Brian Stelter’s CNN show “Reliable Sources” went completely off the rails on Sunday as he and his guests went after Republicans and Fox News with attacks that were nothing short of ridiculous.

James Fallows from the far-left The Atlantic kicked things off by saying that the way Republicans were conducting themselves in the debt ceiling debate could easily be equated to an extremist group threatening to “dump anthrax in the water supply unless you do X, Y or Z.” Later in the segment, he doubled down on this.



“And just one brief point here, Congress in disarray, but Congress is made to be in disarray by one group of Congresspeople,” Fallows said, according to Newsbusters. “It’s by – The Republicans are saying we’re going to use the threat of a filibuster with our minority to hold up this crucial thing for the world’s economy. So, it’s in disarray but caused disarray, rather than just some a naturally occurring phenomenon.”

“But the tendency of the media is present all of these things in the ways we’re familiar with as a standoff, as a negotiation, a chess game, who’s going to blink, who is canny, et cetera, et cetera,” he added.

News White House correspondent Brittany Shepherd backed him up on this by proclaiming that media is  harming President Joe Biden’s leverage because this disarray narrative “allows someone like Manchin, Sinema to go to the White House and have all this unbridled power because then it becomes this like Aaron Sorkin power play…”

Not stopping there, Shepherd attacked the White House press pool by whining that they weren’t asking the high-brow questions that she would if she were not relegated to the back of the room. Media critic David Zurawik then chimed in to say Republicans embrace “autocracy,” and the “crisis” was how the media reported it.


“Brian, we talked about this a couple weeks ago in another context, the danger is this move towards autocracy and the way the Republican Party has bought into it, and the way they are shutting down Congress and doing all of these things to bring Trump back in 2024 and to get the midterms in 2022,” he lamented. “And we are at this dangerous point, and the crisis is how do we communicate this to the American people?”

“I have some elderly neighbors who are only on social security. And I thought, ‘wait until your social security check doesn’t come, then you’ll know what’s going on here,’” he continued.

Zurawik went on to shift to Fox News, baselessly claiming that the network is “prolonging the pandemic” because some hosts questioned the “authoritarianism of vaccine mandates.”

“How do you live with yourself when you know what you’re doing in the media can cause deaths for people,” Zurawik sneered, addressing the people at Fox News. “It’s not a game. You walk out on the street. You’re part of the community. You’re part of this country. You’re part of the global community, and you’re contributing to killing people!”


This came a week after Stelter compared Fox News to the clogged heart of a GOP that’s ready to die. He and his colleagues clearly can’t get over the fact that Fox still trounces CNN in the ratings on a daily basis. Sad!

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