During an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight on November 12th, General Michael Flynn was asked by Carlson what his take on former Trump advisor Steve Bannon being indicted for contempt of Congress – noting that it had been decades since anyone found in contempt of Congress had actually had criminal charges filed against them.

Flynn said that the aforementioned is proof positive that Democrats are willing to do whatever it takes to usher in “their complete takeover” of the United States.


“It shows the speed in which the Democratic party is moving to confirm their complete takeover of this country.”

Further along during his appearance, Flynn explained that these actions taken by the Democrats in relation to their working within the Select Committee in investigating the Capitol incident serves a broader purpose of destroying the basic liberties of average Americans.

“The assault on our freedom of speech, our ability to peaceably protest, our desire to seek the truth in the security of our elections, systems and processes.  This is all at risk in our country today.  And they don’t want us to be talking about these things.”

Flynn rhetorically asked where exactly the Republican leadership during these times is, especially when they’re most needed.

“To me, it’s this Republican establishment and these so-called Republican leaders.  What I hear from the American people is they are looking for leadership out of the Republican Party and the Republican Party, they’re not doing it. They need to stand up and they’re just not doing it.”


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