tues. 7 May Wolverine: “I have been told to shut up and I can
accept that. What I can tell you is that they said that this will be a Golden
Week. I don’t want to be a part of anything that would disturb the process. At
the moment it is all good. I’m very confident that this is the week that we
have been waiting for. Have a beautiful, beautiful day.” Mon. 6 May 2024 Wolverine: “It has started. It has started. It has
started. It has started. It has started. It has started. It has started. It has
started. What I can tell you is that we are liquid. The money is actually
available. It’s just a matter of time in order for the Green Light to be given.
Exchanges have started. I’ve been told not to say anything more. I can’t give
you a date. Remember, it’s a military operation, but we are defiantly close.
Take care. Have a beautiful day. Wolverine.”

Mon. 6 May 2024 MarkZ: “I absolutely know
this has started.
I know
people who now have dollars. According to my best contacts in the group, there
was an interesting movement of money over the weekend. It’s clearly positioned
to go, but I’m not sure we’ll see it today. Wolverine says 1,000% it will go
today. We’ve seen a lot of money movement over the weekend so it could go
today. I’m not quite certain, though there’s certainly a potential.”

Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) would be sent
an email
containing a code
and a link to set up a 15 min. foreign currency Exchange/Zim Bond Redemption

Those Humanitarians redeeming the 2008 to 2009 Zimbabwe Bond
(most the redemption money to be used for Humanitarian purposes) would be
required to sign an NDA.

Tues. 7 May 2024 Al-Sudani
welcomed the Arab Banks Conference in Baghdad that confirmed Iraq’s accession
to the World Trade Organization
. The World Trade Meeting goes now til Thursday the
9th. It means that we have a new Iraqi Dinar Rate, we just don’t know what it
is yet.

Tues. 7 May 2024: Zimbabwe is arresting black
market currency dealers!
  In order for the new Zig currency to be
valued at a fair market rate, other currencies must stop being used. Zimbabwe’s
illegal forex dealers use WhatsApp to find clients, evade police.

Leak: Wells Fargo’s 400,000 Emails Trigger Massive Liquidity with Zim Bonds
& NESARA! – Gazetteller

C. Tues. 7 May 2024 Bruce, The Big Call :

is not a taxable event

Trump’s gold tie today
indicated we are back on the Gold Standard

went out today to Bond
introducers which said they would have access to
funds on Wed. 8 May.

Wed. 8 May
Bond Paymasters will be emailed their notification that will give them
the amount they have in their account and will have access to that account
later that day.

The Military gave the green
light to release the monies on Tues. 30 April.

gave the green light on Mon 6 April.

are bringing personnel up to date
on protocols on how to exchange.

4 a,b notification
could come out anywhere from 2 pm Wed. 8 May to
10:30 am on Thurs. 9 May.

D. Tues.
7 May 2024 BOMBSHELL! Trump Lights the Fuse: Military Occupation Triggers the
Greatest Wealth Transfer in History; Half a Million Arrests Imminent!,

Trump has lit the fuse
, launching a firestorm set to shake the world to
its very core. 
The Global Military Alliance stands
 preparing for
an unprecedented upheaval of the global order, targeting the media mouthpieces
that have long served the interests of the Deep State.
 Half a million arrests are
 sweeping the
corridors of power clean of those who’ve thrived on deception and crimes
against humanity. The countdown has begun.

On Monday, April 29, the Alliance received the go-ahead to
unleash this strategic storm, setting the wheels in motion for mass arrests.
Washington, DC, where global puppets have long pulled strings, will be the
first to fall. Meanwhile, Iraq is gearing up for its victory lap, integrating
into the Global Financial System. The celebrations signal Iraq’s inclusion as a
financial powerhouse after years of rebuilding and reclaiming its oil wealth.

Texas secedes from the fractured Union, sparking a Second Civil War that will rip
through the United States like wildfire. This seismic moment coincides with
Biden’s underhanded ploy to cede U.S. sovereignty to the World Health
Organization through a so-called Pandemic Treaty, potentially handing the
nation’s autonomy over to a global cabal. The dark agenda couldn’t be more
blatant, and yet the world watches with bated breath.

Level 3 bondholders remain in suspense, awaiting their email confirmations. Their
role in the global currency reset is pivotal, yet their patience is wearing
thin. Arizona has overturned the 2020 election results, and Texas is ready to
set its own course as military and financial forces await their final orders.

