Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of May
27, 2024

Judy Note:

Emergency Broadcast System Alert: 17 Countries Initiate NESARA/GESARA, Hidden
Military Underground Bases, Vatican’s Darkest Secrets of Pedophilia and Power,
and the Betrayal of The Act of 1871! …the 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) on
Telegram Sun. 26 May 2024

Sun. 26 May 2024 THE COUNTDOWN HAS STARTED. Welcome to the end game, PATRIOTS. BOOM. A
WEEK TO REMEMBER. They are not PREPARED. Now buckle up and listen to what I
have to say, Patriots. BLACKOUT is neccessary. The hour is upon us. Largest
…John F. Kennedy Jr. on Telegram Sun. 26
May 2024

Taiwan Defense Forces will destroy the Three
Gorges Dam
when China invades
the independent country. Millions of Communists would lose their lives.

The Canadian Government, in a death pact with
the Vatican to eliminate native Indian Tribes
so they could confiscate their land, has been
found responsible for the death of 50,000 Native Children in mainly 80 Catholic
Residential Schools across Canada.

SCAM ALERT: TRB Scam using Trump Gold
“Please be advised
that the Trump Organization has absolutely no affiliation or association
whatsoever with TRB. Unfortunately, it appears that the individuals behind TRB
are engaged in a scheme to deceive and scam the public by falsely representing
it’s affiliation with the Trump Organization, going so far as to even send
emails falsely representing to be from one of our employees.” … Alan Garten,
General Counsel to the Trump Organization

There was a possibility the “Ken and Barbie vs Goliath
case could be thrown out of court since it was based on
“unpaid” taxes and there was no law that stated you had to pay income taxes
according to two IRS Agents who testified in Court.
Your income tax payment to the Cabal’s IRS was strictly voluntary.

Sun. 26 May 2024: Trump has given the Green Light for the
Global Currency Reset of 207 Sovereign nations to change to gold/asset-backed

Sat. 25 May 2024: The Phrase “The Ending Israel is Last”
Carries Profound Implications: The Vatican is Gone. The Crown is Gone. Israel
is Gone.

Sun. 26 May 2024: MILITARY SOURCE: Global Alert! Military
Forces Enforce Martial Law Worldwide, Ground Command Confirms!

Sun. 26 May 2024: RV Intelligence Alert – The Final

A. Scare Events:

Sat. 25 May 2024: BREAKING! Chinese State TV Declares that
China Will Reclaim Taiwan! Prepares Chinese Public for Coming War and Possible
Political Sanctions and Isolation!!!

Sat. 25 May 20224 Scare Events: This
is a helpful reminder in anticipation of world theater “scare events”
which have been scripted in advance.

On X: Three Gorges Dam is
back in the news
as China & Taiwan heats up There’s been massive covert
operations going on for years in China & Taiwan clearing out western [DS]
agents & the CCP. What is being scripted & played out now is for the
public movie.

Undersea cables being cut. Silk Road military ops. Wuhan & other
bio-weapon laboratories. DUMBs have been taken out. Many ‘10 km deep
earthquakes’ especially recently in Taiwan.

The Three Gorges Dam will not be taken out in the way where millions of Chinese will be
in danger. ‘Strategic Military Operations’ have cleared out CCP x CIA’s
underground facilities under the 3GD with one of its main purposes of ‘mining

The public movie may show kinetic events
where 3GD will get damaged

& will appear as if China & Taiwan are at war with one another.

However, much like how White Hats in Israel, Palestine & Iran are clearing Khazarians
in the same areas under the guise of Israel vs Palestinians & other Arab

The White Hats in China & Taiwan are
working together
exterminate DS CCP agents & operations under the guise of China vs Taiwan
in public view.

Taiwan Defense Forces will destroy the Three
Gorges Dam
when China invades
the independent country. Millions of communists would lose their lives, if
Bejing wanted a war.

B. Mon. 27 May 2024 Update on “Ken and
Barbie vs Goliath IRS” Case.

Dear Patriot Friends
and Family,

  I’ve never
been under so much pressure for such a long, sustained period as the first four
days of trial have been. The word trial is exactly right!

  As you know,
two IRS agents testified that they did not know of a law that requires us to
file federal income tax returns. 

  You also know
that the judge has suggested that I have grounds for two motions for
acquittal because, one, the IRS claims are required to be signed by
someone under penalty of perjury and such a document doesn’t exist; and 2, that
the entire indictment was filed under Title 26 IRS alleged violations, when all
the claims against me happened during a Title 28 Judicial Action, thus voiding
the entire indictment.  So, we are doing well in our case, to say the

Belliston (the man who claims he “won our home at the auction”, that he wasn’t
even at) and Gary Chapman, the IRS auctioneer, both were suddenly made
unavailable for the rest of the trial.  Belliston had scheduled a trip out
of the country and was allowed to leave.  Chapman’s mother had a tumor
years ago that suddenly flared up and he needed to go home to be with her
because she may “pass away”.  I told the court I thought this was very
suspicious and convenient, that the two who I believe were in a criminal
conspiracy to steal my home had now, suddenly, “fled the scene of the crime”
and are unavailable for testimony.  Only they know the real truth of the

