Restored Republic via
a GCR: Update as of March 28, 2024


JUDY NOTE: Connect the Dots: Continuation-of-Government,
EBS, Mass Arrests, Game Theory Operations, Obama’s Hidden Agendas, Deep State
Operations, CIA Exposure, NATO Collapse, Military Infiltration, Civil Unrest
and Mel Gibson’s documentary exposing P Diddy (aka the Black Epstein) and his
friends Barak and Michelle Obama, Prince Harry, JayZ, Naomi Campbell and other
Elites Gay Sex Parties using drugs to manipulate boys and girls to have
intercourse and hidden Satanic parties complete with child sacrifices.

· Be Ready Patriots: “When they wake up they won’t know what hit them.
Genesis 1:3 – God said, “Let there be Light” and there was Light. Prepare for
the Storm!” …JFK Jr.

· Shell Oil Company began drilling for oil in Nigeria, where they
exploited the land and poisoned the water. When the citizens complained Shell
executives went to the Nigerian Government and told them to put down the
protestors or they wouldn’t receive any more money. The Nigerian Government
killed over 80 protestors. This was just one example of many! There were ten
major Corporations which were all controlled by the Zionist Jews. The word
terrorist is not good enough word to describe their evil, they’re simply beyond
terrorists. They’re just pure evil.

· Trump seized 650 plane loads of gold from a 150 mile tunnel that ran
from beneath the Vatican to Palestine. Most of the gold, worth around $60
Trillion, was returned to the new US Treasury located on an Indian Reservation
near Reno Nevada. The gold had been illegally seized from the US Taxpayers by
the Cabal.

· Tues. 26 March BQQQM! Sun 24 March The White Hats Great Announcement,
JFK Jr. –

A. APPARENT TIMELINE:· Prior to 1752, the New Year began on March 25.

· On Palm Sun. 1 April 1860 Q was created when 20
Generals placed Abraham Lincoln into office to Fight the Khazarian mafia who
created the slave trade and owned 99% of the U.S. Slaves. Today this battle is
coming to an end. …Trump Q

· Since 1918 and to this day, the Rothschild (Khazarian Mafia pretend
Jews of Israel) private bankers, the private corporation of US Inc, UK Royals
and Vatican have had total control over use of US Taxpayer dollars.

· In June 1963, five months before his assassination, President John F.
Kennedy issued an Executive Order that would have given American Currency back
to the American People. Kennedy printed US currency based on a Silver Standard,
taking away the power of the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel. Many argue this
was the reason that JFK was assassinated.

· On Christmas Eve 24 Dec. 1963, after Kennedy’s assassination (22 Nov.
1963), 77 U.S. Generals came together and The Plan was born to Save The World.
Three months later 133 Generals became part of Operation Freedom Eagle 35. You
are a witness to 58 Year Military Delta Coming In Hot 2014 +22 Nations, 1600
Generals NCSWIC The last days of Joe Biden …Q The Storm

· On 14 Oct. 2020 the UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY filed for
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the Northern District of Florida Bankruptcy Court.
This was an involuntary bankruptcy filing assigned the bankruptcy case number
#20-40375. The bankruptcy petition for UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY showed
assets in the range of Unknown with liabilities in the range of Unknown. UNITED
STATES CORPORATION COMPANY reports creditors in the range of 1-49. 

· On Sun. 17 March 2024, Brazil, Hong Kong and other places across the
World were given the Green Light for the Global Currency Reset.

· Tues. 19 March Trump’s Military Alliance Launched Mass Arrests on Fake
News Media: Breaking! Trump’s Military Alliance Launches Mass Arrests on Fake
News Media – Clintons and Nancy Pelosi’s Drug Money – Global Blackout Crisis! –

· Mon. 1 April 2024 is the Julian Calendar New Year’s Day – the start of
a new era of peace and prosperity when the Global Currency Reset introduces the
gold/ asset-backed US Note and says bye bye to the fiat US Inc. Federal Dollar
that Global Elites have been using to steal the country dry. NESARA funds will
be released to the General Public where they will be able to go to existing
banks and set up their individual bank accounts on the new Quantum Financial
System. April 1st Shockwave! QFS Integration with Wells Fargo Sparks Global
Financial Reset, Redemption Centers, Military Alliances – Trump & Musk’s AI
Unleashes War on Globalist Elites! – Gazetteller

· On Tues. 2 April 2024 the General Public was supposed to start
receiving their Redemption monies.

