The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recently updated its guidance on “safer sex” in the age of the monkeypox virus, which has officially been pushed into a “state of emergency” by the Biden Administration.

As Red Voice Media has reported, monkeypox is generally being discovered among men who have their version of sex with other men, and despite this fact, the CDC still says it’s not a sexually transmitted disease. It’s already been requested that monkeypox receive a new name due to a “stigma” attached to its current one.

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To help these gay men, the CDC has made recommendations on how they can still engage in sexual activity at what they deem a “safe” distance. This is, of course, after pushing the smallpox vaccination, which they say is in “limited supply.” The site says, “These temporary changes will help slow the spread of monkeypox until vaccine supply is adequate.”

“Make a habit of exchanging contact information with any new partner to allow for sexual health follow-up, if needed,” the site encourages.

Imaged used by CDC to offer guidelines for gay sex in the age of monkeypox.

The following is a list of ways that the CDC says can help people continue to have gay sex, directly from the CDC website:

  • Take a temporary break from activities that increase exposure to monkeypox until you are two weeks after your second dose. This will greatly reduce your risk.
  • Limit your number of sex partners to reduce your likelihood of exposure.
  • Spaces like back rooms, saunas, sex clubs, or private and public sex parties, where intimate, often anonymous sexual contact with multiple partners occurs—are more likely to spread monkeypox.
  • Condoms (latex or polyurethane) may protect your anus (butthole), mouth, penis, or vagina from exposure to monkeypox. However, condoms alone may not prevent all exposures to monkeypox since the rash can occur on other parts of the body.
  • Gloves (latex, polyurethane, or nitrile) might also reduce the possibility of exposure if inserting fingers or hands into the vagina or the anus. The gloves must cover all exposed skin and be removed carefully to avoid touching the outer surface.
  • Avoid kissing or exchanging spit since monkeypox can spread this way.
  • Masturbate together at a distance without touching each other and without touching any rash.
  • Have virtual sex with no in-person contact.
  • Consider having sex with your clothes on or covering areas where rash is present, reducing as much skin-to-skin contact as possible. Leather or latex gear also provides a barrier to skin-to-skin contact; just be sure to change or clean clothes/gear between partners and after use.
  • Be aware that monkeypox can also spread through respiratory secretions with close, face-to-face contact.
  • Remember to wash your hands, fetish gear, sex toys, and any fabrics (bedding, towels, clothes) after having sex. Learn more about infection control.

The bold emphasis in the list is this author’s.

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On Thursday, Anthony Fauci said that the Biden Administration will be working with “LGBTQ leaders” to educate them on these guidelines. “Engagement of the community has always proven to be successful,” he said.

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