  This coming
week the prosecution has said they plan to take two more days to make their
case, leaving me only two days, when they will have taken 5 altogether. 
 Doesn’t seem fair, does it?  By design, no doubt.  We have
excellent witnesses scheduled this coming week, despite the prosecution trying
to block them.  Pray they don’t succeed.  We appear to be
miraculously winning this case, however, because the prosecution can smell
their own defeat, they are now more dangerous than ever.  Beware of
unexpected attacks, in unexpected ways.  We must all BEWARE. 
Therefore, please don’t stop praying.  Your prayers are working. 
Keep believing in God’s miraculous hand.  Pray now more than ever. 

  If Barbara and
I prevail by week’s end, it won’t be just for the sake of Barbie and Ken vs.
IRS, it will be a win for all Americans against the IRS.

  Believe in
miracles!  Live for miracles!  “Oh Lord, thou art my God; I will
exalt thee, I will praise thy name;…”  Isaiah 25:1   “Bring my
soul out of prison, that I may praise thy name:…” Psalms 142:7Ken

P.S.  We’ve had
a few people come to court. Thank you!  All who would like to come to
court are welcome to come! U. S. District Courthouse, Room 7.300 351 S West
Temple SLC 84101 801-524-6100 Tuesday 28th – Friday 31st 10 a.m. – 4

Even though Ken and Barbara Cromar proved in a Federal
Court that they owed no monies to the IRS, they remained in a six plus years
battle with them. Two different SWAT Teams had twice descended on their fully
paid for dream home – that was later sold at auction. The SWAT Teams also threw
away all of the Cromar’s possessions, including expensive camera equipment Ken
used to make a living.

Ken now sits in jail charged with living in his own home, but undeterred to fight
for the rights of the American taxpayer. Ken says, “The days of the
“mighty” IRS are numbered. For far too long the IRS has been backed by a
corrupt DOJ and ever-growing big government bureaucrats who have crowned themselves
kings and queens to rule over us as their slaves, as they get fat and enrich
themselves on the backs of struggling Americans.”

The judge has dismissed all
filings Ken submitted

and would not even allow counsel to sit by him during trial. A few days ago Ken
was finally informed he would be given one hour on Mon. 20 May to research his defense on his computer and to finally
have access to prosecutor filings – one hour, one day before the trial. Think
his trial is rigged? I do – the case has been all along.

Ken really appreciates receiving encouraging messages in
pre-stamped postcards with your name and complete return address hand-written
is the only thing accepted at the jail. 


C. Scammer Alert Update
Mon. 27 May 2024:

Thurs. 23 May 2024: Fed Chair Powell Heading Trump Gold Products

Fri. 24 May 2024 BREAKING NEWS! Judy Byington: Fed Chair
Powell Heading Trump Gold Products Scam? Update as of Thurs. 23 May 2024 .

2012-2015 Telex $1.7 Billion Scam of 700,000
Remote Work Scam, 15 lawsuits filed:
America’s Biggest Remote Work Scam – $1.7 Billion Stolen

dollar fraud on the Internet | DW Documentary

Busting a Billion Dollar British Scammer Cartel: Busting a billion dollar British scammer cartel | Part 1
of 2 | 7NEWS Spotlight Documentary

Fri. 24 May 2024 BREAKING! Wells Fargo’s Exploitative Scheme:
Caregivers Framed for Fraud, Elderly Accounts Frozen at 0.01% Interest

March 2024 Letter from Alan Garten, General
Counsel to the Trump Organization:


(redacted) , I am General Counsel to the Trump Organization and it’s affiliated
entities (together, “The Trump Organization”) and write in response to your
interactions with various entities operating as TRB Bank, TRB Fund, TRB
Organization and other similarly named organizations (collectively referred to
as “TRB”).


be advised that the Trump Organization has absolutely no affiliation or
association whatsoever with TRB. Unfortunately, it appears that the individuals
behind TRB are engaged in a scheme to deceive and scam the public by falsely
representing it’s affiliation with the Trump Organization, going so far as to
even send emails falsely representing to be from one of our employees.


rest assured that we take these matters very seriously and are taking immediate
action to address the situation. We have launched our own investigation into
the matter and have shared information we have gathered with federal law
enforcement authorities.


you believe you are a victim of this scam, you may wish to report this matter
to your local law enforcement authorities and consumer protection agencies. In
the meantime, we urge you to exercise caution and vigilance when reviewing
communication or requests of this nature going forward. Very truly yours, (signed)
Alan Garten


Judy Note: The following is a email I have been sending out to the
hundreds of TRB victims who have contacted me ( on this


Dear Patriot;


Thank you for your email on the TRB
so-called “Trump Gold Products.”
I have received hundreds of emails on this matter, with my email box
growing fatter every day, so unfortunately, I can’t answer you personally.


