While the blame of the COVID-19 drug side effects are often placed solely on its makers (like Pfizer and Moderna), many experts like Dr. Naomi Wolf haven’t just stopped with the pharmaceutical companies that made billions off of the pandemic. Although COVID-19 might have been the starting point, the level of fraud that supposedly took place expanded far beyond drug companies as Dr. Wolf noted organizations and governments like the FDA, CDC, Biden administration, and the WHO all had a crucial part to play. 

Discussing the mRNA vaccine and the dangers associated with it, Dr. Wolf, as can be seen in the video below, stated, “We’re injecting people with this mRNA vaccine that has never been used before in this way, where does it go? And all of them assured me because the FDA and the CDC were assuring us it stays in the injection site. Well, it doesn’t stay in the injection site, and Pfizer knew. Pfizer documents show me that the FDA knew that within 48 hours, the spike protein, the lipid nanoparticles and the mRNA go right into your bloodstream, and they end up in your liver, adrenals, ovaries, spleen, and lymph nodes.”

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Using an example, the doctor called on a story shared by artist Nikki Minaj where she claimed, “You remember, one of the hip hop stars said that she’d heard that a friend’s cousin had swollen testes and all the fact checkers were like that’s nonsense. And you know the CDC was like that’s nonsense. Well, it wasn’t nonsense. VAERS has tripled digit reports of swollen testes after vaccination.”

Among the numerous side effects being reported, Dr. Wolf also focused on what they labeled as “sudden fainting,” saying, “They list these serious side effects you know, heart damage, stroke, heart attack. And they also list one common side effect, which is sudden fainting, so you’re gonna fight so hard, you might hurt yourself. That’s literally how it’s described in the SEC filing. And think back to reports on social media, comedians falling. Athletes falling. An elderly man I knew fell so hard after being vaccinated, he had to have brain surgery and is now, you know, basically brain dead. He’s lost his cognitive function.”

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The doctor continued, warning, “People are falling so hard…and no one knows. What is this? Well, Pfizer knew, BioNTech knew, the SEC knew, but if you compare the side effects that Pfizer and BioNTech KNEW ABOUT, massive at scale on their internal documents versus the ones on the CDC website yesterday or what your doctors will disclose to you, based on CDC guidance or FDA guidance. It’s, ‘You might have a headache. You might have chills. You might have fatigue.’ None of these serious side effects are disclosed.”

The full video can be watched below.

The FDA Knew The Jab Was Dangerous and a Failure: The Pfizer Documents With Dr. Naomi Wolf [VIDEO INTERVIEW]

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