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In the first show episode, host Tina Griffin shares the compelling story of how she went from Wisconsin farm kid to Hollywood actress. Learn what she discovered firsthand while working on film sets that birthed her Hollywood Exposed message she’s been sharing globally for over twenty years. Today, The Counter Culture Mom Show is advancing Tina’s mission to help parents stay up-to-date regarding media challenges and to safely navigate the pop culture chaos for our kids.

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Kevin Hines jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge in a desperate attempt to end his life at the age of 19. A split second after releasing his hands from the rail falling 245 feet at over 90mph, Kevin desperately wanted to live! A sea lion saved him and the coast guard called him a “miracle.” He now travels the globe sharing his story of hope, healing, and recovery. Find victory over suicide from this vibrant author, storyteller, and filmmaker who is on fire to explain the importance of getting and maintaining a healthy brain. Check out Kevin’s book Cracked Not Broken, tune in to his Hinesights podcast, and watch the documentary Suicide: The Ripple Effect. His mission is to help people with brain pain #BeHereTomorrow and every single day after that.

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WATCH: Kevin Hines Miraculously Survives Suicide Attempt off the Golden Gate Bridge Ep. 108

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