DOWNERS GROVE, IL – There’s a battle going on between concerned parents and school officials in a Chicago suburb (who lean more  Democratic) pertaining to markedly sexually explicit material being made available to students at school.

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Terry Newsom is one of those parents finding himself embroiled in this battle regarding obscene materials inside his children’s school. Newsom, being the father of two high school freshmen, was never the type to attend school board meetings. But, he said, that position changed in recent months.

Roughly seven months earlier, Newsom said that his then-eighth grade son came home from school and told him, “Dad, my teacher just told us that the American Dream doesn’t exist. It’s not for everyone, so it’s not real.”

Shocked that such drivel was being told to his son in school, Newsom contacted the school principal and began to learn just what sort of teaching was taking place. Looking back on the eye-opening experience from earlier this year, Newsom said, “I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I already heard what happened in eighth grade, but it will be even worse in high school.”

By July of 2021, Newsom attended his first Student Council meeting at Downers Grove High School.

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After having become more involved in these meetings over the past few months, Newsom said that he’s kind of been propped up as a sort of spokesperson for a group of parents – mostly mothers – who are aggrieved over issues like CRT in the school and other contentious topics.

“The moms are so happy to be joined by an aggressive dad with a personality type,” Newsom said. “Basically, they fought this battle alone against the gigantic public school system.”

Among those contentious topics is the reported inclusion of ostensibly pornographic material made available to students at the high school, a battle that Newsom found himself heavily invested in over the past several weeks.

One book that has attracted the ire of concerned parents is titled “Gender Queer: A Memoir”, which is in reality what’s known as a graphic novel, as in a longform comic book. The book, written by Maya Kobabe who apparently “uses e/em/eir pronouns” per the author’s bio, reportedly contains graphic depictions of sex amidst several pages alongside generally sexualized context.

Back on November 15th, Newsom was among the roughly 200 people who attended the monthly CHS District 99 meeting, where parents could be seen hoisting signs that were emblazoned with “No Porn.” Reportedly, members of both Antifa and the Proud Boys were present during the meeting as well, with Antifa members apparently taking photos of parents outraged over the obscene “Gender Queer” book.

One parent who spoke out during the meeting, Jim DeWitt, reportedly received a threatening phone call days after the school board meeting.

Newsom’s wife apparently expressed concerns over her husband’s recent effort regarding school board meetings, telling him, “Why do you need this? You are putting us at risk.” Newsom said that he told his wife, “We are fighting a war for the future of our children in our country,” to which his wife persisted with, “Why you?”

In response to that notion, Newsom told his wife, “If everyone in American says, ‘Why me?’ We won’t have America anymore.”

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