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There may be no Republican in America who is a bigger fraud than Kristi Noem. That doesn’t mean she’s the worst Republican. We all know there are worse ones: People like Liz Cheney or Adam Kinzinger or Mitt Romney. There are even worse Republican governors, like Brian Kemp or Doug Ducey.

But no Republican has a reputation as fake and bogus as Kristi Noem. Noem is promoted everywhere as a rising Republican star. She’s treated as a possible running mate in 2024 or even a candidate herself. She’s treated as the MAGA wing’s answer to Kamala Harris or Nikki Haley. She’s treated as a rock-solid America First conservative. But she’s not. It’s a sham. More and more conservatives in South Dakota understand this, and it’s time the rest of the country did too before they make the mistake of elevating her to higher office.

Kristi Noem is famous because of her state’s Covid policies. South Dakota never had a mask mandate. It never forced people to stay in their homes. It didn’t try to ban citizens from worshipping God. It reopened its schools in fall 2020 and kept them open. All of that is good. But people have given Noem all the credit for these policies. They shouldn’t.

There’s a website we encourage all of you to check out. It’s called Dakota Truth dot com. It tells the real story of how South Dakota avoided Covid-19 tyranny. It’s not because of Kristi Noem. It’s because of the brave members of the state legislature who held firm and refused to panic while everyone else was losing their minds.

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During South Dakota’s 2020 legislative session, the governor’s team introduced legislation that would have given full emergency shutdown powers to the state’s secretary of Health until July 2021. The governor’s team also proposed giving new emergency powers to mayors and county commissioners to do their own shutdowns. These bills weren’t coming from the legislature. They were coming directly from Kristi Noem’s office. It was the Republicans in the legislature who stopped those bills.

That’s the truth: South Dakota did nothing because Republicans stopped Kristi Noem from doing anything. Then, once it became obvious this was the right move, she took all the credit. Now in the past two years we’ve learned more about Kristi Noem. In 2021 we learned that she was too cowardly to pass a bill keeping mentally ill men out of womens’ sports. That shouldn’t have surprised us. Just a few weeks before Covid hit, Noem helped shut down another bill that would have banned the genital mutilation of minors. The Chamber of Commerce didn’t like it, you see, and keeping the Chamber of Commerce happy is more important than protecting children.

Actually, speaking of protecting children and the Chamber of Commerce, Noem has close links with South Dakota billionaire Denny Sanford, who right now is battling a child porn investigation.

We can go on. Kristi Noem was very famously in Las Vegas with her friend Corey Lewandowski when he allegedly groped a woman there. And if you talk to people in Republican political circles, you’ll meet more than a handful who think Noem and Lewandowski were more than just friends.

Steve Haugaard is making a primary challenge to Kristi Noem. He is not a Chamber of Commerce shill, he has no ties to child pornographer billionaires. And as his campaign page also helpfully notes, he’s never even been to Las Vegas.

Steve Haugaard joins us.

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