Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of March 15, 2024


People have asked
me what it is like living here in Utah in view of all the information that has
come out lately about the Satanic Ritual Abuse perpetrators embedded in Utah legal
entities and government.(see #L
Sacrifice Perps Including Judge, Sheriff Arrested by DELTA FORCE,
Whistleblowers Charged by Corrupt Court Tied to CLINTONS”

tell them it’s no different than anywhere else. Everyone lives in their own
little bubble and don’t want to admit that children are being raped and
murdered right next door. Perpetrators are everywhere no matter where you live.
The ritual abuse of children by Satanic Covens is rampant and spread throughout
the nation, throughout the World.

just have scratched the surface here in Utah. Others need to start scratching
where they live – and realize it might be happening right next door. We all
need to watch for the signs and help Save the Children.

We Think We Know as of Fri. 15 March 2024:

was created long ago in 1860 1 April
when 20 Generals placed
Abraham Lincoln into office to fight the Khazarian Mafia who created the slave
trade and owned 99% of the U.S. Slaves. Today this battle is coming to an end.
…Trump Q

The Storm:
Christmas Eve
was the day 77 U.S. Generals came together and The Plan was born to
Save The World. In March three months later 133 Generals became part of _Op.
FREEDOM EAGLE35 … You are a witness to 58 Year Military Delta Coming In Hot
2014 +22 Nations_1600 Generals NCSWIC.

: I DEMAND EQUAL TIME! Pics will surface of Hussein holding AK47 in tribal
attire. One of many. Net shut down. Fake pic push by MSM. Videos / backup.
Google kill. YouTube kill. FB kill. Twitter kill. Yahoo kill. Bing kill.
Instagram kill. Net will be paused. HAMMER.ON THE CLOCK. …Q

14 March White Hat Intel:
Follow resignations… the pedo
networks are being dismantled. The child abductions for satanic rituals (ie
HAITI and other 3rd world countries) are paused (not terminated until players
in custody). We pray every single day for God’s guidance and direction as we
are truly up against pure evil. …Q

Trump is Commander In Chief of US Inc. Military and President
of the US Republic, with
John F. Kennedy Jr. as VP
according to a Trump voice recording on CBK Telegram  Sun. 20 Nov.
2022 7:50 pm EST
. 29 Nov. 2022.

14 March South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso

are experiencing major internet outages and blackouts, reports BBC. What is
happening in Nigeria is of interest. The Nigerian authorities, having
introduced the digital naira and strictly limited the circulation of cash
(limits have been set on cash withdrawals from ATMs – by the way, which still
requires the Internet), in the conditions of a fallen Internet, they are
actually dooming the country to collapse, since non-cash transfers are again
tied to the availability Internet.

Time Line:

15 March
was the deadline to fund the US Government which,
according to the Federal Reserve, was already $34 Trillion in debt, rises by $1
trillion every 100 days and owes Social Security recipients another $175
Trillion, while Biden’s budget includes $289 billion to build illegal migrant’s
housing out of his $7.3 Trillion in new spending. The system is unsustainable.
Banks can no longer give loans on the fiat US Dollar. Fulford Sources in the
Japanese Imperial Family say the 15th is the date for a Financial
Black Swan Event.

On Fri. 15 March the US
Government would run out of monies, while
the new gold/asset-backed US Note could be available to the General Public
and replace the old Federal Reserve fiat US Dollar in ATM machines. It was also
likely that on that same Fri. 15 March Restitution
and Rebate monies will begin to be paid out and Social Security increases will

Mon. 1 April: “FINAL DANCE” MAKE
BACKUPS, BE READY: 03/22 – 03/28
…Mr. Pool on Telegram 11 March 2024.

Judy Note: Is Mr. Pool talking
about the EBS starting on Fri. 22 March
and going to the end of the month? Mon. 1 April
is the Julian Calendar New
Year’s Day, and perhaps release of the GCR to the General Public.

Sat. 6 April was the date some
believe was Christ’s actual birth day.

8 April Solar Eclipse:
The Oklahoma National Guard will
have guardsmen present for the total solar eclipse on April 8. 22 members of an elite Chemical, Biological, Radiological
and Nuclear unit will be housed. Residents are being urged to stock up with one
to two weeks of food in advance of the event. Communication facilities could
become overloaded, possibly making cell phone calls difficult.

8 April Be Ready For Lights Out:
NEW RichieFromBoston
(3/13/2024): April 8th — Be Ready for Lights Out — Last Call

8 April Emergency:
What No One’s Telling You About April 8th

Global Currency Reset:

14 March Bruce:
Military sources
were saying we should have the Supreme Court decision about 2020 Election fraud
by or before noon Fri. 15 March. Notifications for Tier4b to set
redemption appointments to come out after that announcement or around Fri.
afternoon 15 March or Sat. morning 16 March.
Either will allow us to set
appointments for Sat. 16 March.Trump could be back as President by this
NESARA may come in this weekend.

