Hoping the situation would just magically fix itself, the Democrats and Biden administration do whatever possible to refrain from speaking about the Southern border. While there are definitely numerous problems facing the White House, the Southern border crisis was practically created overnight thanks to President Joe Biden’s efforts to undo everything former President Donald Trump created.

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Just a year ago, under President Trump, the border was secure due to his strict “Remain in Mexico” policy, but that was quickly undone by the swipe of a pen, which has led to millions of migrants flooding the border in record numbers. Not wanting to admit another failure, it appears the Biden administration is finalizing a new border approach with Mexico and it looks a lot like Trump’s former plan. 

Citing sources from both U.S. and Mexico officials, the Washington Post released a report claiming that the Biden administration was in the final steps of a new border program. Under the policy created by Trump, all asylum seekers at the Southern border had to remain in Mexico until their court date.

The policy, which was implemented with the help of Mexico, saw around 70,000 migrants. At one point, there were even court tents set up along the border of Laredo, Texas to help expedite the process. But as mentioned above, on his first day in office, President Biden buried the program. 

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Now, with the border on the brink of collapse due to his leadership, President Biden and the Democrats are quietly working to institute a new program that is nothing more than Trump’s old policy with a new name on it. And of course, it has the backing of the Democrats. 

While President Biden might have used his pen to try and erase Trump’s time as president, a federal judge would ultimately side with border states like Texas and Missouri back in August. The result would force the Biden administration to reinstate the previous policy. 

With the new proposal set to be finalized, it appears that the critics who blasted Trump for his cruel policy that supposedly put migrants at risk of violence are just as silent as the Democrats when it comes to the resurrection of the “Remain in Mexico” policy.

Just remember, the only difference is now it is operated by the Democrats. 

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