New reports are coming in alleging that Senate Democrats will not be passing the Build Back Better plan this year, instead pushing the vote into 2022 after negotiations between President Joe Biden and Senator Joe Manchin collapsed.

CNN’s Manu Raju reported that the negotiations between Biden and Manchin went off the rails due to a child tax credit extension.

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The Daily Caller reported that Biden’s plan included a $3,600 credit for young children and a $3,000 credit for children ages 6-17 included in the American Rescue Plan (ARP) through 2022, but it would not have included any work requirement. Manchin was a staunch supporter of a work requirement, while Biden and his fellow Democrats were against it.

“Manchin is trying to back out of a deal with the White House,” one Democrat source told The Hill. “Manchin earlier agreed to a one-year extension of the child tax credit. They shook on it.”

The insider went on to say that What Manchin is doing here “is causing consternation at the White House.”

A second source said that “there is no way” the bill can pass before Christmas, given the breakdown of negotiations with Manchin.

Manchin was also worried about inflation in the wake of price increases hitting a 39-year high. When Manchin said that these numbers were “alarming,” Biden began to show signs that he didn’t expect the senator to support his plan any longer.

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“I don’t know the answer to that,” Biden said last week when asked about Manchin’s possible support. “I’m going to be talking to him at the beginning of the week.”

Biden and Manchin reportedly spoke on Monday, but they could not come to an agreement. Various Democrats have expressed their frustration with Manchin, saying that he should just vote for the bill without causing problems.

“I can’t keep track of all of Manchin’s conditions,” one Democrat senator said on the condition of anonymity. “People are exasperated, worried, frustrated, and have crossed over to humor.”

This senator said that it is unlikely for the bill to come to the floor before February or March, thanks to Manchin dragging his feet on it.

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I think it is appropriate for him to finally come to a conclusion as to what he will accept,” Illinois Sen. and Majority Whip Dick Durbin said yesterday. “Let’s go home to our families. Let’s get our job done.”

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