Black Lives Matter showed up at Carmines Restuarant in New York City to protest three black women being kicked out of the restaurant when their vax cards were suspected of being “fake.”

BLM is claiming they were racially profiled and kicked out by an Asian hostess because they were black.


Daily Mail reported that three Texas women who were seen in a video allegedly attacking a NYC restaurant hostess after their vaccination cards were questioned said they were racially profiled and called the n-word.

The trio, who are black, are now claiming their unnamed 24-year-old hostess, who is Asian, was the aggressor and have called for her to be fired.

They spoke out two days after Thursday’s incident at popular Upper West Side restaurant Carmines. Restaurant staff jumped in to defend their coworker, who was left with bruises and scratches, with footage of the brawl making headlines across the United States.

Since then, lawyers for the women and the restaurant exchanged words, and Hawk Newsome, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter NY, said they plan to hold a protest on Monday.

Texas civil rights lawyer Justin Moore told Daily News, ‘This hostess clearly has some anger management issues, and unfortunately, her aggression and her violence led to something that three Black women are being punished for.’

A lawyer for Carmine’s denied the Texas women’s accusation.


‘Any claim that they were racially profiled is a complete fabrication, disingenuous, and outright irresponsible,’ the lawyer, Carolyn Richmond, told The Daily News.

Well, BLM showed up to the restaurant and raised holy hell over it, and of course, they had to throw ‘race’ in when the entire focus should have just been on the vax mandates.

You can watch the video below:


I disagree with the ludicrous “racial” aspect that BLM is pushing here.

It’s all about the mandates. 

But this is what happens when you ask food staff to enforces government “laws” or “mandates.”

It’s absurd, and all that does is further divide all of us even more.


And someone will end up getting seriously hurt or killed over one of these altercations…it’s just a matter of time.

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