13 March Texas Snake:
“Well it is positive about what the CBI
has stated will occur either tomorrow Thurs.
14 March or the next day on Fri. 15 March
, but based upon the current time
I will not have answers until the early morning hours. The exchange agents per
the banker are all on call to begin emails or phone calls to begin scheduling

best is yet to come!
is the last week
we will face all the lies prepared by Biden. Should I
reveal everything? – Time is up, Biden. …Restricted Media on Telegram Tues. 12 March 2024

12 March MarkZ:
“My Bond Holder had an appointment today
and left the appointment with an NDA. …Two Iraqi contacts said that Iraq was
absolutely done and they were just waiting for the US Treasury to give them the
go. …A
Chase Bank story: Guy
went into Chase and met privately with a wealth manager. They discussed Iraq
Dinar and the manager just came out of his 5th meeting on dinar rates! The guy
asked when the manager thought he would see the released Dinar rate? The
manager said “in the next three days.”

12 March Wolverine Exclusive Leak:
400,000 Wells Fargo
Emails Generate Massive Liquidity with Zim Bonds and NESARA! In an
unprecedented move that is expected to shake the financial world, Wells Fargo
and HSBC are about to begin a massive release of liquidity, a move that is as
audacious as it is profitable. This is a secret operation that could change the
economic landscape forever. The plan? Sending over 400,000 emails to currency
and bond holders, providing them with the golden keys to a treasure that is
hiding in plain sight.

11 March Digital Financial Asset Announcement, Russia:

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law allowing firms in the country to
use digital financial assets including the digital ruble in international
payments on March 11. Moscow has fast-tracked the bill in an apparent bid to
help domestic companies use digital tokens and CBDCs to evade sanctions.

14 March
The Cosmic Blueprint: NESARA & GESARA’s
Astrological Genesis and Start Time – Jupiter and Uranus Conjunction &
Taurus Energy! Astrologer Salvador Russo

Thurs. 14 March 2024
Bruce, The
Big Call

Military sources were saying we should have the Supreme Court
decision about 2020 Election fraud by or before noon Fri. 15 March.

Notifications for Tier4b to set redemption appointments to come out after
that announcement or around Fri. afternoon 15 March or Sat. morning 16
Either will allow us to set appointments for Sat. 16 March.

Trump could be back as President by this weekend.

Trust Accounts need to be set up within 10 days after your

As of Mon 11 March there was no more fiat US Dollars being used
anywhere in the World except for the US. Here in the US the fiat Dollar will
only be good until 4 July 2024.

The USTN will be issued in the US by the end of the

The Fed is dead. The IRS is almost gone. We will be on a consumption
tax of tax on new goods bought (except for food and medicine).

NESARA may come in this weekend.

Recent GCR History

On Thurs. 22 Feb. the Cabal capitulated, followed
by Trump releasing the final phase
of The Plan – which was Mass Arrests. Those arrests were hoped to be completed
by Fri. 15 March.

Sat. 23 Feb. 2024
the World Trade Organization announced
that Iraq had completed all requirements to be accepted as a member including
having set their new Iraqi Dinar Rate, which the next day on Wed. 28 Feb, the Central Bank of Iraq
announced as $3.47. Then the Dinar went live on back screens of the Forex for
$2.70 and began fluctuating upward in value.

Thurs. 29 Feb
. at
around 7 pm EST
Iraqi PM Al Suddani formally announced that the Dinar was
asset-backed and Iraq had officially joined BRICS.

On Fri. 1 March, with various countries new currency rates
having been agreed upon,
Iraq officially joined other BRICS nations
for the Global Currency Reset – exactly one year (March 2023) after the new Quantum Financial System went live on the
Star Link Satellite Network.

On Thurs. 7 March after Actor Biden’s State of
the Nation Address,
Trump hit the Green Light that released the new gold/asset-backed US Treasury
note to the World.

Global Financial Collapse, Charlie Ward:

Unveils Shocking Connections to Tribunals and War
Crimes! Prepare for the Unthinkable: Trillions of dollars in U.S. Treasury
Bonds are flooding back to Europe and 110 nations, revealing the alarming truth
that the U.S. Corporation is teetering on the brink of insolvency. Brace
yourself for the impending catastrophic COLLAPSE that will send shockwaves
throughout Europe and beyond.

14 March China’s
struggling property developers won’t be
getting a major bailout, authorities indicated, warning that those who
“harm the interests of the masses” will be punished.

brazen act of pilfering its citizens’ wealth has ignited widespread riots and
civil unrest.

in Germany
is decimating the metal industry, crippling weapons
production, and pushing corporations to the edge of bankruptcy.

Deutsche Bank’s entanglement with Epstein’s
dark connections
and its web of international ties, including Estonian banks, is unraveling, as
world courts launch far-reaching investigations that could shatter the global
banking system.