· Sat. 6 April was the date some believe was Christ’s actual birth day.

· The Q Clock Is Mirrored to 4-8 (Mon. 8 April). …The 17th Letter on
Telegram (JFK Jr.) Tues. 26 March

· On Mon. 8 April during the Solar Eclipse the Deep State was planning a
biological attack on The People. The Oklahoma National Guard will have
guardsmen present for the total solar eclipse – 22 members of an elite
Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear unit will be housed. Residents
are being urged to stock up with one to two weeks of food in advance of the
event. Communication facilities could become overloaded, possibly making cell
phone calls difficult. States Calling for State of Emergency:

Insider Exposes April 8th 2024 Emergency – Is It Going to be the Worst
Day in History?  The Truth
about the Solar eclipse, What will happen on April 8th 2024?


· Wed. 27 March MarkZ: MZ: We are receiving some bond news. There were
several bond meetings. Until now they were waiting for all the contracts to be
finished and final and your payment of the 1% early next week. So it’s
positive… it will be right around Mon. 1 April 2024.

· Wed. 27 March Wolverine: A lot of people have received emails telling
them to get their platforms ready. People have been paid. Money by Easter Sun.
31 March.

· Wed. 27 March Texas Snake: Since there has been so little actual RV
information being released over the past couple of days I thought it might be a
relief over this coming Easter celebration to share what my banker has just
shared with me. His text is in all caps.


· Tues. 26 March NESARA and GESARA Unveil Monumental Changes: Global
Implementation Begins! – .


Wed. 27 March Ezra: We already know of several incidents that have
recently taken place in some of the below cities. Have you all noticed that
these cities have Water & Landon Ports? These were listed as the cities
that will all have one major false flag event. Donald Trump believes there will
be one. We shouldn’t be surprised as to why he would state that. Stay Alert!
Evacuate These Cities. 

1) New York City , 2) Los Angeles , 3)
Chicago , 4) Philadelphia , 5) Washington DC , 6)
Houston , 7) Nashville , 8) New Orleans , 9)
Charlotte 10) San Francisco 11) Detroit 12)
Seattle 13) Atlanta 14) Las Vegas 15)
Baltimore 16) Boston 17) Miami

been out of their state militia status and operating as Active-Duty Status
every day since they were Federalized in March 2020.

· There’s MORE than enough documentation and ‘proof’ to
show a Continuity of Government, not only in the presence of the National Guard,
but also the thousands of World Alliance Aircrafts in and out of the United
States and National Guard bases.

· There’s United States Coast Guard with the United States Navy at their
stations.· The US Coast Guard is under the Department of Homeland Security
during Peacetime and transferred to the Department of the Navy during Wartime.·
The Brunson vs. Adams case simply states the obvious: Congress violated the

E. THE REAL NEWS FOR WED. 27 MARCH 2024:· Wed. 27 March
Baltimore Bridge Collapse: The Adults have the situation completely under
control. Two of the fastest U.S. Sealift Ships trapped by Baltimore Bridge
collapse. The blocked entrance to the Port of Baltimore has stranded a total of
four cargo ships that are on call to support U.S. military operations.

· Wed. 27 March: If you wonder where our tax money went
this week — here you go. There has been found an additional $6.2B “unaccounted”
Pentagon money missing. Guess where they went? Of course, Ukraine, where it is
laundered back to the politicians who sent it there.

· An African has developed the first TV and electric-car that runs on
electricity generated by radio waves. Completely self-sufficient, with no power
or solar source. No one is talking about it in the mainstream and they even
tried to poison him last year. The elite doesn’t want us to evolve. Nor does it
want us to know that free energy is available for very little money. We are
being screwed through the teeth so that we can be exploited.

