A supporter of the recall effort against California Governor Gavin Newsom was brutally assaulted on Sunday during a rally on the walkway above the 101 freeway in San Rafael.

Some pro-recall demonstrators gathered on the walkway to make their voices heard when they said a man approached them out of nowhere holding a knife.


“He was slashing our signs. And he slashed one sign completely down. It’s completely torn and destroyed,” Tief Gibbs, a member of the anti-Newsom group, told ABC7.

Gibbs went on to say that when the man started destroying the signs, one of the demonstrators confronted him in an attempt to stop him.

“The assailant came towards him and pushed him back and started punching him,” she recounted.

The knife-wielding man then fled the scene on foot. According to another group member, his victim was rushed to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a fractured skull and broken jaw.

While Gibbs said that demonstrators were furious about the attack, she said it was nothing new.

“We’re in a situation here where freedom of speech is in danger,” she explained. “We don’t do that kind of stuff. We don’t attack people who we disagree with. That side attacks the people they disagree with. We don’t do that. We allow for free speech. We actually, we want free speech.”


San Rafael police say that the suspect, who has yet to be caught, will potentially face charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

“Currently we’re following all leads to try and track down our suspect and try and identify who our suspect is,” said Sergeant Christopher Duncan.

Despite this assault, Gibbs defiantly said that she had no intention of slowing down and would be back demonstrating again on Monday.

“I will not be bullied by anti-recall people, by the no on recall group,” she said.

This comes days after a woman wearing a gorilla mask threw eggs at Larry Elder, the black Republican considered to be the frontrunner of Newsom’s challengers.



Afterward, Elder called out the left for their hypocrisy as they stayed silent about this racist attack.

“If I were a Democrat, obviously this would be called systemic racism,” he said, according to The Sun. “They would be calling it a hate crime. I don’t like to play that game.”

There’s nobody the left hates more than a black Republican, so it’s unfortunately not a surprise that crazed leftists are this desperate to protect Newsom and take Elder down. Would you please join us in saying a prayer for the Newsom recall supporter who was brutally assaulted yesterday?

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