My initial impression is that this is a huge
 I have yet to
receive confirmation that anyone of the hundreds of people who have contacted
me has actually been cashed out. The TRB team just keep asking for more money
and then quit communicating when they feel you won’t give them any more.


Apparently for years Chairman of the
now-bankrupt US Federal Reserve Jerome H. Powell
has been running this Scam that sells
so-called “Trump Gold Products,” promising huge returns. 


The so-called Trump Coins, Badges and Stickers were NOT, as the
advertising claimed, endorsed by Trump, Tucker Carlson, the Trump Organization,
or its affiliates.


“The Trump Organization has no affiliation or
association whatsoever with TRB products.
…They illegally use pictures of Trump and others
associated with Trump to sell their products. …They are engaged in a scheme to
deceive and scam the public. …We have launched our own investigation and have
shared information with federal law enforcement agencies. …They have gone so far
as to send emails falsely representing to be from our employees.” …a letter
signed by Alan Garten, General Counsel to the Trump Organization.


One victim reported he was sent emails from the TRB Group saying
Garten, Executive V.P. and Chief Legal Officer at The Trump Organization or
Matthew Calamari, Chief Operating Officer at The Trump Organization” were
contacting them. This was an obvious lie.


victim reported
a letter sent to them that claimed to be
from President Trump himself which supposedly validated the TRB Gold products –
another outright lie.


If you feel you have been a victim to this scam it is recommended that you
report such to your local law enforcement and business bureau. If I were a
victim, I would also write up my TRB experience including products bought and
monies paid out, plus my contact information. Send an original notarized copy
of your TRB write up to: Alan Garten, General Counsel to the Trump
Organization. The Trump Organization 725 Fifth Avenue, 26th Fl. New York NY
10022-2519 United States.


Here is an article I recently published in Before It’s News that could give you more insight as to what was
really going on: Fed Chair Powell Heading Trump Gold Products Scam.  


Please note that if you have sent me any
identifying information

such as a copy of your Drivers License or Social Security number, I have erased
it as I do not want to be responsible for allowing such to get released to who
knows who, or where.


I will continue to collect data and publish information on this, but realize
I am just one person and cannot solve any of your personal problems. It is
now up to you to seek reimbursement for the monies you paid out.


I will be contacting Mr. Trump and his legal department to keep them
informed, plus suggest that they organize a Class Action Lawsuit for you.


There appears to be thousands of victims who have spent millions of dollars on this
Scam. If you all stick together and act, you will have a huge amount of power
and authority to bring justice for yourselves and others.


Remember, Where We Go One, We Go All!!!

Love, Judy 

D. Global Currency Reset:

Sun. 26 May 2024: Wolverine just
got this text from Trump!
Green Stop2End LET’S GOOOOOO!!!!!! 

Sun. 26 May 2024 Wolverine
Live Chat:
“It is Monday morning 27 May 2024. I
hope you are doing alright. As I said before T1 and T2 are already finished,
from what I was told. I do not know anyone in those groups. It is a process
which should be finished by June 15th.
We should get good news this week. I
have had confirmation that Brazil will start this week from the Central Bank of Brazil. I am hoping that by
tomorrow, being Monday, that the confirmation comes to reality, and if that is
true then, Reno is not that far away. There are people saying it all starts this week. We are that close to get
this done. All is quiet, and I try to find info for you, and it has not been
easy. I do want to say, it really upsets me, that most of the gurus are out
there to make money. There are good ones trying to help people get bonds and
currencies so they will have great opportunities. One must be careful from
where you obtain your currencies and bonds to keep safe from unscrupulous
people. Be careful scammers. That is all I have for you. Let’s see what the
week brings. Take care everyone. Wolverine 

Sun. 26
May 2024 NC Chick: A banker from Brazil did a talk last week
. He said Whales would be finished in a day
or so and notifications have gone out to the Bond holders. He was amazed that
T4B hadn’t been notified. Actually, it is the same person that tells Wolverine.

Sat. 25 May 2024 MarkZ: Two Military Contacts
say before July 4,
likely way sooner than that.”…“There is high expectation from the individual
Bond Holders that they will go over this

On Fri. 24 May TNT sent out a cryptic message that the 800#s
were coming out for Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) to set redemption

Contact at a Redemption Center
said Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) would
get emails to set appointments over the weekend.

23 May 2024 Bruce felt it was
likely that we won’t get the 800 numbers to
make appointments until Tues. 28 May, and could begin exchanging on Wed. 29

Sat. 25 May 2024 Wolverine: “We are defiantly close, guys. …Thurs. 6 June is D Day.

Fri. 24 May Wolverine: “From my Brazilian contact: We are waiting for
an official order to release funds and payment order. This will happen at any
time, please wait…as of today we have nothing official. Things are moving guys. The greatest transfer of wealth has
started T1 and T2 have been completed and a very positive Mark Z message today!
He’s saying he’s hearing Individual Bond Holders expecting to receive big
Payments now! First time I’ve heard him talking about Individuals rather than
Groups/ Platforms.”

Thurs. 23 May 2024 Wolverine Here’s a helpful
My friend has given
me permission to share information with you. 
Remember, she has a relative who is an MP from a Middle Eastern county
and he sits on a committee that oversees the timing of the event.

