MAUI, HI – What started as hundreds in a group of self-described Patriots has grown into thousands of supporters who have rallied to stand against vaccine mandates and passports in Maui.

Red Voice Media has received an email with a video from a reader telling us that their grassroots effort is starting to cause other people to “wake up.” The video is from last Saturday’s rally against the mandates.


“It’s so frustrating and defeating,” the reader said. “But in past few weeks, RELENTLESS patriot efforts have started to work. We are making a dent. The public support brings tears your eyes when you see it. Thank you for any help in spreading the word. Hawaii is a big deal. TOTAL DRACONIAN. We need help.”

Hawaii has recently announced that it will likely be utilizing a type of vaccination passport to allow tourists to travel to one of its islands. The Department of Defense has encouraged passport use, saying, “Everyone will be issued a written card that they can put in their wallet that will tell them what they had and when their next dose is due. Let’s do the simple, easy thing first. Everyone’s going to get that.” This, after Governor David Ige requested that tourists delay their travel to the popular vacation destination on August 23.

Oahu has also implemented a vaccine passport system to enter bars, restaurants, gyms, etc., at the order of Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi.

Meanwhile, many businesses have struggled to retain employees due to the governor’s vaccination mandate. Some places say employees are leaving because they do not want to get the COVID-19 vaccine or be tested weekly, and some are leaving because they can’t seem to get tests in a timely manner or aren’t considered “fully vaccinated” yet.

Aside from employment issues, some businesses are saying that it will be a financial hardship for them to turn away people who are unvaccinated, which is also required by the mandate.


Maui Family YMCA president and CEO Mike Morris said he feels bad but is following the mandate. “I feel horrible that I have to tell somebody who has been a member here at the Y that they have to cancel their membership because there’s no exceptions.”

Morris also said he’s received “a considerable amount of hate mail.”

As for Maui, according to the video, “Hawaii is under attack. This is THE NEW PEARL HARBOR. The people of Maui only want a town hall meeting with our Tyrannical Mayor and Governor…We must be heard…

“The people of Maui, VAXXED and UNVAXXED came together on Saturday, September 18th in the spirit of Aloha and Unity which is our message, to make our presence know in dispute of the Vaccine mandates and Vaccine Passports. The science and data being used to justify these insane EDICTS are based SOLEY on erroneous data handed down from SO CALLED EXPERTS.

“Thousands have lost their homes, business, and lively hoods. Hundreds have been killed. People of Maui and the State of Hawaii are waking up to the TYRANNICAL dictates imposed on its citizens. No legislative oversight, No public input and it seems no end to this Madness is on the horizon. If Hawaii FALLS. We All FALL. Please share. Help save Hawaii. Save the Republic.”


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