Descent into Chaos
: An Unfolding Catastrophe. The nation of
Israel finds itself in dire straits as it hurtles towards an imminent COLLAPSE.
Concealing the true state of its markets, banks are fabricating gains as civil
unrest spirals into full-blown riots.

the colossal COLLAPSE of SVB BANKS in California
resulting in a mind-boggling loss of $10 trillion, sets off a catastrophic
domino effect rippling across multiple countries. The COLLAPSE, underway for
over a year and a half, is finally unmasking the Deep State’s cover-ups and
exposing their false market reports.

the Biden administration trembles,
governments worldwide
teeter on the brink, and the Military courts, along with the Alliance, silently
monitor the COLLAPSE, knowing that it will lead to military intervention. The
intricate web of connections between governments, worldwide money laundering
operations, bioweapon creation, and incitement of proxy wars through the U.S.
heralds an era of potential war crimes, crimes against humanity, and a global

Global Event:
We Stand at the Precipice of Chaos.
Massive chaos looms on the horizon, as citizens around the globe remain
shockingly unprepared for the impending COLLAPSE EVENT.

14 March Dollar Tree and Family Dollar to close nearly 1,000 discount stores.

14 March
BREAKING: New York Community Bancorp Crash – The
Banking Crisis Of 2024 Has Already Started

Thurs. 14 March Wells Fargo Implementation of QFS and Redemption Centers,

Fargo’s approach to implementing the Quantum Financial System (QFS) and establishing
Redemption Centers
is a clear testament to its commitment to
innovation, security, and customer service in the evolving financial landscape.
The bank’s strategy is multifaceted, focusing on ensuring a seamless transition
for customers, enhancing security, and providing clear, beneficial exchange

of the Quantum Financial System (QFS):

1. Integration
with Existing Services:
Wells Fargo plans to integrate QFS seamlessly with
its existing banking services, allowing customers to easily transition to the
new system. This involves upgrading their infrastructure to support QFS
technology, ensuring a smooth, secure, and efficient banking experience.

2. Staff
Training and Expertise:
The bank is investing in comprehensive training for
its finance department professionals who will manage the QFS. This ensures that
staff are well-versed in the intricacies of the system and can provide
knowledgeable support to customers navigating the transition.

3. Enhanced
Security Measures:
By requiring transactions to be overseen by individuals
with Treasury or Homeland Security identification, Wells Fargo is prioritizing
the security of its customers’ transactions. This move is designed to instill
confidence in the system’s integrity and the bank’s commitment to safeguarding
financial assets.

Thurs. 14 March Bank Stories, Holly:

weeks ago I finally got to talk to a banker friend,

walked in his office, closed his door. I started talking to him about the
exchange his eyes got real big and asked me about it. I said yes if I had
Currency I said yes and then he asked me if I had Zim I said yes and he goes.
Oh OK you’ll be going to special place. I said OK he said when that was over
come back here and we’ll talk and I’ll help you out and take care of you, I was
really excited about  it’s.

story two I go into the bank today to a teller who I talked to about three
months ago who was brand new and she spilled her guts.

The first couple days that she started. Tell me asking me what currency I had
and everything and I said yeah I had Currency… He says oh you’re gonna be one
of our new millionaires, and I said I also had Zim she’s in said oh you’re
gonna be one of our new billionaires and I went on with that today when I
talked to her was talking about the new Currency coming out soon and she said
yes and I said we should be exchanging it soon and then she said was the next
week look forward to seeing you next week exciting times coming. I asked her if
she had been trained on the new system QSF and she said yes and I said I told
you you were gonna be trained on it. She laughed and said I know I just didn’t
believe you until now.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Agenda of the Illuminati Deep State Cabal Globalists backed by the CIA:

14 March
More than 2,500 delegates including Bill Gates,
Fauci, Soros, Klaus Schwab and 5,000 armed guards and more than 2,000 private
jets will fly to a Swiss ski resort for the World Economic Forum in Davos next
week … to tell all of us to stop flying, stop driving gasoline-powered cars,
stop using gas stoves and stop eating quality food and start eating
grasshoppers and living in gated 15-minute towns under strict social rationing.

is the Globalists method for rolling out their Social
Credit System designed to control the masses. Quant and other organizations are
connected to the Federal Government.

is a U.S. CIA project.
This is the conclusion reached by
cryptographers, who provide the first evidence that Satoshi Nakamoto (creator
of BTC) is a former drug lord and informant of U.S. intelligence agencies Paul
Le Roux. Users discovered that Nakamoto’s first transaction deciphered as:
“This transaction was made by Paul Le Roux to Hal Finney on January 12, 2009.” His whereabouts
are now unknown.

Real News for Real Patriots from the
Judy Byington Report—Part 30 | Ellis Washington Report

& WEF – Sustainable development control plan means Corporate control of all
Earth’s inventory:
Land, Water, Animals, Minerals, Plants,
Construction, Production, Food, Energy, Information and Humans. Corporations
& NGO’s supersede you.

14 March Deep State Agenda to Control our Food:

American Cattle Rancher Exposing That They’ve All Been Sold Out, They’re At
Risk Of Being Run Out Of Business & Your Meat Is Being Imported. 4 Large
Mega Corporations Now Own 85% Of The Entire Industry. 2 Of Them Are Foreign
Owned, 1 Of Them Is Chinese.