· Dr. Fauci & Loretta Lynch were both hanged at GITMO — GITMO Double

· Tues. 26 March the Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Twice, the lights went
out at just the right moment, as if it were a deliberate Cyber Attack. There
was evidence of a bomb on the bridge just before the collision. The timing was
right before it hit the bridge. It occurred during the late hours of the night,
while everyone was asleep. The harbor is one of the busiest in the country and
an important hub for shipping on the US east coast, especially in transporting
road vehicles. It also handles farming, construction machinery and coal. This
collapse will cause huge disruption for shipping at one of the busiest ports on
the U.S. East Coast and on the roads. The bridge allows commercial ships to
enter the Port of Baltimore, one of the top ports in the U.S. in terms of
volume and value of cargoes. It is the largest U.S. port for handling cars and
light trucks.

· Wed. 27 March Judy Byington Bombshell Report: THE FINAL MISSION IS
UPON US! “Nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach.”…President Donald
Trump – Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Wed. 27 March 2024 – .

· Wed. 27 March Anonymous Official: “OH SH*T, IT’S HAPPENING EVENTS

· Tues. 26 March Derek Johnson: Doomsday Plane Up! Federal Continuity
Directives 1 and 2, Prove There’s a Continuity of Operations in Action – BOOOM!
– .

· Tues. 26 March The Devolution Plan and Continuity of Government: Military
Coup Charges Against Biden, Obama, Clinton’s, Rockefellers, CIA, Deep State –
Game Theory Operations – .

· Tues. 26 March White Hats’ INTEL Expose: EBS, Game Theory Operations,
Obama Hidden Agendas, Deep State Operations, CIA Exposure, NATO Collapse,
Military Infiltration & Civil Unrest – .


· Mel Gibson just released his documentary about P Diddy AKA The Black
Epstein on his private Telegram channel. The documentary exposes P Diddy’s
deleted videos of him having fun with young boys, using drugs to manipulate
boys and girls to have intercourse with him, hidden Satanic Gay Sex parties,
Satanic sacrifices and much more. In these videos Elite people are exposed such
as Barack and Michelle Obama, Prince Harry, JayZ, Naomi Campbell and many more!

· Prince Harry has been named as one of the famous figures at Diddy’s
“Sex-Trafficking Parties.” President Trump’s Executive Order 13903 is
still working.

· The Most Popular Food & Drink Brands In America Are Flavor
Enhancing Their Foods With “Kidney Cells From Human Aborted Fetuses” & Then
Feeding It To You. How is this Legal? These People Are Evil. “Go and research
the word Senomyx. Okay, Senomyx is a transnational company that creates flavor
enhancement for products for transnational companies like Pepsi, Kraft, Nestle,
Campbell’s. And what they’ve been doing is that they grabbed, uh, kidney cells
from human aborted fetuses.

· Hollywood Star P Diddy’s electronics were seized as part of sex
trafficking raid but there’s still no sign of rapper who was ‘on his way to the
Bahamas with daughters’ when the feds swooped down on his mansions 

· Tues. 26 March EXPOSED: International Vatican-run Child Sex
Trafficking, Gun and Drug Running Ring, Bush, Clintons, Royals, Hollywood, CIA,
UK, PM, Baptists into Pedophilia Ring and Blackmailing Political Elites – .

· California: The Getty Museum in Los Angeles is a pedophile fortress
with more than 12 floors underground. Two million women & children were
there till 2018.There are elevators & practically a city down below with
thousands of sex slaves. Only people on the “A LIST” can walk all over this
place. The elevators lead to a tunnel system. It is guarded with high security.
It is a hell created within another hell! Epstein Island is just the tip of the