Anonymous Friend: Ginger, I was just informed (by a relative
in the Middle East; Ginger is hiding the location for security) that there are
7,000 payers in Tier 3 who are being paid before Tier 4B distribution goes
live. This will happen over the next 10
to 14 days.

However, in the meantime the public will be prepared for many things, such as:
gold-backed USN, debt forgiveness, increases in SSI, and other benefits.

Also keep in mind that the absolute back wall
is the 4th of July
, so a
lot has to happen quickly for us to reach our day of redemption.

Tues. 21 May 2024 Unknown Source:Banks in the
USA will close on the 24th and until May
27th (Monday)
they will be offline, without credit cards and without access
to 24-hour banking. It will be the beginning of AES – EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM
and on Tues. 28 May 2024, some banks
and companies will no longer open.

23 May 2024 Happy Welsh Guy:

Tony is quite correct the RV will happen soon, but not
This is what is really happening. There is a carefully,
orchestrated plan in effect, that is being meticulously monitored.

Tier # 1 and Tier # 2 is currently being financially

When this is completed to the satisfaction of the
Alliance then and only then will Tier # 3 be financially

When Tier 3 is completed to the satisfaction of the
Alliance then and only then will Tier # 4 (US) the internet group be
financially hydrated.

Everything is currently “On Track” and
moving to expectation.

If everything continues to
expectation, then
# 4
 should be financially on or about JUNE 15th with a back
wall of July 4th.

It is “NOT” going to happen today, tomorrow or
this month.
However, Tony is right. It will be our time soon. Nothing will stop this except for a 911
type event.

My source actually sits on
a special committee

formatted for the very specific purpose of the timing of the revaluation to
take place.

June 15th is not that far away so
remain patient and be in expectation

E. Fri. 24 May 2024
Bank just told us they are going to move onto the QFS. First action date: June 21, 2024 before 3:00 p.m. MT.
Second action date: June 24, 2024 for
the remaining steps. It is important to note that this is just one bank’s
timeline, but I can’t help from notice that this one is before the June 30th, 2024 laws
that are taking effect on Crypto regulations and Stable Coins at the end of the month.”

Sat. 25 May 2024: BOOM!!! Major Bank Announces Shift to Quantum
Financial System Ahead of Crypto Regulation Overhaul (Goldilocks)

F. Global Financial Crisis:

Sun. 26 May 2024: Conspiracy Theorists Are Right Again. The
CBDC Central Bank Digital Currency Is Moving Forward. Western Australia’s
Bankwest is transitioning into 100% digital banking and closing ALL branches by
the end of 2024. Bankwest says this is “A signal of its exciting digital

G. Restored Republic:

Sat. 25 May 2024 Hello Wolvie.  Just
letting you know that NZ is having an emergency warning on our phones on 26th May (Sunday).  We are being told to stop and read the
message. Very stressful time. Stay strong, my friend.

Sat. 25 May 2024: Shadows and Secrets: Unveiling the Mystery
Behind Kate Middleton’s Absence and the Specter of Skull and Bones

Ghost Ezra Cohen on EBS & ‘The Movie’. By Ezra Cohen-Watnick – an American intelligence official who served as the acting under
secretary of defense for intelligence during the Trump Administration.

I’m going to spell it out one time only for
those who are lost

and not registering the 100’s of clues I’ve been dropping you.
Here we go one time. Pay close attention:

You are watching a movie. A lot of what you are seeing is completely
bullshit and fake.
It’s so outrageous on purpose to get your attention at this point.
It will continue until it has accomplished that goal fully.

There is no Biden presidency. The real Biden was executed for his crimes
long ago along with Clinton. No, that woman in purple the other day wasn’t
Hillary Clinton. You are seeing actors, some have masks. That’s why Biden keeps
referring to himself as the mask president. This means they are the good guys
in this movie on the team of freedom.

This whole election was fake along with a fake

Fake executive orders. Fake oval office. It’s all bullshit.

Wake up: The military is right now controlling our
country until the new elections in a couple of months. Insurrection Act has
been signed. EO from 2018 is in full effect.

Things will soon be revealed publicly. Hopefully you can wake up before then so you
don’t have a heart attack in the process.

They really tried stealing our election – that part is real. Trump knew this and
allowed it to expose them and arrest those involved and will be implementing a
blockchain fraud proof election system which was already patented back in
August 2020. He skipped the 9th circuit corrupt courts because they too were
compromised and went 100% FISA.

This is a total military operation. The goal was to arrest and remove these
crooks first before ever winning an election.

Furthermore, the Vatican owned
the corrupt DC Corporation and that is no longer.

It will soon be a “Republic For Which It
under the Constitution as originally intended.You will get a
history lesson in the process along with a solid grasp of the Constitution.

Many corrupt DC rats and Hollywood pedophiles
have gone to jail

and or been executed for crimes of high treason, conspiracy. Many more are in
the process of meeting justice via military tribunals.

