The Biden Regime keeps getting exposed as devoutly America Last at every turn. It’s blatantly obvious as practically every policy decision during Joe Biden’s presidency has not put America First.

In this case, it’s one of the latest narratives: Saving Democracy in Ukraine, which is just a cover story for money laundering.

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Tucker Carlson calls it out…


“Yesterday, the United States Senate voted to advance another $40 billion to Ukraine in a spending bill. Only 11 senators voted against this, all of them Republican. Now, no one knows exactly where that money is going. But we can be certain it’s just the very beginning. Behind the scenes, leaders of both parties have agreed that yes, we are at war with Russia, that we will prosecute that war until we “win,” but no one is willing to define what victory looks like, and that the United States government is prepared to spend up to $3,000,000,000,000 to defeat Russia. Now, you didn’t know this because no one is saying it publicly. But privately, they are saying it. You have not been consulted. The public support for this is pretty much around zero. You can’t afford to fill your car. There’s no baby formula. Well, we’re gonna spend up to $3,000,000,000,000 fighting Russia without a vote. Well, who’s excited about this? Of course, the people who are selling the weapons and that would include retired four-star general Barry McCaffrey, another left-wing general who is, for some reason, taken seriously. He tweeted this image of Ukrainian air defenses “nailing Russian aircraft.” There’s just one problem. That image is not from Ukraine. It’s from a video game called ARMA 3. From a video game for Barry McCaffrey, of course, Max Boot is, a war expert retweeted it. It’s so exciting. It’s literally a video game, and that’s how they understand war, as a video game.” – Tucker Carlson

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It’s just disgusting to me how much they are already getting away with, and now they’re going for even more. They won’t stop as long as we, the people, allow it to continue.

Based on the comments I’ve seen online surrounding this short Tucker clip, the people are sick and tired of it.

Here are just a few of them…

“Tucker is being threatened, so I hear. I think they’re trying to shut him up now..because he’s reporting the news the left doesn’t want Americans to know. I’m praying for him. These people fight dirty.”

“I’d love to watch their bank accounts to see how much their cut of the pie is……traitors….”

“Psychopathic warmongers intent on poking the bear to generate more profits for their defense contractor patrons and cover up their money laundering, drug trafficking, child trafficking, and bioweapons labs in Ukraine.”

“Let’s just print money and give it away and get much of it back through campaign donations and for various methods to cheat, oh, I mean win elections, so we stay in power and destroy America.
But we will make the American citizens suffer and pay their taxes that we raised on everything, pay the inflation which we have created for them to suffer through while we will keep increasing the prices of goods, we will keep killing off their food supply, and we will make them pay pay pay pay pay pay and pay some more.”

“He means he is going to steal 3 trillion from you, the U.S. people. And he thinks you can’t stop him.”

“Money laundering operation for the banksters and the self-proclaimed world “elite.”

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