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As our readers know, has extensively covered the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021. We attended the Trump rally early that morning and ultimately found ourselves thrust into the front lines of a large crowd that made its way up the Capitol steps, covered by plumes of tear gas and attacked by Capitol Police officers. We risked our safety knowing the importance of capturing what would surely be a defining moment of the 2020 election. We need not say that an accurate account of January 6th is of utmost importance to us, and we grieve the loss of patriots who passed away that day. The treatment of January 6th protestors is not something we take lightly, and we have and will continue to shed light on the disparate treatment shown to those patriots compared to BLM and Antifa thugs who continue getting away with rioting, looting, and violent attacks nationwide.

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With that being said, on September 18th, 2021, an organization by the name of Look Ahead America, headed by former 2016 Trump Campaign staffer Matt Braynard, hosted a rally in Washington D.C. to spread awareness of over 600 January 6 protestors jailed for attending the infamous January 6th Capitol Hill riot, many of whom are being held in harsh conditions for non-violent charges. The Regime Media reacted viciously to the event in the weeks prior, calling it “Insurrection 2.0”, resulting in proactive measures by Capitol police, including the re-erection of border fences to keep would-be troublemakers away from the premises. I guess walls do work!

But it wasn’t only the Regime Media spreading fear about the event. Numerous online accounts urged patriots not to attend the rally, claiming it was a set-up to arrest more Trump supporters. Even President Trump was wary of the protest and referred to it as a “setup.”

We attended the September 18 rally, and what we found was not a glow-op of CIA agents kidnapping attendees into unmarked white vans, but rather a bald cuckservative jerk, a few worthy congressional candidates seeking to win their respective primaries, and a former female champion boxer with a lot of heart.

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Speakers at the event included Matt Braynard himself, Arizona primary candidate Jeffrey Zink, Georgia primary candidate Mike Collins, and Washington State primary candidate Joe Kent.

As expected, there was heavy security protecting the Capitol. Dump trucks filled the streets to block the flow of traffic and access to the mall. But what’s more interesting was the private security who attended the rally.

[embedded content]

Notice anything strange? Your eyes don’t deceive you. That’s Black Lives Matter! So now you must be thinking, surely these are the counter protestors blocking the stage in order to shut out the controversial event which was about to take place.

[embedded content]

Nope. It looks like Matt Braynard paid them off as private security. How inclusive!

As you can imagine, Black Lives Matter did not actually endorse the event. Those who weren’t lucky enough to allegedly get on the Look Ahead America payroll were across the street counter-protesting and causing trouble.

So why hire BLM? Why not the Proud Boys or one of the many pro-Trump militia groups who attended January 6th? Well it’s likely not only because they actively discouraged attending the event, calling it a “guaranteed disaster.

I’d also like to mention that all attendees of the rally were strictly urged not to bring any clothing, flags, or other materials related to causes other than those supporting the January 6th arrestees. Braynard actually personally asked some attendees to put their Trump flags away.

So why didn’t he ask his private security to discard BLM face masks?

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Although race is by no means the most pressing issue regarding the content of Look Ahead America’s rally, the inclusion of BLM certainly is a conflict of interest.

Isn’t it ironic? You can imagine some of those private security might have even been featured rioting and looting in the footage Braynard featured directly behind them. How can Look Ahead America stand by BLM and genuinely represent the patriots of January 6th, knowing full well that they were the targets of violent attacks by Antifa/BLM for the entire four years Trump was in office.

Matt Braynard himself was a Trump staffer, albeit briefly. Did he forget the violent threats his President suffered at the hands of these thugs?

Well, this perplexed me as I stood among the crowd, so I decided to ask Braynard myself. Here’s what he had to say: “PFFFT.”

[embedded content]

Yes, he made a fart noise with his mouth. Then he turned around and walked away. At this point I was thoroughly satisfied and forgot all about my doubts. Not.

Now, look. We didn’t just show up to this rally in order to harass Braynard. Some people did this, and it amused me. However, I personally contacted Look Ahead America in the weeks prior to their event to ensure that we would be able to interview Matt and record the stage without incident. We had nothing but good intentions and gave the rally the benefit of the doubt.

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Following up with a private phone call, I was assured by Kimmie Gonzalez, National Director of Government Affairs for Look Ahead, that I was included on a press list and the top brass of LAA would be aware of our presence there. [Braynard was short and abrasive and refused to grant me an interview.]

So in lieu of a Braynard interview, I sneakily convinced one of his organizers to talk to me. He claims to be a big fan of, and I was as shocked as I was happy to hear that. Here’s what he had to say about BLM being hired as security for the event:

[embedded content]

It’s a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” situation. It reeks of naivety and ignorance when BLM is denouncing you just a few hundred feet away, and considering rally speakers pointed out that BLM has been getting off the hook for their rioting.

Keep reading, Anders!

Matt Braynard didn’t even seem to be familiar with the counter-arguments against the Regime Media Narrative on January 6th. Take this:

[embedded content]

Let me be clear that it is a matter of fact that no protester at the Capitol on January 6th killed a member of the Capitol Police.

[embedded content]

“Stupid and wrong.” I’m sure they’re glad you’re championing them, Matt. But, whatever. Enough of Braynard.

Joe Kent spoke for only a few minutes and ultimately came to the conclusion that we should convince Leftists to care about the January 6th protestors. I don’t doubt his intentions, but what exactly would this accomplish?

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Overall, the rally had its moments. I support Look Ahead America’s efforts to bring national awareness to the suffering of January 6th arrestees rotting away in solitary confinement as they await court dates now scheduled for 2022 without any means of contacting friends or family. However, the protestors who entered the Capitol did so to show the Ruling Class that they were tired of being treated to lies and manipulation by their elected officials. The January 6th protestors weren’t “stupid,” as Matt Braynard seems to think. I highly doubt they would be happy to know that Braynard is championing them with the same Politically Correct rhetoric from Washington D.C. that dissidents on the Right have been lamenting for years.

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