One U.S. military helicopter has been lost in operation to kill the ISIS commander Abu Ibrahim Al-Hashimi Al-Qurayshi in Syria.

Biden announced that a U.S. Special Forces raid was conducted in northwestern Syria, which killed the top leader of the Islamic State group.

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“Thanks to the skill and bravery of our Armed Forces, we have taken off the battlefield Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi — the leader of ISIS,” Biden said in a statement.

Biden stated that he would address the Americans on the military operation, but the helicopter has been destroyed due to the raid.

“#EXCLUSIVE Our source on the ground in Atmeh, #Syria managed to enter the house which was raided by U.S. special forces last night,” Al-Aan TV reporter Jenan Mousse reported. “Blood on the floor, chaos inside, damage clearly visible.”

Watch the video:

“Based on info from our sources on the ground in Syria, I prepared this @akhbar map showing the exact house which was raided by U.S. forces last night in Atmeh near the Turkish border,” Mousse reported. “It is very close to an HTS checkpoint. Lots of rumors of who was targeted but nothing confirmed yet”:

“Our source in Atmeh sent us this 2nd, longer video of the house raided last night by U.S. forces,” the reporter added on Twitter. “As u can see, it’s a two-story building, major damage inside, not clear yet who Americans were looking for. Only one house targeted so very specific operation.”

Watch this video too:

“Acc[ording] to eyewitnesses, an Iraqi speaker who was with the Americans shouted through a loudspeaker during Atmeh raid: ‘You have 15 minutes to surrender & get out of the house.’ However occupants refused & a gun battle erupted,” Mousse added. “Here are some pics of damage to outer wall & ammo.”

“According to the @SyriaCivilDef, at least 13 people, including six children & 4 women, were killed in bombings and clashes that followed an airborne operation by American forces just after midnight on the house in #Atmeh town on the Syrian-Turkish border.”

“This vehicle is parked in front of the house that was targeted by U.S. special forces in Atmeh, Syria. Eyewitnesses tell @akhbar that the car belongs to the residents of the targeted house.”

“Here are exclusive pictures by my source on the ground in Syria of an American helicopter which crashed last night during the special operation that killed the leader of ISIS.”

“Just to clarify: The damage done to the U.S. helicopter, as seen on the pictures, is not due to landing/crash or enemy fire,” the reporter claimed. “The Americans destroyed the helicopter themselves after an unknown failure forced it to land.”

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