Biden Crime Family:
Unmasking Biden Crime Investigation
Corruption, Sexual Abuse, and Financial Misdeeds! Uncover the chilling truth
now! Our investigation exposes the disturbing reality of corruption, sexual
abuse, and illicit financial activities within Biden Crime Investigation. Act swiftly!

The Real News for Thurs. 14 March 2024:

6 so-called “Insurrection” Patriots were set up by our own CIA, Judicial Watch:

CIA Involved in January 6 Response – Deployed Bomb Techs, Dog Teams, Texts

14 March BlackRock Managing Director
has been caught for
child sex exploitation.

is in charge at the privately owned World Health Organization (WHO)?

The Director General of WHO is Tedros Gebreyesus, and he is not a doctor. He is
a member of the “Tigray People’s Liberation Front”, which was
classified as a terrorist organization by the U.S. government in the 1990s and
is still listed on the Global Terrorism Database.

14 March Multiple African Nations Report Submarine Cables Cut as Internet
Outage Intensifies:

11 March Boeing Whistleblower Found DECEASED:
John Barnett was
found with a “self-inflicted gunshot wound” in his truck in the parking lot of
a hotel in South Carolina, just days after testifying against Boeing. He was a
Quality Manager for 30 years with Boeing, turned whistleblower, and had been testifying
about what he witnessed all these years. He was silenced because he provided
information in a deposition that may have seriously damaged Boeing’s
credibility, stock prices, and even raise questions of criminality, once
published. Boeing is one of, if not the largest aviation company on Earth. If
it comes out that they are not building, or maintaining with the highest
standards, it will be disastrous for them.

14 March: Massive Internet problems in South Africa
Much of West and Central Africa without Internet. Thousands of South African
Internet users are reporting issues with accessing myriad online services on Thursday, 14 March 2024.

13 March
Bombshell Report! Judy Byington: “Child Sacrifice
Perps Including Judge, Sheriff Arrested by DELTA FORCE, Whistleblowers Charged
by Corrupt Court Tied to CLINTONS”

14 March:
Judy Byington, Unredacted: Worldwide Scare Event
Inbound, Courtesy of Satan Worshipping Political & Global Elite! Special
Intel Report 3/14/24

13 March:
Situation Update: Third World War! Failing Desperate
Cabal CIA Trying To Initiate WW3 Using False Flags In China! Russia To Provoke
A Nuclear Response! – WTPN

14 March Key House lawmaker says he may make referrals for obstruction, ethics
against Dem J6 panel

14 March Russian Nuclear Subs on East Coast:

for you to consider for your Humanitarian needs – Agriculture Domes:
New Year: A Time To Celebrate Agriculture

14 March
Special Report! Judy Byington: Worldwide Scare Event
Inbound Due To Global Military Alliance Arrests & Taking Back US Taxpayer
Monies – US Government Shutdown Pending. . .

14 March
The TikTok War: Trump vs. the Deep State – Who Will
Win Control Over the Ultimate Propaganda Machine.

K. International Child Sex Trafficking, Organ
and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the Vatican and housed in China’s
Three Gorges Dam in the 1500 mile tunnel that runs between the Vatican and

14 March
Bombshell Report! Judy Byington: “Child Sacrifice
Perps Including Judge, Sheriff Arrested by DELTA FORCE, Whistleblowers Charged
by Corrupt Court Tied to CLINTONS”

15 March One of Jeffry Epstein child trafficking victims Sara Conor
was convinced by Tucker Carlson and Mel Gibson to share her horrifying story
with the American public. SARA said, “I have tapes of high-ranking officials
raping children and committing other horrific crimes.” Sara claims that the
footage shows the Obamas having sex with the victims – multiple times.

14 March 2024:
The Child Trafficking Documentary Some In
Congress Did Not Want You to See

Special Report!
Judy Byington: CIA Funds Child Sex Trafficking Cult Run Out of the Vatican

Report! Judy Byington: Vatican Pedophile Network Closed as Gold Repatriated to
US Treasury

Report! Judy Byington: Thousands of Children Rescued, Mutilated Bodies
Recovered, From Biden-Owned Ukraine Property Containing US Run Bio-Weapon Labs!

14 March Utah parents allegedly admit raping their 15-year-old daughter

to “teach” her about sex because it was safer to have sex with them
than strangers. The parents even admitted they were committing the crimes but
tried justifying it because it was “safer for her than having sex with

10 March
Adrenochrome Oscars

14 March
BREAKING NEWS: Drake Bell, Who Stared in Drake &
Josh, Just Revealed that Gay Hollywood Pedophile Executives Have Pictures of
Serial Killers Who Raped Little Boys in their Homes

“Child Sacrifice Perps Including Judge, Sheriff Arrested by DELTA FORCE,
Whistleblowers Charged by Corrupt Court Tied to CLINTONS”!
Report Judy Byington: “Child Sacrifice Perps Including Judge, Sheriff Arrested
by DELTA FORCE, Whistleblowers Charged by Corrupt Court Tied to CLINTONS”!

were three Satanic Covens with around 95 perpetrators who were taken out and
arrested by Delta and ISA Military Forces on a quiet Saturday night just before
April Mother’s Day 2021. The group, who mainly resided in peaceful Cache Valley
Utah, was charged with raping and killing children in Satanic rites over a
period of many years.

