CNN’s Brian Stelter, the host of the show “Reliable Sources” which is frequently mocked due to the name of the program, has shown himself to be a bit more reliable as of late when he admitted to the Hunter Biden laptop story being more than “just a right-wing media story.”

Stelter, and CNN for that matter, have a shoddy relationship when it comes to the truth – or at least acknowledging credible allegations worth reporting on. One such example of this tarnished relationship with reporting the facts pertains to the Hunter Biden laptop story.

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When the Hunter Biden story first dropped in October of 2020, CNN and their pundits like Stelter carried water for the Democratic party in order to further the narrative that the laptop was akin to Russian disinformation.

In the past, Stelter even referred to the Hunter Biden laptop story as a  but his tune seemingly changed on the topic as evidenced by an interview he conducted earlier in August.

On August 7th, Stelter was interviewing Michael LaRosa, who previously served as the press secretary for Jill Biden, where the topic of Hunter Biden came up when asking if Joe Biden was considering another run for the White House in 2024.

“What about Hunter? Hunter under federal investigation, charges could be coming at any time – this is not just a right-wing media story, this is a real problem for the Bidens. Could he decide not to run for reelection given his son?”

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LaRosa claimed that the Bidens make “decisions as a family,” adding in his response, “they will make that decision when it’s time.” Stelter quickly interjected, following up with, “Do you think they’ve talked about it yet?”

The First Lady’s former press secretary proclaimed that no such topic has come up with the Bidens, saying, “No, the president is doing his job, he’s doing his work. He’s not focused on that – it’s 19 months. Why would he be doing that?”

While Stelter may be late to the proverbial party when it relates to acknowledging the authenticity of the Hunter Biden laptop, at least he’s finally owning up to the matter being a serious issue that can impact Biden’s chances for reelection (alongside a possible indictment for the sitting president’s son).

CNN as a whole has been treating the Hunter Biden investigation with a more reasonable amount of coverage as of late as well, with a report from July highlighting that the investigation “is nearing a critical juncture.”

Apparently, investigators are in the midst of weighing out “possible charges” whilst “prosecutors confront Justice Department guidelines to generally avoid bringing politically sensitive cases close to an election,” according to insiders briefed on the status of the investigation.

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