The notification for Tier4b (the Internet Group) hinges on confirmation
from the Military, Treasury, and Wells Fargo, but once the signal is given, the
funds will flood into the wallets of The Chosen.

Latin American nations have also thrown their
hats into the ring.

Colombia, Brazil, and Chile have started utilizing the RV (revaluation), a
financial gambit that will set the world on its axis. The U.S. lags behind by
three weeks, but this delay is strategic. It allows potential security flaws to
be patched up before the RV reaches American soil.

In the meantime, the Markets in Crypto-Assets
(MiCA) is
orchestrating a digital framework that will reshape pricing models in the new
digital economy, ensuring the Quantum Financial System
 is secure and bulletproof.

Iraq, once the financial crown jewel of the
world, has rediscovered its immense natural wealth.
The value of the Iraqi dinar was unmatched
in its prime, and now, as it taps into its natural gas reserves and cranks up
oil extraction, its potential seems limitless. The nation has risen from the
ashes, more robust than ever before.

The framework for a new global financial
order is already in place.
Basel III endgame is a strategic blueprint, increasing capital reserves to
prevent another catastrophic collapse. It’s a safeguard, but also a
double-edged sword, wielded to reshape the global financial chessboard.

Meanwhile, Vietnam and Zimbabwe are preparing
to jump into the fray.

Vietnam has announced its readiness to intervene in Forex, while Zimbabwe has unveiled its gold-backed
Zig currency,
 a pivotal linchpin in the global currency reset.
Zimbabwe Bonds are key to this plan, with the nation described as a “gold mine
surrounded by diamonds.” The world has underestimated this African powerhouse,
but now, it’s leading the charge toward a golden age.

Colombia, Brazil, and Chile have initiated
the RV,
with America trailing
slightly behind. This timing is deliberate, a calculated lag that ensures all
loose ends are tied before the RV ripples through U.S. markets.

And amid the chaos, the White Hats are
They’ve orchestrated
the greatest wealth transfer in human history, outflanking the cabal as their
banks crumble worldwide. The United States remains under military occupation
with government continuity, but this is not the time for complacency. The
greatest storm is yet to break.

The countdown has started, and the Global Military Alliance will stop
at nothing to reclaim what has been lost.

E. Global Financial Crisis:

US Treasury Bond Futures are beginning to
heralding a broader
market downturn coming in the near future. Add to this that the rest of the
world is offloading US fiat, Federal Reserve-backed Treasury Bonds at speeds
not seen ever before, and the coming downturn in US/North American markets is
likely to be significant.

BRICS Announcement: “According to Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman
of the Russian State Duma Financial Market Committee, talks on how the new
currency will work have started and an agreement may be reached by the end of
this year.” The plan is for this currency to be supported by gold, various
precious metals, and other assets.The purpose is for the BRICS Nations to be
able to trade with one another and no longer have to deal with US sanctions on
their currencies. …Goldilocks

F. Restored Republic:

Tues. 7 May 2024 Charlie

“When the Countdown completed itself on Q Official today, it immediately
switched to a New Screen, with New Wording: 30 Hours Remaining. It’s Happening.
Six O’Clock is Dangerous. Nothing Stop This!!! Panic. Then just a few minutes
ago, a Second New Screen: 26 Hours Remaining. It’s Happening. Boom!!! Direct
Hit Nine. Eight–Again Again. Look to the Sky. Flares. Panic. Colleen and Eye
were CALLED, Everything is in Motion, Events have started, even where we are in
Mexico, that cannot be stopped, Everything at this point is FLUID… Stay Calm
and Stay Alert, the Gematria for Panic is 43, False is 43…what is Coming HAD
TO BE THIS WAY for the Masses, NOT for YOU…Everyone has been CONSIDERED,
especially All of YOU…You are Safe, it is just a Movie, Israel was left for
Last, ALL FALSE NARRATIVES are Now in Play… Fake Stock Market Crash Fake
World Trade Currency Crash Aliens, Alien Attack Russia, Russia, Russia China, China,
China World War False Flag Shootings Terrorist Attacks Anyone of these could be
brought into play…but remember, nothing can induce a MASS World Wide Panic
where the Masses become Triggered Zombies and start ‘Consuming’ All Life… So,
it won’t last long…Military is in Control in EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY on this
Earth, Protocols in Place, Tesla Technology at the Ready, the Sun, the Moon and
the Stars are REAL ONCE AGAIN, and they are at the Ready.