Things will be made public in time very soon, no more secrets no more

There are many actors in the movie, not just Biden double comedian guy. Who’s who
at this point is somewhat of a mystery. We don’t know exactly who is who 100%.
Some are playing a part from the very beginning. Others flipped for a deal and
are now playing a part in this movie.

The best thing you can do right now is just
wake up
to the truth that being shown
to you, take heart that communists have no real power over our country and look
forward to the things Trump has already pre-planned long ago for you. I’ll warn
you now, things will get stranger from here.

If you pay attention and listen to what I’ve told you here you’ll
laugh. If you are watching the mockingbird media CNN or FAUX NEWS you’ll cry.

Whatever you do, please don’t call Joe Biden president. He’s
really long gone and his double has no power.

Enjoy the show.

All of the above and a lot more of the
corruption of the last 150+ years will be revealed to the American
people via the Emergency Broadcast System SOON!!!

The U.S. CORPORATION is being dissolved and we will bring back our
TRUE Republic!

Prepare for a complete shutdown for several days AT HOME with no Internet or
TV, except for the disclosure videos that will be played 24/7 for several days.

This is a military operation and final cleanup and arrests of all the
government and political traitors against the American people.

Banks and everything else will be closed, credit/debit cards won’t work. Police,
firemen, military, hospitals and medical emergency services will be available.

Prepare with food, cash and essentials.

There is nothing to fear.

If you don’t prepare for this lock-down in
your home for approximately 9-14 days,
it will be a very difficult time for you and your family and
friends. (who you can help by informing them so they can prepare)

I realize that many of you will not believe this and I don’t want to take up anymore of
your time or mine.

Military Law, Secret Military Tribunals, Vatican, MED BEDS, Buckingham Palace,
Big Pharma, Khazarian Group, Castle Rock and More – Popcorn & Movie Time

Forces (Q) and the EBS: According to Ground Command, the Entire World is
Currently Under International or Global Martial Law

EBS Signal:
 The Countdown to Global Connectivity Begins,
DEFCON One Alert, Q’s Sting Operation, Trump’s Prediction & Global
Communication Revolution

ODIN + Military GESARA = EBS: 
A Formula that Will Change the Course of
History Forever!

H. The Real News for Sun. 26 May 2024:

College Campus Protestors EXPOSED By Non
Profits Money Trail
. Some Of
The People Protesting On American College Campuses Are Making $7,800 PER 8
Hours Of Protesting. Money Funneled From George Soros & Directly From The
Rockefeller Family

On page two of a CIA Director William Colby
memo dated
June 1973 there is a reference to a meeting involving John F
Kennedy on May 28, 1964. That’s six
months after his death! This would suggest that JFK may have survived the

Sun. 26 May 2024 JAG Arrests Fauci Advisor:

Sun. 26 May 2024 Loy Brunson Declares 2020 Election Fight
Isn’t Over: Supreme Court Case Could Change Everything! 2024

I. International Child Sex
Trafficking, Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring Run Out of the Vatican and
housed in China’s Three Gorges Dam in the 1500 mile tunnel that runs between
the Vatican and Jerusalem:


Fri. 24 May 2024 Rape Victim Claims That
Biden and Obama Raped Her as a Child in the Global Elite Child Sex Trafficking

Testimony Alleges Childhood Vaccines are the Likely Cause of Autism in Children

Will Smith’s best friend of 40 years: “Again, I don’t care about people’s personal
sexuality preference. But I’m sharing this to show you that almost all Alist
actors partake in homosexual activities in Hollywood to maintain status and or
get movie roles. It’s part of the rituals. Most celebrities are gay on the down
low. This ain’t the first time I’ve heard rumors of will smith being gay. He
also took it in the ass for his movie Six degrees of separation back in 1993.
And No telling what he had to do to Quincy Jones to secure his leading role on
Fresh Prince Of Belair.”

Sun. 26 May 2024: Remember when people were
arrested for filming empty hospitals?
In the Scottish Covid Inquiry it was confirmed that hospitals were in
fact, empty.

a lot of money in sick babies” Baby formula is not a healthy substitute for
your infant. It is made with cheap ingredients and lacks the vital fats and
cholesterols needed for brain development and health fortified with toxic
inorganic iron causing an array of health disorders. Soy formula is the worst
of all, flooding the baby’s bloodstream with oestrogen, disrupting hormones.

Sun. 26 May 2024 Q Remember – Qurrent Event

Sun. 26 May 2024: Judy Byington Bombshell Report: Trafficked
Children, Bodies, Weapons Found on Evergreen Ship Blocking Suez Canal

Fri. 5 Sept. 2014 Vatican, Mafia Kill Child Sacrifice

Thurs. 28 Aug. 2014 Catholic Popes At Child Sacrifices? Mafia
Issued Hit? Missing Witnesses Murdered.

