WASHINGTON, DC – Democrats suffered a huge blow regarding their immigration agenda after the Senate parliamentarian ruled against the inclusion of immigration provisions within President Biden’s $2 trillion spending bill.

According to reports, Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough shut down Democrats’ third effort to include immigration reform in the Build Back Better bill, pointing out that immigration reform does not meet the standards of what can be included in the aforementioned budget measure.

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Democrats have tried in two previous attempts to cram their immigration agenda into the spending bill, which would have set the stage for millions of illegal immigrants being afforded to what they often call the “pathway to citizenship.”

In the latest effort that Senate parliamentarian MacDonough put the kibosh on, Democrats were seeking immigration measures that would’ve afforded approximately 6.5 million illegal immigrants a temporary parole status that would have also granted them five-year work and travel permits.

The parliamentarian’s guidance on the attempt to include immigration for a third time in their reconciliation bill noted that it was “not much different in its effect than the previous proposals” that were rejected.

This budget process that Democrats have tried to effectively bypass the filibuster through injecting immigration reform in a spending bill were coined as being “substantial policy changes with lasting effects just like those we previously considered and outweigh the budgetary impact” per the parliamentarian’s guidance.

In light of the third strike against Democrats on said matter, Sen. Dick Durbin – who chairs the Judiciary Committee – said he was “disappointed” in the Senate parliamentarian’s decision and added that his Democratic colleagues are “considering what options are available.”

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Similar sentiments were expressed in a joint statement from Democrat Senators Catherine Cortez Masto, Ben Ray Luján, and Alex Padilla on the rejection of immigration reform being baked into the Build Back Better bill.

“We strongly disagree with the Senate parliamentarian’s interpretation of our immigration proposal, and we will pursue every means to achieve a path to citizenship in the Build Back Better Act.”

Immigration advocates like Marielena Hincapié, who serves as the executive director of the National Immigration Law Center, has urged Senate Democrats to simply overrule Senate parliamentarian MacDonough’s guidance on the inclusion of immigration provisions in the reconciliation bill – which is something that Democrats could do in theory.

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However, Democrats would need 50 votes in the Senate to formally overrule the Senate parliamentarian in this matter, which would also fail since Democrat Senators like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have no interest in setting such a precedent.

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