· Wed. 27 March According to the Plaintiff and “music prodigy” Rodney
Jones, Diddy’s ENTIRE operation is a “RICO enterprise” and he even referred to
his assistant Kristina as the “Ghislaine Maxwell” to Diddy’s “Jeffery Epstein”.
That alone is ONE HELL of an accusation! My thoughts are that Diddy is likely
going to be the FALL GUY FOR EVERYTHING, including the other music executives
and CEOs of Universal Music Group/Motown mentioned in the lawsuit who likely
helped fund and facilitate the whole thing. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if
Diddy is the small guy on the totem pole, and that this bust leads to an entire
network of similar, and connected operations. They will have a HARD time
“covering up” this one like they did with the Epstein client list, however. The
deep and dark secrets of the once untouchable music industry WILL COME TO

· Shirley Temple (one of Hollywood’s most famous child actresses),
admitted to CNN that Hollywood is run by elite pedophiles, in a recent video
that surfaced. The 1988 video, circulated on social media, shows Temple on
CNN’s Larry King Live program talking about pedophilia in Hollywood and how she
had been sexually perverted on the sidelines of famous movie studios since she
was a child. “I had never seen anyone naked before except myself, so I had
no idea what was going on”.

· Wed. 27 March “Two Girls in a Cup” Exposed what your nine year-olds
might be seeing, Ricky Shroder: 


· “Chemotherapeutic drugs are the only classification of drugs where the
prescribing doctor gets a direct cut. So if your doctor prescribes chemo for
you, here’s how it goes. The doctor buys it off the pharmaceutical company for
$5,000. He sells it to the patient for $12,000, insurance pays $9,000, and the
doctor pockets $4,000. The only reason chemotherapy is used is because doctors
make money from it, period, and it doesn’t work 97% of the time.” – Dr. Peter

· “Ivermectin is also known for killing certain forms of cancer”. Dr
Shentani from Harvard

· Medical officer reveals COVID Vaccine related HEART ISSUES
skyrocketing in active duty Naval officers. Myocarditis rises 151% Pulmonary
heart disease up 62% Ischemic heart disease up 69% Heart Failure increased a
whopping 973%.

· 1960s news: Flu Vax found to be ineffective. Whistleblowers censored
or fired. Military mandated Adenovirus vax which caused cancer in animal tests
and took 3 years for it to be pulled from market.


· Bill Gates & The World Economic Forum Are In The Process Of
Genetically Modifying Our Seeds & Changing The Genes Of Our Plants.
Complete Control Of Our Food While Preaching Depopulation.

· Democrats Have LOST THEIR MINDS. Now they are proposing to Congress
that every Illegal Immigrant be provided an Attorney paid for by American Tax
Payers. So the American taxpayer should pay for the lawyers. Not only should
they pay for the hospitals, not only should they pay for the schools, not only
should they pay the SNAP benefits. They should also pay for the lawyers to
allow them as people from outside the United States to be able to come into

· White Hats: The Rothschild family has been manipulating the global
economy for centuries. All while hiding behind their immense wealth and power.
Their actions are not only unethical but downright evil. It’s time for us to
take a stand and expose their corruption.

· The new documentary (Climate: The Movie) thoroughly demolishes the
“human-induced climate change” scam—upon which Net Zero is
predicated—once and for all. “It’s a wonderful way to increase government
power. If there’s an existential threat out there that’s worldwide, well you
need a powerful worldwide government to cope with it… You’ve suddenly got the
population under control, all over the world”.

· There is alarming footage of the discarded remains of a wind farm in
Queensland, Australia. Contrary to the Climate Scam propaganda regurgitated by
Net Zero zealots, and the trillion dollar “renewable” energy
industry, wind turbines are not renewable or “green” in the
slightest. Not only are these monstrosities a blight on the countryside when
they’re in operation, killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of bats and
birds in the process, every single year—once their working life of just 15-20
years is up, they cannot be recycled, so they end up being dumped in nature, or
in landfill sites.

confirmed on Epstein list.2. Iraq says “No More USD exchange” inside the
country.3. NATO full panic mode — planning to False Flag themselves and blame
Russia.4. SCOTUS accepts filing alleging Jack Smith is an illegal special

5. Public confirmation that DJT never went to Epstein
Island.6. Genocide in Gaza confirmed by multiple alt-media/citizen journalists
worldwide. Official case accepted by ICJ.