Fri. 22 August 2014 Mafia Threatens Pope, Court Considers Child
Sacrifice Links To Vatican, CIA, Sinclair Oil, HSBC, Cargill, Cameco Uranium,
Antony Kidman

Sun. 20 July 2014 Pope Francis Found Guilty Of Child
Trafficking, Rape, Murder

J. A Candid Interview
On The Crime of Genocide in Canada by Kevin Annett:

Dr. George Darby
was a United Church missionary doctor who involuntarily sterilized and
on generations of native women and children
at the R.W. Large Hospital in Bella Bella, B.C.

“Doctor Darby stopped a lot of
our women from having babies. If you didn’t go to church or you stuck to your
traditional ways, the Mounties gave you a red ticket and you had to report to
him at the hospital. He sterilized me in the summer of 1949 after I went to a
secret potlatch. He was raping me when I woke up on the operating table.” 

Ethel Wilson, June 4, 1998

A Gallery of murdered Indian residential
school children and survivors
– just some of the
60,000 slaughtered children and the ongoing victims of Church-State terror in

The below George Brown,
William Combes, Harriett Nahanee, Ricky Lavallee, Ron Barbour, Joan Morris
and Sarah Modeste have been featured in Kevin’s historic documentary film
on Genocide in Canada Unrepentant

Children murdered at the Lejac Catholic
Indian school, January 2, 1937: Allen Willie, Andrew Paul, Maurice Justin.

“The manner of their death
clearly indicated homicide. The boys were forced to stand in the sub-zero snow
in their shorts and shirts as punishment. They were all dead by morning. I
cannot in good conscience issue a report saying that they died of natural
 – Dr. C.W. Pitts to Indian Agent R.H. Moore, January
4, 1937

“Our inquest showed that the
boys were not subjected to ill treatment but ran away to spend holidays with
their families. No blame is attached to the school.”
– Dr. C.W. Pitts to Agent Moore, January 6, 1937

Vicky Stewart,
age nine, beaten to death by staffer Ann Knizky at the United Church’s
Edmonton ‘Indian Residential School’ April 9, 1958.

“I saw that evil woman Knizky
hit Vicky on the head with a two by four. She died during the night, but they
said she died of TB when she didn’t have it. The church killed my little sister
and got away with it.”
 – Berle Stewart, May
9, 2007

William Combes,
eyewitness to the abduction of ten children by Queen Elizabeth
killed in St. Paul’s Hospital by order of Charles Windsor on February
26, 2011

“William had all the symptoms
of arsenic poisoning just before he died. He didn’t have any symptoms of TB
like the B.C. Coroner claimed. I was threatened to keep quiet about what
 – Attending nurse Chloe Kirker, August 18,

Harriett Nahanee,
the first eyewitness to report child killings at the United Church’s Alberni
‘Indian Residential School’, murdered at St. Paul’s Catholic Hospital,
Vancouver, February 24, 2007

“After Harriett was illegally
arrested, Judge Brenda Brown locked her up in an unheated cell in Surrey Remand
Prison at the age of 72. Then they transferred her to St. Paul’s Hospital where
she was dead a day later.”
 – Nahanee family member, March
2, 2007

Harry Wilson, knifed
to death after speaking publicly of finding dead children at the United
Church Alberni Indian Residential School, April 6, 2012

After I told
Principal Andrews about finding that girl’s body, he had me locked up in the
Nanaimo Indian Hospital. I was in there for a long time. They gave me electric
shocks and they experimented on me.” 
– Harry Wilson,
March 28, 2012

“Harry, you have half a brain
and nobody’s going to miss you if you’re found floating face down in the water.
So you’d better not talk about that dead girl.” –
Tribal Council official Charlie Thompson to Harry Wilson, Port Alberni, B.C.,
March 28, 1998

Johnny ‘Bingo’ Dawson,
beaten to death by Vancouver police after leading occupations of United,
Catholic and Anglican churches, December 9, 2009

“I saw three cops work over
Johnny Bingo in the alley right off Main and Hastings. One of them was that
sergeant who threatened to kill Bingo if he went into any more churches. They
used clubs on him and busted his jaw and he was dead the next day.” 

Ricky Lavallee, shortly before his death by beating on January 3, 2012

Ricky Lavallee,
beaten to death by Vancouver Police after leading occupations of Catholic,
Anglican, and United churches and reporting the death by police beating of
Johnny ‘Bingo’ Dawson, January 3, 2012

Ron Barbour,
found dead two weeks after protesting indigenous child killings at the
Vancouver Club, July 30, 2008; no cause of death was given

“Ron told me that RCMP officers
had threatened to kill him for working with me and our campaign. He fled to
Winnipeg in fear for his life. Just before he died, Ron phoned me to
say that the Mounties were following him, and he was in danger.”
Kevin Annett

Elder Louis Daniels,
murdered in Winnipeg General Hospital after naming names of local Catholic
and Anglican church child killers, January 16, 2008

“When I was a boy in Brandon
residential school, I heard the staff talk about the government plan to help
the churches wipe out all our Ojibwe people. They’ve always done whatever they
want to our people. They still traffic and kill our children in foster care and
the social services
.” – Louis Daniels, December 9, 2006

Louis Daniels adopted Kevin Annett into the Ojibwe
nation in 2006 and gave him the name Eagle Strong Voice

