With crime continuing to surge in America, Republican Senator John Kennedy has sought to understand why the Department of Justice isn’t doing more to curb gang violence in not only the country but key Democratic strongholds like Chicago. 

In the video, which is featured below, the Senator got a chance to ask the Attorney General for the U.S. Department of Justice, Merrick Garland, about what efforts are being taken. Not mixing words, Sen. Kennedy declared, “I think the Justice Department is losing. I think you’re losing on crime. I think you’re losing on drugs. I think you’re losing on immigration. I think you’re losing on Chinese espionage. Let me start with crime. What percentage of cops in America do you think are bad cops?”

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The Attorney General wasn’t able to give a direct number but insisted, “Let me just be clear, we believe that most police officers follow the Constitution in their practices. And all police officers, I believe, want to work in police departments that follow constitutional policing requirements.”

Discussing the stop, question, and frisk method that has been deemed constitutional, Kennedy asked, “Let’s take Chicago, we haven’t made any inroads in stopping the killing. I mean, Chicago is now the world’s largest outdoor shooting range. We know that a lot of the shootings come from gangs. Why wouldn’t you want to call the police chief and the mayor in Chicago and say, ‘Look, you know who these gang members are, when you have reasonable suspicion on Terry v. Ohio, and objective standard, more than just a hunch? Why don’t you aggressively stop, question and frisk these gang members?’ You’ll get guns off the street, you’ll get drugs off the street, and you’ll get a lot of gang members off the street, and you’ll stop people killing each other. Why won’t you do that?”

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Trying to pawn the crime spike off on local agencies, Garland admitted, “The best way for the federal government to stop violent crime is to work at each local level and determine and let the state and locals determine what is the best use of their own sources. There is no one solution that fits all that the federal government can suggest to state and local law enforcement. We believe state and local law enforcement knows best as to what to do there. We provide work and we provide our technical expertise. We put lots of resources into a joint task force.”

Completely bashing the DOJ, Kennedy interjected, “Is that why you’re asking in the middle of a raging inflation for 7% More money, $2.63 billion to provide technical advice? I mean, we’re going backwards here on crime, General. You’re the state’s of the country’s chief law enforcement officer and you won’t even answer my question about how you feel about stop, question, and frisk.”

After the Attorney General claimed it was a resource allocation issue,  Kennedy concluded, “Well, we’re supposed to tell the mothers, those kids getting killed in Chicago, you don’t understand it’s a resource allocation issue.”

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