so much news about the Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) of children in our society,
the Mainstream Media failed to cover the story – plus any news on it ever

group of about 75 Satanic worshippers were discovered in a barn near Preston
Idaho, another group of about ten were near North Logan Utah and a third group
of ten were near Wellsville Utah.

several years Whistleblower Tom Fairbanks had been actively involved with
Intelligence Support Activity (ISA) undercover operations and exposing the
Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) of children in Cache Valley. In liaison with 
Delta Force, Fairbanks
and his Military Liaison had successfully infiltrated the Satan worshipping

that same time Fairbanks also made numerous requests to open investigations on
the rapes and murders of children in Cache Valley to the Utah State Bar
Association and Utah State Attorney General’s office. What was strange was that
instead of opening investigations, those appeals to legal entities were
followed by numerous death threats – on Fairbanks.

May 25, 2023 Fairbanks was read in on another Sting Operation that took place a
few days later on the Satanic Holiday of May 30, 2023. There were twenty-two
Delta Force Operatives who interrupted a Child Sacrifice Rite in a Cache Valley
Canyon. Baby Saved; Delta Force Arrest 48 Satanic Perps Including Judge,
Sheriff, While AG Sets Sheriff Free & Charges Whistleblower Who Set Up
Sting Operation.

bleeding baby was saved, while 48 Satan Worshippers were arrested – one of whom
was a local District Judge and another, the Cache County Sheriff. To Fairbank’s
surprise, the Sheriff was released without explanation. He suspected that US
Attorney General for Utah John Huber played a part in the Sheriff’s release.

2016 John Huber’s national notoriety had come into public view after he was
appointed by the United States Attorney General under 
President Donald J. Trump, to
Hillary Clinton, the Clinton
 and their ties to Child
Trafficking and the Satanic Ritual Abuse of children. The appointment was felt
to be one of convenience due to Huber’s location and access to the NSA data
center located in Utah. “After all, the Super Computer at NSA has it all”!

Oct. 30 2017 to March 31 2019 Huber and his team of 740 investigators had filed
indictments against global elites, averaging 5,521 per month. By January 2020
Huber gave a report of his Clinton investigation findings to President Trump
saying, “There was nothing to see”.

responded by calling Huber “a human garbage disposal”. Obama, Clinton, Pelosi
Among Those Expected Charged with Treason, Sedition .

connection to Huber’s so-called investigation of Hillary Clinton’s interest in
SRA had begun a few years prior in January of 2018 when Fairbanks published a
book titled, “American Crossroad of Trust,” His book concluded with matters
that John Huber was supposed to be investigating under mandate of the Trump
Administration (see Clinton’s Frazzeldrip Video where she was shown torturing
and killing a child Is a Hillary Clinton ‘Snuff Film’ Circulating on the Dark
Web? |

the second edition of his book Fairbanks discussed Hillary Clinton’s interview
with Matt Lauer just prior to the 2016 election, in which Clinton threw a
tirade and declared, “If that B*$#%@d wins, we all hang.” Was Clinton
predicting that if Trump got into power they would uncover her many crimes
including the ritual abuse of children?

wasn’t until a year later in April 2019 and before Trump took Huber off the
Clinton investigation that Fairbanks innocently approached John Huber on his
information about the ritual abuse of children in Cache Valley Utah.

took only seven months for Huber’s office to file charges – against Fairbanks –
without ever investigating any of Fairbanks’ claims. In fact, Huber eventually
was to make a decision to indict Fairbanks on bogus charges, which could have
been a means of silencing him.

appeared to have reason, some of which were thought connected to Satanic Ritual
Abusers engrained in the Utah legal system and the Federal Tax case of Ken and
Barbara Cromar, more popularly known as “Barbie and Ken vs. Goliath IRS.”

July 1 2020 Barbie and Ken faced trial in Utah Fourth District Court, charged
with living in and stealing from their own home. Even though they had been
cleared by a Federal Tax Court of owing any money to the IRS, they had twice
been attacked by 75 men SWAT Teams, who eventually seized their fully owned
home and threw all possessions in dumpsters, including expensive camera
equipment Ken used to make a living.

Fourth District Court jury (which was not allowed to review evidence from the
Federal Tax Court case that proved the Cromars had been cleared of owing any
money to the IRS) found them guilty of owing the money – which was no surprise
since during their nearly five year battle with the IRS and 15 past court
filings, they had been continuously denied due process of Law by a seemingly
corrupt court system.

as Fairbanks was experiencing while fighting Huber’s bogus charges, the Cromars
had been denied the right to file documents in their behalf, denied the right
to call witnesses to testify in their behalf and suffered many other injustices
including the right to defend themselves in court.

