Ending medical tyranny should never have fallen off the priority list for America First patriots. Unfortunately, a string of good news starting in February with the lifting of most mask mandates followed by governments and companies backing down on the vaccine mandates took much if not most of the focus away from ending all medical tyranny.

Until it’s completely wiped out and codified as illegal, the powers-that-be will always have it as an option to turn on and off at their leisure. It appears we’re entering into the next phase of Pandemic Panic Theater, so we should expect draconian policies and mandates to return.

On today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show, I am diving into four reasons we should expect the return of medical tyranny. In fact, we should expect it to be much worse because with the current financial situation tens of millions of Americans are facing, the powers-that-be know they will not get away with their authoritarianism as easily as they did the first time. They know desperate people will turn to desperate measures, which means we need to be prepared to fight intelligently.

The other side of the coin is also true when it comes to desperate people. While many will rise up and say, “Hell no, not again,” others will bow down and do whatever government tells them. Even many who opposed mandates in the past are in far worse financial situations today so if government says they need a jab in order to get their government checks or to stand in the government’s upcoming bread lines, they’ll do it.

Many have pointed to the midterm elections as the predicate for the coming rise of Pandemic Panic Theater 2.0. I don’t disagree that it’s a major factor, but we can’t let hatred for Democrat strategies cloud our view of the bigger picture. This conspiracy will expand long after the final 2022 vote is counted. That’s icing on the cake to entice Democrat lawmakers and powerbrokers to get behind the tyranny, but the long-term goals have nothing to do with (D) versus (R).

Here are four indicators that the time is now if we’re going to prepare for battle against the coming round of medical tyranny.

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