On Friday, Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., head of the U.S. Central Command, announced that multiple civilian casualties occurred during an Aug 29th Kabul strike meant for ISIS-K members.

The botched drone strike in Kabul aimed at ISIS-K terrorists missed the intended mark, and seven children were killed. Embattled Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley — who had called the strike “righteous” reversed his description of the hit, calling it a “horrible tragedy.”


By the way, when they said in less than 24 hours, they had found the ISIS person responsible for the death of our service members. Most of us said impossible in that short of time. We were right. They were only trying to save face and made it worse when they thought it would go away.

I am done with this guy. He’s not qualified for the position, and he doesn’t seem honest. He called the righteous strike and left virtually no equivocation that the intended target was hit. On top of that, he said there was a secondary explosion, and apparently, that wasn’t. Enough is enough already.

If you aren’t up on current events, Milley is the general who went behind President Donald Trump’s back to speak with China to undermine the sitting Commander-in-chief. Many Americans are asking what evidence Milley had that Trump was unfit to be president that he would do this treasonous act?

What evidence do we have that Trump was unfit? Was it because he questioned an election with many irregularities? Did not Hillary Clinton challenge an election for years? There are constitutional remedies, not the judgments of unelected bureaucrats, who now control Biden if he is unfit. Regardless of what we see, they tell us that Biden is fit in the same breath. I am sick of everyone blaming their incompetencies on Trump. The worst thing that Trump may have done was questionable tweets, but I do not blame him when everyone was falsely attacking him.

You do realize, Milley could have started a war with his phone call that might have freaked out China. Calling would mean a nuclear event might be coming their way.

Trump’s been compared to the illustrious General Patton so far as his leadership style’s in parallel and cold wars have become the norm. The ordinary American doesn’t understand even a little of Trump’s enormous victory over China in using bilateral tariffs and a true “currency manipulator” label to compel China’s President Xi to acquiesce to trade deals favorable to Uncle Sam.

The military was the last bastion of people who put their country above political ideology. We are now seeing what happens when the reverse is true. Milley is only one of a long line of intellectually and morally bankrupt frauds passing themselves off as “experts.” They are nothing of the kind, and the country may suffer significantly as a result.

I don’t think I am offbase when I come to this conclusion-Our government is out of control and has been for a while now. When Trump was in office, you saw them rearing their heads trying to attack him. We truly do need a revolution because our government is overstepping. When the communist Russian president says his people have the freedom to choose instead, they get the vaccine or not, and the president of the “LAND OF THE FREE” says, take it or else… you know you have a problem. This is insanity at the highest levels.

An excellent question to ask both Generals Milley and McKenzie: “WHO exactly, [names please] collected and passed on such faulty intel on the drone strike that murdered an aide worker and his family?” The intel was so far off the mark that these individuals have no place in their intel roles and should be immediately relieved and dismissed. Did the commanders giving the final drone order question the intel?


This administration keeps talking about beyond the horizon capability. For that to be a reality, you have to have a drone and the ability to launch a missile from that drone. However, the element we no longer have in Afghanistan is Human Intelligence. We no longer have the contacts on the inside of the bad guys that can confirm meeting locations and what time—just tracking vehicles and launching missiles results in the killing of innocent people. It used to take two separate confirmed intelligence sources before a strike would be launched. Biden’s withdrawal has set back the US at least 20 years in the Mideast.

I think we should be concerned about Milley’s mental status as well as Biden’s. But where’s the accountability? Where are all the folks calling for court-martial and impeachment? If this had happened under Trump’s head would be rolling.


“This is a horrible tragedy of war….” Really? No, this is just another act of incompetence by this administration. Killing these innocent civilians, some of whom were aid workers, is unacceptable.  Is there no more accountability in this country except for Red State citizens? Keep this up, and this country will break.

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This piece originally appeared in WayneDupree.com and is used with permission.

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