Fairbank’s Friend of the Court Brief for the Cromars stated, “Ironically this
is all happening at the same time the national airwaves are filled with news
reports of alleged prosecutorial misconduct and investigations into Satanic
ritual sexual assaults in Utah County” (in reference to Cromar’s prosecuting
Utah County Attorney David O Leavitt).

who was running for re-election but later dropped out of the race, had his own
Satanic connection problems to think about: Utah County attorney, sheriff trade
angry barbs over sex abuse investigation – Deseret News Utah County Gripped by
Accusations of Phony Murder and Cannibalization of Kids ( A
PAC with ties to the Utah Sheriffs’ Association is trying to unseat Utah County
Attorney David Leavitt (

on April 16, 2019 Huber claimed jurisdiction over the Cromar case by moving it
from being a civil matter in the Utah Fourth District Court to his jurisdiction
in the US District Court. Was it Huber’s need to protect errant court officers
and judges? Perhaps the local District Judge and Cache County Sheriff arrested
in the May 2023 Satanic Coven Sting Operation had connections to a corrupt Utah
legal system?

Huber continued to conceal Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirator’s Satanic
ties, acts of Treason and Crimes Against Humanity.

August 5, 2019, Chief Judge Timothy D. DeGuisti dismissed Barbie & Ken’s
Complaint for “lack of jurisdiction” and denied Barbie & Ken their Motion
for a Hearing. Barbie & Ken’s Appeal of Judge DeGuisti’s decision was also

why did John Huber claim jurisdiction of this Complaint by Barbie & Ken,
especially when Judge DeGuisti openly declared that Barbie & Ken’s
Complaint was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction? Why would a U.S. Attorney
interfere in a civil matter? Why did John Huber feel the need to protect errant
court officers and judges through the sabotaging of Barbie & Ken’s civil
complaint and the court system? What would possess a man to do such a thing and
to leave a paper trail behind.

October of 2021 Fairbanks had passed on Intel to his Military Liaison about a
couple whose last name was “Huber,” who were heavily involved with Adrenochrome
production (the very expensive blood of traumatized children used by Satanic
Elites for “Highs” and Age Reversal). Although not officially confirmed, the
couple was believed to be the brother of John Huber.

week after exposing the Huber couple Fairbanks was admitted to a hospital with
a supposed Covid diagnosis. At the end of his thirty-one days of
hospitalization he was given a complete examination by a respiratory therapist.
One hour prior to being discharged, the therapist exclaimed, “I don’t know how
to fill out the COVID report because he doesn’t match!”

suspected that his so-called Covid diagnosis and hospitalization was connected
to someone trying to make sure that he wouldn’t live to talk about Satanic
Ritual Abuse (SRA), pedophilia, and human trafficking in Cache County. Though,
God seemed to have other plans for Fairbanks – he was literally saved by a
miracle in that hospital.

June 23 2022 Fairbanks filed a Friend of the Court Brief (Amicus Curiae) on
behalf of Barbara and Ken Cromar. Fairbanks also produced a News Release on
behalf of the Cromars with the subject line of, “U.S. Attorney District of Utah
Implicated in Criminal Cover-up of Barbie & Ken’s Innocence.”

Friday May 19, 2023 Fairbanks filed a surprise Motion, in the Salt Lake City
Federal Court, suspending a sentencing hearing for Fairbanks scheduled for
Wednesday May 24, 2023. The filing revealed to the Court that Fairbanks was, in
fact, actively participating with Intelligence Support Activity (ISA). He was
operating undercover while exposing Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and documenting
Crimes Against Humanity in a criminal case brought against him by John Huber’s

Federal Judge’s intentional ignoring of Fairbanks’ Court Filing and stated
threat in a Warrant for the Arrest of Fairbanks on May 24, 2023 legally
amounted to a Declaration of War against Fairbanks with the stated intent to
Manslave (Traffick) him.

next day, May 25, 2023, Fairbanks was read in on the Sting Operation that
finally took place a few days later on the Satanic Holiday of May 30, 2023 when
twenty-two Delta Force Operatives were able to interrupt a Child Sacrifice Rite
in a Cache Valley Utah Canyon and save a baby about to be murdered. After that
Fairbanks was instructed to “go dark” (undercover) until military protection
could be arranged for him.

a result of threats against Fairbanks and his wife, on Thursday June 1, 2023 an
appeal to JAG (Judge Advocate General – the Military) seeking redress was hand
carried on behalf of Fairbanks. The Appeal, under Proclamation 104 – Suspension
of Habeas Corpus throughout the United States sought to have the matter
discharged in accordance with “an act relating to Habeas Corpus, and relating
Judicial Proceedings in Certain Cases”.

of this Declaration of War against Fairbanks, his appeal has now been given to
JAG. The military remains the only lawful legal authority in a time of War.
This is why it has been stated so many times, “Military is the Only way”!

release of the May 2023 Memorial Day Satanic Perpetrator Sting Operation story,
Fairbanks received word that someone had been given a “Code 4,” which meant
that someone had been compromised. Instructions were given him to limit direct
communication as everyone was being tracked and traced.

received word from his Military Liaison that he had a tail on him. He did not
know who they were connected to and expressed concern that someone was going to
great lengths to put surveillance on him, which exposed an even bigger effort
to find and locate Fairbanks’ whereabouts.

under protection, Fairbanks had a chance meeting with an informant which led to
the disclosure of the NSA’s (National Security Agency) connection to the Utah
Highway Patrol, the Utah Governor’s Guard, and even an NSA connection to the
infamous January 6ther Ray Epps and the special protection and treatment Epps
has been receiving in Central Utah since Epps 
“went into hiding”.