G. Wars, Rumors of Wars and Protests:

UK NATO Israel Rafah Invasion Imminent:

Unfortunately for the pro-Palestine side,
your movement has been hijacked by the Left.
These protests are supposed to be about the genocide in
Gaza, but the protesters have made it about LGBTQ, racism, climate change, and
other Left-wing causes. Same thing happened to BLM. I support the innocent
Palestinian civilians, but the Left’s outrage is NOT about the Palestinian
civilians. It’s just another vessel for the Left to virtue signal and push
their own agenda, using the public’s emotions as fuel.

Tues. 7 May 2024 “Israel officials say they were tricked by the Biden
administration, accusing it of not letting Israel know of the details of a
“cease-fire” proposal the terrorist group Hamas announced Monday that
it had agreed to.”

Tues. 7 May 2024 Hal Turner News: NATO is going to enter
Ukraine despite Russia’s warning that if they do, Russia will nuke London,
Paris, and Washington, D.C. and Ambassadors are not going to be in Moscow when
missiles come calling there in retaliation.

H. Tues. 7 May 2024 A Message From The Vice
President John F Kennedy Jr, 19th Vice President, USA Republic:
A Brave New World Awaits With Infinite

“Nikola Tesla is able to see the past,
present and future,
what we
call The Gateway Process. He was able to harness the source ether energy, able
to transmit it – wirelessly or directly as alternative current. A world with no
power lines, no power poles, no telephone poles just a beautiful sky
unobstructed. Space travel is done with Spaceships that can create
wormholes/portals to far distance points in the infinite universe using flying
ships for Earth travel or personal spaceships that are capable of crossing
nearby Star Gates that have destinations across the universe. Nikola used
vibrations and frequencies for healing along with color, which are used in med beds.
This will be available for all to use.”

I. The Real News for Tues. 7 May 2024:

OPERATION POPEYE: A chemical weather modification program
carried out by the U.S. during the Vietnam War in 1967–1972. The highly
classified project was allegedly sponsored by Henry Kissinger and the CIA
without the authorization of then Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird.

The Broken or Bent Cross
used by the Pope stands for the anti-Christ
– a sinister symbol used by Satanists
in the sixth century that had been revived at the time of Vatican Two. This was
a bent or broken cross, on which was displayed a repulsive and distorted figure
of Christ, which the black magicians and sorcerers of the Middle Ages had made
use of to represent the Biblical term ‘Mark of the Beast’. Yet, not only Paul
VI, but his successors, the two John-Pauls and present Pope Francis, carried
that object and held it up to be revered by crowds, who had not the slightest
idea that it stood for anti-Christ.”

Tues. 7
May 2024

Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Tedros Ghebreyesus, Alex Azar, Ralph Baric,
Peter Daszak, Drosten, Albert Bourla, Stéphane Bancel, Klaus Schwab,
Rockefellers, Rothschilds, the DOD are charged with Bioweapon Injection
Genocide War Crimes.

J. International Child Sex Trafficking,
Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the Vatican and housed in
China’s Three Gorges Dam in the 1500 mile tunnel that runs between the Vatican
and Jerusalem:

Tues. 7 May 2024 Missing Children in
Mar Mari Emmanuel, who was stabbed a few days ago, spoke publicly about how
40,000 children go missing in Australia every year. He goes on to say that
there is proof that those who abuse children are ex-prime ministers of
Australia. Mainstream media continues to dismiss claims of elite trafficking of
children as a conspiracy theory.

The UN and Clinton Foundation allegedly use an old US base in Panama to
support the smuggling of illegal immigrants into America, suggesting an
organized human trafficking operation. The Clintons are accused of funding this

On July 23, 2018 Sarah
Ruth Ashcraft
announced that she was subjected to CIA brainwashing
techniques and child sex trafficked to Hollywood at age 13 years and raped by
Hollywood star Tom Hanks.