7. Tucker Carlson/Russell Brand say the words “spiritual
warfare”, and “C19 was a bioweapon” on Tucker’s show, 3 weeks after Tucker
basically proved Epstein didn’t kill himself.

8. Former Counsel in US FDICOoffice overseeing commercial banking
sector, sentenced to prison for child pornography/assault.9. WeThePeople
protests now choking off transit in multiple Western nations.10. “Alien” seed
firmly planted in the consciousness in Miami, FL.

The Royal Family & Child Trafficking by Fiona Barnett:

· The book Dope Inc. (1978) was meticulously researched and proved
beyond a doubt that the British Royal Family were the ultimate benefactors of
the CIA-coordinated global drug smuggling operation.

· The Royals are also the financial benefactors of the global child sex
trade. Prince Andrew has been accused of raping minors who were trafficked by
convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. One of Prince Andrew’s
victims, Virginia

· Roberts Giuffre had her photographed with him. Remember the Royal
Family were caught on film teaching Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret to make
Nazi salutes.

· Remember pop star Mick Jagger calling Queen Elizabeth “chief witch”.
100 I witnessed the Queen presiding over the ritual murder of 11 children at St
James Anglican Church in Sydney City when I was 11 years old.

· Within the left path, Satan is the Supreme Prince (the hierarchy of
Hell begins with the Prince).

· He is ‘The Other’, the radiant giver of fire and enlightener! He is
the only God who cares! Satanism is a spiritual Darwinian theory based on
robbery. Devoted Satanists consecrate themselves and their sexual acts to their
Dark Lord. Prayers are said, chants intoned, or invocations recited all as a
basis for receiving the blessings of Hell.

· Unknown – if not always unexpected – there are hellish temples in
every major city in the world – Vatican City included! At every hour of every
day and night, people are consciously engaged in the service of Satan. Human
sacrifice – whether ritualistic and rapid or slow and degrading over time – is
used for specific purposes.

· Politicians are introduced to a carefully graded series of criteria
and situations that allow them to accept that their victims will be “our little

· Young children are sexually and physically abused by politicians
around the world and are quickly victimized.

· In Australia the bodies are hardly ever discovered because Australia
is still a wilderness.

· Overseas, cremation is the preferred method, and although the Satanic
Alpha Lodges in Australia have access to crematoriums if necessary, this is
surprisingly rare. Believe it or not, many bodies are “thrown over the side”
each week in a series of isolated bushvelds.

· The emerging group of Satanic leaders are young, smart, competent and
heartless. They are masters and mistresses of their emotions and intellect. End
quota.· Do you see what we’re dealing with here?

· Do you all remember that the mass graves of Mohawk
children were discovered using ground-penetrating radar at the Mohawk
Institute, a residential school for Mohawks run by the Church of England and
the Vatican before its closure in 1970?

· In an exclusive interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, Med, Rev.
Kevin Annett, Secretary of the ITCCS Tribunal, revealed a chain of forensic
evidence establishing a criminal conspiracy by the above-mentioned individuals,
all with the intent to cover up the genocide to support Native American
children in Canada through Elizabeth Windsor, Head of State of Canada, and the

· The mandate of the ITCCS: The tribunal, based in London, United
Kingdom, is tasked with bringing to justice “the individuals and
institutions responsible for the exploitation, torture and murder of children,
past and present, and these and other criminal acts committed by the Church and
to stop the state”.

· The British Royals and the Reptilians – One of the Most Monstrous Families
on Earth is Fading Away 

Ellis Washington Report · In the US alone eight million children go
missing every year.

· The former UN executive director and former president
of the Club of Rome Europe confirmed that the Oligarchs running our world were
pedophiles controlling the global child sex trafficking systems. According to
him, the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations was similar to the Davos Agenda

· A Child Trafficking Camp discovered in Arizona is located on Clinton
Foundation Donor CEMEX Property.

· Nearly 90,000 unborn babies have been saved from abortion since the
Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade according to Pro-Life Group.