Epps bound into the national spotlight on a January 6, 2021 Demonstration at
the US Capitol by claiming, “I was in the front with a few others. I also
orchestrated it.” Video footage from the night before, January 5, 2021, showed
FBI/CIA fed agent provocateur Ray Epps screaming “We need to go INTO the
Capitol.” Then the peaceful January 6 protestors scream “No!!! Fed! Fed! Fed”!

many Americans, especially leftists, know this happened? Many are asking, “Why
isn’t Epps in prison?” We pay 
FBI/CIA to encourage violence at protests? By his own actions, Ray
Epps clearly had a prominent role in and before January 6th.

Fairbanks was not the only one who has suffered political tyranny for his
participation in the Satanic perpetrator Sting Operations that included
uncovering of SRA and human trafficking in Cache Valley. Fairbanks’ Military
Liaison has also suffered financially – plus on Mon. 19 June 2023 ended up in
the hospital after being poisoned – his present condition, critical.

of this date the Liaison had not received his monthly disability/retirement
payments for the last eight months, leaving him in a position of desperation.
The Liaison had successfully appealed to a Military Court to intervene in his
behalf, but still had not yet received his monies. Through, he had received
numerous calls telling him that his money problems would be over if he would
just abandon Tom Fairbanks.

prior to being poisoned the Military Liaison received a phone call with an AI
voice reading a message of warning saying,

“If you will turn over Tom
Fairbanks to the Federal Authorities, we will stop interfering with your
monthly payments.”

of the previous phone call threats have been from a human source, yet in this
most recent revelation, the call came from an AI source that appears to be
connected to the NSA – an incidental element of great significance as to who is
behind all of 

Huber’s close connection to the National Security Data Center in Utah,
Governors Gary Herbert and Spencer Cox, the NSA-UHP Governor’s Guard, along
with the apparent protection of Ray Epps who is hiding in Central Utah, may be
the smoking gun that reveals everything, including what and who were really
behind January 6th at the US Capitol.

as of today Thurs. 14 March 2024, Ken Cromar and Tom Fairbanks remained in jail
awaiting hearings.

Covid/ Ebola/ Swine Flu/ Polio/ Small Pox/ BSE/ Zika/ Sars/ Monkey Pox/ AIDs/
Vax/ H1N1/ Graphene Oxide/ Chem trails/ Fluoride, Processed Foods, Human Clones

14 March The Reason Trump Pushed the Vax was to Save America:

13 March
Utah Jazz legend John Stockton sues Washington AG’s
office over COVID-19 speech rules

14 March Medical officer reveals Covid Vaccine related HEART ISSUES
skyrocketing in active duty Naval officers
: Myocarditis
rises 151% Pulmonary heart disease up 62% Ischemic heart disease up 69% Heart
Failure increased a whopping 973%

“We can’t find an autistic child who was

14 March Tucker Carlson Asks the Forbidden Question

– why the people who made the claim “safe and effective” aren’t being held to
criminal liability for abetting the “killing of all these Americans.”

13 March Nigel Farage
implores everybody to reject the WHO’s
Pandemic Treaty: “It is literally a globalist treaty that takes away the
power of the nation state. Say no to the WHO Pandemic Treaty.We shouldn’t be
paying any money to this appalling organization.”

14 March
The Kalamazoo Water Reclamation Plant outfall: The
city is testing its wastewater for methylene chloride spilled into the sanitary
sewer system by Pfizer this week.

Thurs. 14 March Newly-discovered 50-mile fault line in Canada could cause
MASSIVE TSUNAMI in northwestern US if it ruptures.

More than a million residents in the northeastern United States are potentially
at risk from a tsunami triggered by a recently identified fault line.
Researchers have uncovered a fault approximately 45 miles in length, situated
within British Columbia, Canada, that remained unnoticed for thousands of
years. Specialists believe the specific configuration of this fault may lead to
a significant earthquake in Canada.The impact of the earthquake has the
potential to create a tsunami within the Georgia Basin region, affecting areas
in both Washington and British Columbia. This finding was part of research
conducted by a team that features Nick Harrichhausen, who is serving as a
postdoctoral researcher at Université Grenoble Alpes in France.

O. “What Every American Needs To Know” explains the truths of Law, Status, Unalienable Rights, and
History and provides an understanding of how to use it all. By David Straight, a former special
ops, former intelligence officer, former secret service agent, former sheriff
deputy and who recently served on two Presidential task forces, says: “
of what the US Federal Government does is illegal and unconstitutional. Why? –
because our Constitution was changed in 1871. From that date forward, we have
not been a free people living in a free republic. We have been a Corporation.”

Straight’s seminar, “What Every American Needs To
explains the truths of
Law, Status, Unalienable Rights, and History and provides an understanding of
how to use it all. This series should be watched by every single American.