Tues. 7 May 2024 Malik Obama, the older half-brother of
Barack Obama, has accused his half-brother of “hitting that

K. Covid/ Ebola/ Swine Flu/ Polio/ Small Pox/ BSE/
Zika/ Sars/ Monkey Pox/ AIDs/ Vax/ H1N1/ Graphene Oxide/ Chem trails/ Fluoride,
Processed Foods, Human Clones Hoaxes:

The Covid Vax was known to cause blood clots
and death.
There were now
official warnings on mainstream TV & radio commercials regarding the
prevalence of blood clots – 1 death every 6 minutes & that’s just in the

A new study suggests that Pfizer’s
respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine,
known as Abrysvo, may be linked to premature birth in
pregnant women.The study found that the average time between vaccination and
premature birth in pregnant mothers was just three days. Two-thirds of cases
occurred within the space of a week. Pfizer’s RSV vaccine was approved for
pregnant women in August 2023. A month later, the CDC recommended that it
should be administered to pregnant women in weeks 32-26 of their pregnancies to
protect babies from RSV after birth. For the new study, Canadian researchers
used the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database to assess
adverse events following vaccination with the RSV vaccine during the period 1
September 2023 to 23 February 2024.

Dr. McCullough Delivers Message All Parents
Need to Hear:
childhood vaccine schedule is not what we thought… I’m telling you, in total,
it doesn’t look good.” The 1986 Vaccine Injury Act even admits vaccines come
with “unavoidable harms.” Five separate studies now show that “if children go
natural, no vaccines whatsoever, they have the best outcomes.” “When I was a
kid, the rate of autism was one in 10,000. Now it’s one in 36,” Dr. McCullough
explained. “And there’s about 200 published manuscripts showing it’s immune
system dysregulation. And the vignettes, the mothers tell us that the child was
fine up until the time they took multiple rounds of vaccines, and then they
developed autism. Those vignettes are almost certainly correct. We can’t pin it
down to any single vaccine. But I’m telling you, in total, it doesn’t look
good. This epidemic of autism is a tsunami. And you know how many, many mothers
now — [a] recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey shows about a third of mothers
and young fathers going natural.”

Medical Doctor Meryl Nass Was Suspended For
Sharing “Covid Misinformation.”
She EXPOSED The WHO’s plan for seizing power using the Pandemic
Agreement / changing International Health Regulations using Climate Change as
the excuse.

The WHO is now trying to blame cows for the
spread of H5N1 ‘bird flu’, which could supposedly develop the ability to infect
with an
“extraordinarily high” mortality rate. Will the WHO now start calling
for cows to be culled in the name of “public health”, leaving people
no option but to eat insects and lab-grown “meat”? And is it just a
“coincidence” that this should occur just weeks before the WHO
Pandemic Agreement is set to be voted on? You decide.

Tues. 7 May 2024: New unclassified State
Department documents have confirmed
that COVID-19 leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China, and the Chinese
Communist Party (CCP) attempted to cover it up.

L. Illuminati Deep State Cabal Globalist

Self-appointed Globalist Technocrat Bill
“The issue of
food systems and how with climate change, a lot of farmers aren’t able to grow
their crops, which is a tragedy for them. We’ll talk about using innovation to
absolutely solve that problem.” Globalist
doublespeak translation: “
Due to our deliberate war on farmers, a lot of
farmers aren’t able to grow their crops, which is a blessing for us, because it
allows us to replace traditional agriculture with insect farms and fake meat
laboratories, and assume total control of the global food supply, under the
pretext of tackling “Climate Change.””


Multi-millionaire Climate Grifter John Kerry, announces the need for a war-like effort to
shut down the American food supply, in order to fight the imaginary
“Climate Crisis.”

Prominent Club of Rome member, Dennis
Meadows, hopes the “necessary” depopulation of Planet Earth, down to
one billion
—an 87.5%
reduction from today’s population—can “occur in a civil way. The planet
can support something like a billion people, maybe two billion, depending on
how much liberty and how much material consumption you want to have. If you
want more liberty, and more consumption, you have to have fewer people. And
conversely, you can have more people. I mean, we could even have eight or nine
billion, probably if we have a very strong dictatorship.”

Greenpeace co-founder, Dr. Patrick Moore: “There is no definitive scientific
proof that Co2 is responsible for any of the warming of the global climate that
has occurred during the last 300 years.”

Tues. 7 May 2024: Australian Geologist Viv
explains why
geologists reject the human-induced global warming scam: “They’ve read a
bit of geological history. They’ve read climate history. They know there is
nothing new about today’s climate. There’s nothing extreme, there’s nothing
new, the fluctuations are very minor, the temperature is very moderate. And
even if it warms up a bit, we’ll probably benefit.”

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