Edna Brass, killed in
Vancouver General Hospital after naming names of Vancouver police
responsible for murdering native women, March 15, 2013

Edna worked on the
Vancouver police liaison society and had all the dirt on which women were being
killed by which cop. She also was documenting the huge money rip off happening
in the society. I heard more than one cop say that her days were numbered.”
Retired RCMP officer George Brown, July 7, 2021

Joan Morris, involuntarily
sterilized as a child and held for years in the United Church’s Nanaimo
Indian Hospital, 1959-1965

“They put me under an X-Ray
machine for a long time so I couldn’t have children. They took out one of my
lungs and broke all the bones in my feet so I couldn’t run away. It was Doctors
Schmidt and Lang from Nanaimo who did it. They worked for the church and they
did that to lots of our children.”
 – Joan
Morris, August 3, 2004

, involuntarily sterilized by United Church missionary doctor James
at the King’s Daughters Clinic, Duncan, B.C.,

“Doctor Goodbrand got so angry
when he heard I’d married Freddy, who was a traditional native man. He said,
‘Now I’ve got to do an operation on you.’ He did it to me after he delivered my
first child. I couldn’t have any more children after that. Goodbrand told me he
was getting paid $300 from the federal government for every Indian woman he
sterilized, especially the pagans.” – 
Sarah Modeste, October
14, 2006

K. Covid/Vax/Ebola/ Swine Flu/ Polio/ Small Pox/ BSE/ Zika/
Sars/ Monkey Pox/ AIDs/ Vax/ H1N1/ Graphene Oxide/ Chem trails/ Fluoride,
Processed Foods, Human Clones Hoaxes:

$200 billion enterprise (Big Pharma)
would’ve collapsed if they had admitted that Hydroxychloroquine and
Ivermectin were effective against Covid. I’d call them criminal but these
people are much worse.”

17,000 doctors and scientists signed a treaty
that declared:

“The data confirms that the COVID-19 experimental genetic therapy
injections must end… They can damage your heart, your brain, your
reproductive tissue, and your lungs.”

“We’ve got 3-5 years to see the full
manifestation of Spike Protein Disease
…and autoimmune diseases…and the next 10 years will be unbelievable with
what we’ll see…when the antibodies continue to destroy every organ system in
the body…” -Dr. Tenpenny

REPORT: Dr. Peter McCullough tells Tommy T
that doctors were BRIBED
push the COVID vaccines. A typical doctor could make an extra $250,000 if they
injected 75% of their patients. This was discovered through a leaked Anthem
Blue Cross Blue Shield document. The question is, was Anthem Blue Cross Blue
Shield giving doctors jab incentives, or were they being paid to do so by the

Sat. 25 May 2024: Dr. Fauci may soon be
indicted after Sen. Rand Paul revealed new evidence and contends there are grounds
to prosecute the former top federal health official based on congressional
testimony from his former top aide.
Dr. David Morens, the former aide to the longtime director of the
NIAID, testified before a House select subcommittee. Evidence shows that Fauci
and Morens destroyed evidence and evaded a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
request. “The most important knowledge that we learned is that [Dr.] David
Morens, a 20-year assistant to Fauci, was purposely evading FOIA, which is the
law,” Paul said.”

Sat. 25 May 2024 Dr. Judy Mikovits: Flu shot, made in chicken eggs, bird flu you
said? “Just to be clear, every flu shot before 2019 was made in what? Chicken eggs! It is and always was infection
by injection. Just going back to bird flu, come on folks. How dumb really are
we? Where did we make all our flu vaccines until the universal synthetic
vaccine that unwittingly President Trump was conned into signing into law by
Fauci and company in September of 2021.
Before our book, Plague of Corruption came out, and of course the movie, which
had already been written. So folks, just to be clear, every flu shot before 2019 was made in what? Chicken eggs! So
do you think you’re gonna get a bird Coronavirus, a flu virus? Check back to my
friend Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and see that they use specific pathogen free eggs.
Oh, which specific pathogens don’t they look for? Oh: Corona viruses from

Dr. Joel Wallach: “Alzheimer’s
is a physician CAUSED disease!
It didn’t even occur in people over 40 years
ago! And now it’s the #4 killer of people in the USA over age 65! What is
Alzheimer’s disease? Well, it’s the disappearing of your brain’s insulation,
the Myelin!! What is Myelin made out off? It’s made from Cholesterol! If you go
on a low Cholesterol diet or cholesterol medication, it’s the fastest way to
Alzheimer’s disease.”

Sun. 26 May 2024 Scotland: From the Scottish Covid Inquiry. ‘We were
used to full wards… they were half empty… We had lots of free down-time.
Hospitals were empty… There was no pandemic, the whole event was fabricated,
it was a lie.

