ONTARIO, CA – A former candidate for St. Catherines City Council in Ontario has broadcast calls online for authorities to use “lethal force” to remove Freedom Convoy protesters staged at the Ambassador Bridge – serving as another instance where leftists are calling for peaceful protesters to be harmed or killed.

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Rob Gill, a failed candidate for St. Catherines City Council, recently took to Twitter with calls for police to enact extreme violence against peaceful demonstrators, writing, “REMOVE THEM NOW! USE LETHAL FORCE.”

Gill, who initially protected his Twitter feed from being viewed by non-approved followers and seemingly deleted his account altogether later, was making reference to demonstrators and truckers along the Ambassador Bridge, which serves as the link between Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan.

When Gill posted the aforementioned call for violence against peaceful protesters on February 12th, some online responded that there were children present among the demonstrators while others suggested that Gill dial back the heated rhetoric.

However, this sort of rhetoric from Gill appears to be par for the course when it pertains to his views on the Freedom Convoy.

Prior to his account being deleted, Gill had established a poll on Twitter (which of course attracted the participation of his followers who likely lean with his biases) asking whether police should “take violent action to end the terrorism in Ottawa.”

After 408 votes came in on his Twitter poll, Gill presented that 70% of those who interacted with the poll agreed police should use violence against peaceful demonstrators.

Furthermore, Gill was among the many who sought to directly target GiveSendGo via him advocating for the idea of the crowdfunding site to be shut down. Said calls came at around the time the website had suffered numerous DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks and hacking of data.

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The irony in Gill calling for violence against the peaceful protesters can be seen with him having recently been the victim of violence himself in a road rage incident on February 3rd where he wound up getting two black eyes (visible in his photo from the GoFundMe begging for money).

Outside of Gill’s recent efforts online to have police use violence against peaceful demonstrators, he’d also been cautioned by police in the past over his use of social media in similar fashions.

Back in 2018, Gill had posted the address of the parents of a local lawmaker he opposed, Sam Oosterhoff, telling his Twitter followers to harass the lawmaker’s parents at their private residence.

Authorities had issued a statement following the doxxing, noting that “an officer went to the person’s home to ‘caution them regarding sharing personal information on social media which could be perceived as harassing.”

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