Vice President Kamala Harris is taking a lot of heat for a misguided tweet posted on Sunday.

“By vaccinating the unvaccinated, increasing our testing and masking, and protecting the vaccinated, we can end this pandemic. That’s exactly what we are committed to doing.”



It’s unclear what she means to protect the vaccinated from if they’re also increasing testing and masking.

User Steven Kirk said, “Protecting the vaccinated?? Are you suggesting that the vaccine isn’t the protection that it’s being presented as? If it’s not a protection, then what is it?”

Chris Struthers said, “Why is it so hard to admit that the vaccines were not the cure-all we had hoped? They DO help prevent death which is awesome, but they do not stop spread, and if you need to protect the vaccinated, I do not see how vaccinating the unvaccinated would ‘end this pandemic.’”


TRK said, “Why do the vaccinated need to be protected if the vaccine works? Vaccinated still catch and spread the virus. There will never be zero Covid cases. It’s here to stay.”

Just Tag said, “Wouldn’t the vaccine protect the vaccinated? I, for one, am voluntarily vaccinated, however mandating Americans to receive a vaccine to earn a living, but not requiring it to get into our country is bass akwards.”

Several users pointed out that Harris is once again pushing divisiveness and prioritizing one set of people over another. Jenny Garcia Sharon said, “Protecting only a selected group…that doesn’t seem very inclusive. How about you work to protect our entire nation & deal with the southern border crisis. How about you work to protect our Constitution & defend our individual liberties.”

It’s a nice thought, Jenny, but I think we all know she will never do any of those things.

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