Sun. 26 May 2024 REPORT: Dr. Naomi Wolf tells
Alex Jones that the COVID shots are about “destroying women and babies” and
“emasculating men.”
Pfizer’s own documents, the pharmaceutical giant focused more on researching
the effects of the vaccine on sex and reproduction than on its impact on the
lungs. This is odd, considering that COVID is a respiratory virus. And what the
Pfizer documents reveal, along with medical studies, about the impact on
fertility is alarming: The lipid nano-particles accumulate in the ovaries.
Severe menstrual and hormonal dysregulation. The lipid nano-particles can cross
the placenta. The shots affect sperm production and motility for a period of
time. Pfizer’s documents advise vaccinated men to use two reliable forms of
contraception with unvaccinated women, suggesting a shedding risk. The lipid
nanoparticles degrade the testes of baby boys in utero. “So we don’t even know
if the babies of vaccinated moms will grow up to be normal men.” Dr. Kimberly
Biss has also noted that the miscarriage rate in the Pfizer trials was “80
PERCENT” and that “they knew that.”

L. Illuminati Deep State Cabal Globalist
Agenda 2030:

Contrary to the fear-mongering climate
pushed by climate
totalitarians, sea levels were considerably higher a thousand years ago, during
the Medieval Warm Period, almost a millennium before humans burned fossil fuels
on any significant scale.

M. Biden Crime Family:

The Biden Crime Family will soon be revealed for their dirty
dealings including Child Sex Trafficking.

Tucker Carlson: Under the Biden Administration, Americans
were abandoned in Afghanistan, Americans are still being held hostage in Gaza,
and tragically 2 Americans were just brutally murdered by gangs in Haiti.There
needs to be an investigation as there are reports the State Department did not
give the green light to rescue them in time. This administration puts every
other country first and leaves Americans to fend for themselves and pay for it

Sun. 26 May 2024 Hunter and Joe Biden

N. FBI Crime:

Agent Exposing The FBI! Says The FBI said child p*rn and human trafficking are
no longer priorities. “Spent my first seven years investigating violent crimes
on Indian reservations. Eventually moved to Florida to work on child
pornography and human trafficking. In 2021 I was reassigned and told that those
child pornography cases were no longer a priority for the FBI and I needed to
focus on domestic terrorism. The FBI is departing from its own guidelines and
rules for managing cases. I brought my concerns forward. I told my supervisors
that what we were doing was jeopardizing righteous cases and putting the public
safety at risk. The security division tried to compel me to lie to them so they
could charge me with a crime. The FBI rejected my multiple requests for outside
employment because I was in an unpaid status. What are they willing to do to
the regular American citizen who they are duty bound to protect?”

O. Rothschilds Crime Family:

The Banks that control the world are run by the Rothschild family.

Mayer Rothschild’s five sons were sent by their father on his
dying bed to control vital parts of Europe through loans and interest.

The Rothschild Family is behind the creation and running of the
Federal Reserve.

The Rothschild Family created the US National Debt that is owed
back to the Rothschild Family.

The Rothschild Family created Israel and Zionism.

The Rothschild Family’s net worth is over half of the global

The Rothschild Family has funded both sides of every war in the
last 80 years.

The Rothschild Family were behind Marxism, Communism, Zionism and

The Rothschilds are the most powerful family in the world.

We can no longer stand idly by while the choices of our nation, culture and
well-being is made by a select few.  America immediately needs to
relinquish control of these foreign influences before it’s too late.

Amschel Mayer
Rothschild (1773–1855): Frankfurt , Salomon Mayer Rothschild (1774–1855):
Vienna , Nathan Mayer Rothschild (1777–1836): London , Kalman Mayer Rothschild
(1788–1855): Naples , Jakob Mayer Rothschild (1792–1868): Paris

P. Why
were Patriots Ken Cromar
(who proved in a Federal Court he owed no monies
to the IRS) and Tom Fairbanks (who
has spent his life gathering information on the Satanic Ritual Abuse of
Children) sitting in jail without having committed a crime?

Were Patriots Cromar and Fairbanks being set
up as an example of what the Satanic New World Order Deep State Cabal would do
to you if you tried to confront their illegal acts?

The Satanic New World Order
Deep State Cabal

worshipped Satan through pedophilia, torture and Child Sacrifice in their
attempts to rule the World.

Since 1913 this Satan worshipping
group has owned the US Federal Reserve and IRS which collected and spent US
Taxpayer dollars.

In 1871 the Cabal took over the US legal
system, including law schools to promote their lies, propaganda and
disinformation in line with their agenda of total dominance of The People.

The Cabal’s control of the US legal
system began with
treacherous legislation called the District of Columbia Act of 1871.

Even after the Revolutionary
(of which both sides
were financed by the King of England), the ‘United States’ had never declared
Independence from Great Britain, or the King.

America was a British Colony, while the United States was an independent
business Corporation that existed before the Revolutionary War.

American Courts were ruled by Great Britain under International
Maritime Admiralty Law.

American Courts were
overseen by
Administrators who
enforced Statutes and Codes.

If you retained legal counsel
in your defense,
you were automatically
assumed by the court to be a mentally incompetent ward of the court. You could
not use the U.S. Constitution (1873) to defend yourself because you were
not a party to it. “The People” did not include you and me because America was
a British Colony.


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