Piers Morgan joined Fox News’ The Five yesterday to discuss Disney’s new “woke” policies that he calls “pathetic”.

“You can’t even say ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls’ anymore! What is happening in the world?” proclaimed Morgan.

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A Disney spokeswoman announced earlier in the week that all greetings within their parks will be “non-gendered”, substituting terms like “friends” over “boys and girls”.

“I’ll tell you what’s going on,” Morgan said, “You’ve got this small group of very vocal, very woke people, very active online. And they bully companies into following their narrow worldview. And I admire companies like Netflix and Dave Chapelle, and I admire Spotify when they stood by Joe Rogan. That is the way to deal with the mob. Because the mob very quickly gets bored and moves on.”

“And guess what? Dave Chapelle is still on Netflix and Joe Rogan is still on Spotify. That’s the right way to respond.”

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The Brit then pointed out that Disney’s new CEO promised to not get political. But the company allowed themselves to get bullied into doing something that they didn’t want to do.

“And now they’re being sucked in, oddly, into this one trap. And if you apologize, by the way, it never stops,” he warned.

Morgan was referring to the Florida Parental Rights bill which forbids schools from formally teaching topics on sexual orientation to children in kindergarten through third grade. The left has accused the bill of being homophobic and has labeled the bill the “Don’t Say Gay” law. A group of Disney employees vocally protested the bill, causing Disney management to openly oppose the bill.

Imagine that; Disney management formally endorsed the teaching of sexual orientation topics to kindergarteners. How absolutely shameful.

Another one of America’s greatest institutions, Disney, is being ruined by the left.

As Piers Morgan said, “It’s pathetic.”

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This piece was written by Steve T on April 8, 2022. It originally appeared in Objectivist.co and is used by permission.

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