Sounds Crazy? Start with these

The United States Is Not a
Democracy — It’s a Corporation! The Act of 1871

The Corporation Formally Known

Income Taxes Are Illegal –
There’s No Law Requiring Americans to Pay Income Tax

Anthony Sinasac from Canada reminds us:
United States for America (a Republic) was hijacked in 1871 (perhaps as far
back as 1774) and turned into a CORPORATION called THE UNITED STATES FOR
AMERICA, INC. (a Corporation).

Section Q, I think (?) should read The United States of America (a
Republic), not ‘for‘.  And THE UNITED STATES FOR
AMERICA, INC. (a Corporation) seems correct, that is ‘FOR’ as
well as all CAPITALIZED letters, thus our (Canada included) sir names also
CAPITALIZED, since 1871.

Sneaky/evil buggers. Incognito, right
before our very eyes. Typical of Satan’s minions.

Q. The Global Alliance Needs Your Help.
Patriots around the World are doing their part, however small it may be
inspired to be, to take down the corrupt System and it’s Global and Political
Elites who have committed Treason and High Crimes. Learn how you can join them
and help the cause:


In the US you can now sue Covid Vaccine
as they failed to
disclose that the jabs contained DNA contamination, namely the Simian Virus 40
(SV40) which is known to cause cancer.
Surprise, Surprise, they are finding spike proteins from the jab
right in the middle of cancer cells

Wed. 13 March US: Michelle
(Miki) Klann recently went viral when she publicly served the Maricopa Board of
Supervisors with a notice to resign for treason & high crimes. Miki and her
team are showing We The People how to step up and assist the Military’s efforts
by taking back our fraudulent corporate government at the local level.

Klann: Dismantling Our Local Corporate Governments

Wed. 13 March UK: Richard Vobes is exposing explosive evidence
of UK Government fraud – that connects to the 9/11 Terrorist Attack, Epstein
and Ghislaine Maxwell Child Sex Trafficking Ring that Blackmailed Political
Elites to keep the Globalist Agenda in power and the fraudulent UK Companies
House Registration System where it appears that every UK tax payer was contributing
to a system of crime. Explosive evidence
of government fraud, Richard Vobes:
EXPLOSIVE Evidence of Government Fraud

We’ve made some progress: Apparently over 90 members of the UK
Parliament were stepping down before the next UK elections.
MPs are
stepping down, Richard Vobes:


POLICE OFFICER GARY WATERMAN: Email to 650 MPs – International Fraud / Child

Learn how you can build Evidential Documents
on International Fraud:
evidential documents – International fraud.

Tom Fairbanks
spent much of his life gathering evidence on the Ritual Abuse of children
in Utah. In early
March 2024 he was arrested and placed in the Utah Weber County Jail. For what?
The reasons given for his arrest were suspect and didn’t appear to be due to
criminal activity. His record was sparkling clean. The real reason for attacks
on Tom appeared to be that the Powers That Be couldn’t afford to have
someone with Tom’s very valid evidence of SRA cases to be running around
unchecked. He had to be silenced, one way or another. Fairbanks’ problems began
when he decided to take his evidence of Satanic Ritual Abuse of children
and share it with Utah governmental powers. No sooner had he done so when a
tsunami of problems began to plague his life including being poisoned and
suffering years of court battles on made up cases. Tom has another hearing on his case set for Thurs. 14 March 10:00 am MST.

If you
wish to help Tom with funds
so he can have phone access, go to
and register. A box will show up where can put in Tom Fairbank’s name (Weber
County Jail ID # 671274) Then hit “send money now” and follow
the instructions. Tom would
greatly appreciate your show of support. Postcards can be sent to:
Community Support Foundation P.O. Box 939 Logan, Utah 84323

“Ken and
Barbie vs Goliath IRS”: So why was Ken Cromar sitting in jail
trial on charges that he had the audacity to live in his own home that he fully
owned after the privately owned by the Cabal IRS unlawfully used SWAT Teams to
take possession of that home and threw away all of his possessions and after he
proved in a Federal Tax Court that he owed no money to the IRS? Was the IRS
making an example of Ken and his wife Barbara to prove what they will do to you
if you dare question their unlawful authority?

“The deception displayed by the Court and Prosecution in the Federal Case against Ken Cromar exposes
the desperation of the IRS and DOJ to convict Barbie & Ken. The six year
battle they have faced demonstrates the venerability of the IRS and its
orchestrated scheme to defraud and fleece the American public (We the People).”
… Tom Fairbanks, Intelligence Support Activity (ISA)

 “Ken and Barbie vs. Goliath IRS” Whistleblower
If you want to help save U.S., share
this, particularly IRS or government officials who care about saving our
country. Do you believe in miracles? Thank you for your kind prayers. They are
working, Ken

Our conditional 12-million-dollar whistleblower offer: We are looking for miraculous support through some surprise
whistleblowers who may have info that leads to exposing the corrupt charges
against us and exonerate us.  See the attached videos I made in
Washington, D.C. at the National Press Club just days before being hit by
13-man SWAT in June of 2019.



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