While the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting continues to unfold in Davos, Switzerland, it appears the conversations and panels being held aren’t for everyone as Jack Posobiec was confronted by security and interrogated about his connection with Turning Point USA. Although the organization might want to keep the meeting exclusive, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has learned not only about the group but their numerous discussions about the future, technology, and the human race. Somewhat sounding like a dystopian novel, recently, Noor Bin Ladin, who lives in Switzerland, detailed the power possessed by the WEF and how agencies like the WHO are helping push their agendas. 

Appearing on Steve Bannon’s The War Room, the niece to Osama Bin Ladin said, “What we’re seeing right now with the who, with this new instrument that they’re coming up with, whether it’s a convention and agreement or an international instrument, as they’re referring to it right now, we don’t know yet which form it will take, but it’s exactly what is going to be used to push forward these final stages of the New World Order of the great reset. And they have used and will continue to use as we are seeing play out actually, in the news, health emergencies.”

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Recalling what most have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic and the government overreach that followed, Noor continued, “They’re going to keep using these health emergencies to justify the encroachments on our rights and our loss of freedoms…. they keep using these crises to justify these measures.” She also added, “They are packaging this in the guise of health and all these very great-sounding words, security, and everything seems to be done for our own benefit, when in fact, it’s the absolute exact opposite. It is 100% to our detriment and solely for the purpose of consolidating the elite’s power and their wealth.”  

Discussing the ongoing talks about a universal vaccine passport, Bannon and Noor explained how the technology isn’t new. “So, as I just mentioned, this is the excuse or the justification that they’re using this health crisis, this so-called pandemic, to implement these digital passports. This process started a long time ago. I mean, the past 20 years, we see what has happened, and the different measures that have been implemented as a result of the war on terror, and the threats our society here in the West have faced because of Islamic terrorism.

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This was very much weaponized to further this agenda in many, many respects. And this is the next logical step with these so-called health crises that are setting up the conditions for the population to readily accept a biosecurity type infrastructure whereby everything, all our movements will be tracked.”

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