ILLINOIS – Governor J.B. Pritzker would not give an estimated time period for lifting the COVID-19 measures, including masking, according to Breitbart.

“I couldn’t give you a date on when we might be able to alleviate some mitigations,” he said.


The daily death rate in the State of Illinois hit the highest number since February at 71. Data also shows that deaths have almost doubled from August to September, despite the governor’s extensive safety measures, including masking toddlers and forcing vaccines on teachers.


A statewide indoor mask mandate was ordered once again on August 30, which is in place for ages two and up. Additionally, masks are “strongly encouraged” in “crowded outdoor settings.”

At that time, Pritzker said, “Masks work. Period.”

Despite his statement, regardless of vaccination status, the forced masks have not added to a decrease in cases nor COVID-19-related deaths.

State Representative Mark Batinick has asked the governor in a letter when the state can expect to see less masking and other “safety measures” against COVID-19. He’s also asked, without success, for the governor to implement a local masking policy rather than a statewide mandate.

In an interview with The Center Square, Batinick said, “If the public can go to their representative and their representative can sit in committee, and they can talk about what they’ve heard, there’s a little more buy-in from the public, and they’re likely to trust the mitigations.”


Pritzker’s office responded that they do have a timeline for relaxing masking at schools but did not offer any other information to the Representative. He also said he would be following CDC guidelines, which currently state that it recommends masks in schools, not requires them.

In the last 20 months, Governor Pritzker has given himself more power by declaring an emergency due to COVID-19 20 times and has signed 80 executive orders. He has refused to state the benchmark for vaccinations that will allow the state to return to “normal.”

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