What do you do when the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is a traitor to his country? That question used to be the domain of mediocre spy thriller novels, but in this time, in this country, it’s now real life. This is all straight from Bob Woodward’s latest book. The source is probably General Milley himself, who knew that leaking this would only win him praise from the parasites and urchins in the press and inside the Beltway.

So Milley, or someone close to him, bragged to Woodward that before and after the 2020 election, he began conducting secret phone calls with the Chinese military. And in those phone calls, he literally promised the Chinese that if America was going to go to war with China, he would warn them in advance.

The United States Constitution defines treason as levying war against the United States, or giving “aid and comfort” to her enemies. General Milley pledged to give high-level military information to the Chinese. He bragged about it. He’s a traitor. In any sane country, he would be arrested, stripped of rank, put on trial, and hanged. That’s the punishment for traitors.

Is it any surprise that this fat, bloated goon completely botched the end of the war in Afghanistan? Is it any surprise that his chief obsession is hunting down “white rage” and purging any soldiers who are actually American patriots from the ranks? Now we know his motivation: Because any soldiers who have read the Constitution would realize the Treason clause applies perfectly to their own commander.

Of course, this is just another chance for Republicans to scream and holler and demand “investigations,” where six months later all we’ll have is selfies and another five hundred spam emails with big “DONATE HERE” buttons inside them. It’s fake. We don’t need a Congressional investigation. We need a court martial. If Republicans want to actually do something, here’s something they could do: Block the next defense appropriations bill, and keep blocking it until we’ve purged our worthless generals and their worthless internal witch hunts and gone back to having a military whose only objective is winning wars.

Edward Szall is an investigative journalist and U.S. Army veteran, he joined Stew on the show to discuss.

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