· News Nation: The Lady Rothschild introduced Jeffrey Epstein to Alan
Dershowitz, Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, yet the FBI is hiding her name from
the public. Why would the Rothschilds be connecting Epstein to all of these
influential people as if they were his handler? One of the heads of the snake
is none other than the Rothschild banking family. Jacob Rothschild was an
integral part of that beast. Epstein was blackmailing politicians, celebrities
and the Mainstream Media.

· The entire world is controlled by Satanic Secret Societies who worship
their “god” Satan through Global child sacrifice networks and institutions
which they use to fund perpetual wars by the Vatican.

· The top of the Illuminati Pyramid of Power was the thirteen Illuminati
Royal Bloodline families of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Khazarian Mafia,
CIA, Central Bankers, Mossad and British Royal Family.

· In 1823 the Rothschilds took over all financial dealings of the
Catholic Church and the Vatican. Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope in
history! This would explain how the Gestapo wing of the Catholic Church (e.g.,
the Jesuits) have had their dark, hidden hand in fomenting world wars and false
flag conflicts among the nations.

· When the British Royal Family went bankrupt in the 1870s the
Rothschilds acquired “breeding rights” to the British Royal Family as payment
to keep this family solvent. This goes back to the 1870s under Queen Victoria.
Meaning = All of the Royal Family = Not English but KHAZARS = “Fake Jews”.

· The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s first efforts to use Machiavellian
tactics to fund both sides of every war began with the American Revolution
(1775-83) and the French Revolution (1789-99).The Rothschild Central Bankers
not only funded these wars, but fomented or used their vast wealth to create
hatred, economic chaos, and warmongering among the Nations!


Ladies and Gentlemen, · Today, as we stand together, we embark on a
journey not just of distance, but of purpose and vision. We look to the
horizon, not as distant observers, but as pioneers of a dream that has been the
heartbeat of our nation since its inception – the dream of a Great America.

· This dream isn’t anchored in the sands of complacency
but sails on the winds of progress, equality, and unwavering courage. It’s
etched in the stories of our forefathers and mothers, who envisioned a land
where freedom isn’t just a word, but a way of life. A country where the pursuit
of happiness isn’t confined by the circumstances of one’s birth but is an
unalienable right for all.

· Envisioning a Great America means seeing beyond the challenges of
today to the possibilities of tomorrow. It means recognizing that our greatness
isn’t defined by our past achievements but by our commitment to forging a
future that reflects our highest ideals. A future where every child, regardless
of race, creed, or background, has the opportunity to achieve their fullest

· It is a vision of a nation united not by the sameness of our opinions,
but by the shared belief in our democratic principles and the common good.
Where our differences are not sources of division, but wellsprings of strength
and diversity, enriching the fabric of our national identity.

· To envision a Great America is to understand the responsibility that
comes with our freedoms. It’s to acknowledge that liberty is maintained not
through indifference, but through engagement and the tireless defense of our
constitutional rights. It requires us to be guardians of justice, stewards of
the environment, and champions of peace, both at home and abroad.

· This vision calls upon us to renew our commitment to community,
understanding that we rise by lifting others. It implores us to build bridges
of understanding and empathy, dismantling the walls of prejudice and fear that
have for too long divided us.

· In this Great America, innovation and tradition walk hand in hand,
honoring our history while embracing the future. We lead not by the might of
our military, but by the strength of our character; not by the wealth of our
possessions, but by the richness of our spirit.

· Ladies and Gentlemen, the journey to this envisioned America is not
without its hurdles. It demands our collective resolve, our unyielding
optimism, and, above all, our unwavering faith in the American spirit. It
requires each of us to contribute our best, to hold fast to the values that
define us, and to act with the knowledge that our actions today will shape the
legacy we leave for generations to come.

· As we stand on the precipice of tomorrow, let us hold fast to this
vision of a Great America. A country where liberty and justice are not just
ideals, but realities for every citizen. Where our unity is our strength, and
our diversity our greatest asset.

· Together, let us step forward with courage and conviction, carrying
the torch of freedom and lighting the way for the world to follow. For in our
hearts, we know that when we dream together, when we work together, and when we
believe together, there is no limit to the greatness we can achieve.

Thank you. …The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.)



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