Celebrating Pride Month over the last few weeks, cities all over the country have watched as the streets have been overtaken with parades and events aimed at the LGBTQ community. While gay pride events are often a joyous occasion, it is also a time for members of the community to remember the Stonewall riots that took place in June of 1969. The first President to declare a pride month was Democrat Bill Clinton. Two other Presidents, Barack Obama and Joe Biden would do the same. But while it might be a time to express themselves and their love for fellow LGBTQ members, there have been numerous reports of children being exposed to sex toys, nudity, and even a drag queen story hour. 

Although there have been countless videos uploaded showing children attending pride parades, the video below caused a mountain of backlash as a group of nude bicyclists are shown cruising in the parade in Seattle, Washington. While nudity has been reported before, it was shocking how the nude adults were in the same parade as the Boy Scouts. Not only did the children partake in the parade, along with carrying the American flag, but the children also waved the pride flag as well. Take a look, but warning, there is nudity. 

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As mentioned above, this isn’t the first time that children have been exposed to the sexuality of these events. Not long ago, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at a pride event hosting a drag queen story hour for children. And singer Christina Aguilera danced on stage wearing a strap-on in L.A. 

But for the children above, participating in the pride parade meant being exposed to adult nudity, sexualized outfits, and men whipping each other. The event even caused journalist Jonathan Choe to tweet, “FREE FOR ALL: By most accounts, today’s Seattle Pride Parade was off the hook! Lots of goodwill and people happy to be out with friends and family. But man, some of these outfits were semi questionable, especially in front of young kids.”

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Also, being at the event, Katie Daviscourt found a few Seattle police officers who were patrolling the area and asked them if the nudity was acceptable. She later tweeted, “I asked these officers about the nudity in front of children, and they said it is permissible under the city’s indecent exposure laws. Someone that feels threatened would have to file a report in order for them to take action.”

Shocked, like most, users online wrote, “Let’s not forget that the Boy Scouts were forced to change their policies by lawsuits. Everyone is now forced to accept what the bizarre leftist wants or else.”

Another person added, “Why are children there? Parents should be arrested for taking them.”

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