Donald Trump sat down with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures yesterday on Fox News and answered a few questions.

It’s worth noting that he didn’t have scripted answers, notecards, or need to read off of a teleprompter like the current president almost always does.

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Maria Bartiromo: The other day Hillary Clinton said that if you win again, it is the end of democracy. Will this be a rematch?

Donald Trump: Oh, I have no idea. I hope so. I mean, I’d like that. But look, the woman is crooked as can be, she cheated on the election they spied on my campaign. Remember, I put out that little statement, they’re spying on my campaign, and all hell broke out. You know why it broke out? Because they knew I was right. They knew I was right. And all of these things that happened and we caught and let’s see what happens. Now. Let’s see what happens to Hunter. Let’s see what happens to all of it.

Maria Bartiromo: Just today. He called Kamala Harris President again. Do you think someone else is directing him?

Donald Trump: Well, I never called Mike Pence, President. I’ll tell you I can’t imagine what’s going on. It’s hard to believe.

Maria Bartiromo: Who’s running the country?

Donald Trump: Well, think of it. It was so obvious in this case because 450,000 He was incensed. He was very upset by that question asked by a very good reporter, actually. But he was very angry at that question. Like, how dare you? What a stupid question. Of course, the next morning. He was saying how Yeah, this is something that we think is excellent. That really means in the truest sense that he is not running the country, because there’s no way you go from indignation to Oh, that’s wonderful. And I hope you had a good interview.

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