While former President Donald Trump might not have won the 2020 election, it hasn’t stopped him from staying active in politics and making sure Americans continue to be cared for. Just recently, former First Lady Melania Trump decided to donate some of her personal items to help kids in foster care. And Although these items come from Melanie’s personal collection and are autographed, one of the co-founders of the Lincoln Project decided to use the moment of charity to claim that the former First Lady was just a few months away from doing “online porn.” 

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Sadly, you didn’t read that last line wrong as Rick Wilson tweeted out the news about Melania’s charitable actions with the caption, “She’s a few months from an OnlyFans.”

Given the Lincoln Project’s dark past with fellow co-founder John Weaver being accused of sexually harassing two teenage boys, many users were shocked and quick to point out the heinous acts hiding behind their doors. “Well, since she’s not a middle-school-aged boy, we can be assured that @TheRickWilson and the rest of his @ProjectLincoln pals won’t be subscribing to it.”

Another user noted, “… the same Rick Wilson who worked with pedophiles and sex offenders at the Lincoln Project but ok.”

One user added,” You’ve gotta be a truly garbage human being even to think these things, much less decide ‘that’s a good thing to tweet!’”

And knowing he had truly messed up, even people who disagree with Trump chimed in. “I’m not the biggest fan of Melania, but c’mon, man. This is a poor take while throwing the identity/dignity of a woman (no matter her past) under the bus.”

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And for good measure, here are a bunch more reactions to show how disgusted people really are with this Tweet…

“You’re a disgusting piece of shit.”

“You are a vile human being.”

“Fuck you. You’re a pedophile.”

“Imagine being part of the Lincoln Project pedo ring and thinking you have moral superiority.”

“The Lincoln Project was founded by a pedophile, wasn’t it Rick?”

“These are the same ppl that whine about “Let’s Go Brandon” bring offensive.”

“If she were a 12-year-old boy, you’d be right there to subscribe to it.”

“If there’s one thing you Lincoln Project guys know about, it’s sexual deviancy!”

“These are the same people who say criticizing AOC is creepy, mind you.”

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