From the moment President Joe Biden first announced that he would be ending the war in Afghanistan and withdrawing U.S. troops, he promised to leave no citizens or allies behind. But as the Taliban quickly regained control of the country, the Biden Administration was forced to meet their August 31st “red line” date or face repercussions by the Taliban. While Biden might have succeeded at meeting the deadline, it’s apparently clear that hundreds of Americans were left stranded behind Taliban control. And to make it worse, private security firms and veteran organizations who tried to help evacuate Americans were stonewalled by the Biden Administration.  


While the Administration first tried to deny reports of veteran groups helping evacuation efforts, they are now working hand and hand with them, hoping to rescue stranded Americans. According to Politico, the White House, Department of Defense, and even Joint Chiefs chair General Mark Milley, “met for the first time with representatives from a number of the groups, according to eight people familiar with discussions and an informal readout sent to volunteers.”

As to what role the Biden Administration would play in these new evacuation efforts. Politico noted, “Under the proposal discussed at the meeting, the U.S. government, including both the Pentagon and the State Department, would act as the central point of contact for the various groups coordinating rescues. President Joe Biden had not approved a new endeavor, but rather an intensification of existing coordination efforts.”


Sending out a notification email to all volunteer groups, officials stated, “Once approved, we would then work as a fusion center for all of our organizations to deconflict the ground and air space. This will permit us to move people and get them to safety — providing top cover for all that we do.”

It should also be noted that while the Biden administration works out the details on how the evacuation efforts will take place, the Taliban is actively hunting down American citizens and any person who may have helped the western nation in their war on terrorism. 

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